25 December 2009

Did you know Germans have Christmas on Christmas eve? The kids go out of the room and then when they go back in, all the presents have magically appeared. We chose to do it the other way, waking up in the morning and running through to find your presents. Clay is asleep upstairs just now. I have jet lag so am awake. We played all evening. Nora made her first ever veggie lasagne. It was delish. The nanas are in the house. Oma (german) and Nana(Scottish). Updates to come.

Awoke at 9am… Clay had already gone downstairs… i crept down and found him sitting beside the christmas tree, oggling his present all wrapped in shiny metallic wrapping paper. We waited till the nanas came downstairs before giving him the green light… It’s his 3rd christmas… but kind of his second concious one. It’s quite moving, to watch these people reacting to cool stuff. Whether it’s jumping up and down on the bed, getting scared of thunder, laughing uncontrollably when their parents goof out on them.  We are SO alive when we are new.

In recent months I have become addicted to the It’s a website connected with the UK newspaper of the same name. Among the trashy stories, the current affairs news and Cheryl Cole reports there are are always terrible stories of folks losing their children to this that or the other… I’m drawn to these stories, drawn to the worst thing that could possibly happen… It is the worst thing in the world to lose a child. It’s polar opposites. Youth and death… ughhhh!  Must steer clear of this website in 2010.

At christmas dinner Clay had falafels and humous but the humous had gone furry although the date said it was good till February… We had to chuck it. This made him cry. Poor darling. He wanted to go to LPG (our local store) and get new stuff. “It’s closed darling…” “Wahhhhh!!!” Nora made some new humous though, and I cleaned out the plastic container where the furry stuff had been, then scooped in the new humous, clipped on the plastic top and slipped it into the cardboard sleeve which had been on it before we found the fur. He watched all of this through teary eyes. It actually tasted better than LPG humous.

I slept today for some hours. I am totally jetlagged. Now I am wide awake again. Hmmmph!

Clay got a red boat with a remote control for his christmas so tomorrow we’re going to one of the lakes that lie outside the city to give it a spin. Berlin is surrounded by these beautiful big lakes and lots of nature stuff. The last time we were at this particular one, he saw a little boy playing with a similar boat. He asked if he could get one. We said he could get it for Christmas. So here we are, 5 months later. ANyways… I gonna try and sleep… Goodnight!

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3 Responses to “Berlin”

  1. Kirstin says:

    That’s really interesting to hear about what Germany does for Christmas. I think it is always really interesting to learn what other cultures do, so thanks for posting it.

    Glad to hear that you had a lovely holiday. I experienced the same thing with a little one (3 years old) whom really just thought every gift was the greatest thing in the world. It kinda brings the holiday spirit back.

  2. Laure Love says:

    I completely get being drawn to articles like that. I think it is something we are so afraid of but we know it exists it caughts are attention…maybe u really hope if you realize it could happen maybe it won’t happen to u.
    I love hope you have as much fun with that boat as he does. I miss the kids being small and so full of wonder.
    I bet Nora is going to be on humus duty now…lol..poor girl. It is so much better made at home though.
    Best wishes to all of you. From my family to yours.

  3. Ursina says:

    Hi Fran
    There I have been off the world (Ardpatrick on the Kilberry Road, Argyll actually ;-))for a couple of weeks only to find so much has happened in Travisworld! Holidaying from Travis, your own new site and to top it all a solo record ! wow! interesting and good stuff indeed!

    Loved to read about your Berlin Xmas. Ahh Christmas with small kiddies are just the best.

    With all my love to you and your family
    Sina 🙂 xxx

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