Das Boot

26 December 2009

Drove to the lake. Put the boat into the lake. Had to push it right out into the wavey water only to realise it wasn’t switched on. Had to take my shoes and socks off and get in there to retrieve it. The water was f*****g freezing. The boat was shite. Wouldn’t steer. I went out knee high 6 times… Nora and nana and Clay were in hysterics. My feet felt like they were being stabbed with icicles… I will review the video and decide whether it is for web broadcast… i am happy to be home now. Clay and nana are playing over there.

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One Response to “Das Boot”

  1. lucy says:

    …hmmm, i wonder if EVERY parent has a disasterous toy boating story?! I do for sure (my boys are teenagers now, i can look back with fondness…freezing water, going out of my way to make my tiny boys happy…ahhhh time goes by so quickly :))

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