27 December 2009

This is probably where the album began. The song being about wanting to have a holiday, in my case having a holiday from Travis, although I don’t think I realised this at the time. At this point there was no thought of a solo record.  It was December 28th 2008. I had just called Ian our manager to cancel the US tour we had scheduled for March and April 2009. I’d done 12 months solid work and got shingles at the tail end of the year which was agony, followed by the worst toothache ever over December and January 08-09. I was done. So I called our manager and said I was out and that was that.

Well, I thought that was that. 2 days later Andy Dunlop called. He was pissed off. Andy has never been pissed off at me ever but here he was, totally giving me the dress down about cancelling the shows. I said I didn’t care anymore. I was done. I hadn’t seen Clay for months and now I was back, I was rubbish because I was ill and grumpy and f**k it all… Andy kept on me for the whole call until I said ok ok lets do the tour…you win…we win… just get off the phone DUnloppp… He’s a dark horse is our Andy. So quiet and then BAMMMMM! Half nelson, face in a puddle begging for submission.

So i wrote this song at this point. Here is the demo >holidaydemo<

The vocals on the demo remind me of The Beta Band a bit. It’s not the best song on the record, but I love it because it was the seed from which everything else sprang. It was my subconcious telling me to change the backdrop for a minute. I asked Andy to guest on it. We played Holiday on our recent tour of America and he owned it. It’s the closest this record gets to sounding like Travis.

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20 Responses to “Holiday”

  1. sammy says:

    I’m not much of a poster on Travisonline, I’m more of a reader. You got me on this one though. I think there are times when you need to get on and times when you need to get off (no, not in that way…) I would say it’s always better to be honest and do the right thing (you taking a Travis holiday) rather than trudge on and end up resenting things. I don’t see it as the Travis door closing, just being left ajar. Life’s too short Fran! Do what you’ve got to do. x

  2. Raul aviles says:

    Well, hope this new adventure make good things just like all your work with Travis.

  3. Gisela says:

    I am really liking the new song Holiday! Really nice. Love all the harmonies and the acoustic guitars sound so clear! Nice. 🙂

    Great new blog btw!

  4. juliocfd says:

    muy buena la cancion demo, me gustó, saludos fran, desde mexico =)

  5. Bliss says:

    I love your voice it’s a nice song 😀

  6. Cricket says:

    Sometimes we just all need a reprieve and space to be who we are, without the burdens of the external world. This moment of recognition is an important one.

  7. Sasha Russia says:

    Good song. I hope that it’s your the best holiday 🙂

  8. johnmong says:

    fucking cream,you go fran!

  9. Kassiopaia says:

    Ui, da freu ich mich aber auf das Album. Endlich wieder schöne Gitarrenmelodien. 🙂 Ich bin froh, dass Andy dir nicht böse ist! Hast alles richtig gemacht!

  10. […] primer single será “Holiday”, tema que se puede escuchar en el sitio web del proyecto, y sobre el cual Healey señala que significa unas vacaciones de su grupo pero que, al mismo […]

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  12. Molina says:

    Thanks for this candy Fran.
    I lived in Scotland for 7 unforgettable months and listen to you is like smells Edinburgh. Go on please

  13. Joss says:

    Great great you are fantastic fran!!

  14. Joy says:

    Hi Fran,

    I’ve listened “Holiday”….I love it so much…..
    But I don’t love this line of the lyrics “Don’t be fooled cause you could do without me – I think I need a holiday – Another time another place –
    To disappear without a trace” seem like like you want to leave us from Travis….please don’t….

    big kiss from Thailand
    Fran Says “Sometimes I think everyone would like to disappear. It’s nice”

  15. Jasmine says:

    Hey Fran,

    Ever since I saw you and Andy back in October, I pulled all of my Travis albums and singles out and have been listening to them on a regular basis. I’ve been listening to your music since I was 13 — I’m 24 now. In so many ways, your music has been there for me in the darkest and brightest moments of my life. I can only imagine how hard it must be to go out every night, separated from your loved ones, and play as good as you do, but please know that your music is often the light at the end of a very dark tunnel.

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  17. SJ says:

    I’m really glad you and the band did the April ’09 tour in the States – taking a loved one to a show proved to be a wonderful birthday present for that person…sort of a “once in a lifetime” thing. Thank you.

  18. Holiday” its great song.Waiting for the song release

  19. When the song will be released officially tell me plz. Also i cannot find tabs for it

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