26 December 2009

We went out for dinner tonight in Berlin. Vegetarian. Beetroot Gnocchi. Miso soup. Salad. Champagne. It was really cool. Nana looked after Clay. We got the coolest taxi home. It was a 1964 Mercedes. The man was called Ralf. The dash was adorned with pine branches and protruding from the middle, a christmas candle. I have never seen a candle in a cab before. Throughout the journey he took a pinch of pine needles and set them alight with the candle. It smelled of christmas.

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2 Responses to “BIG YELLOW TAXI”

  1. Flor says:

    when I went to Berlin I ate at this cool place called “good morning Vietnam” the waiter was the best! and the food delicious! We even had Saigon beer!
    The best food, during my 2 months trip through Europe, I had it on Berlin!

  2. Stephanie says:

    Hey Fran! You know, Berlin is cool and sometimes we drive cool cars in Germany 😉

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