Leaving New York

24 December 2009

Had a good lie in today. I called the Lodge to confirm delivery time and then dashed out to get a couple of things for Nora. She wanted Corn Tortillas and some Lime rind scraper things… The MOMA store on Spring and Broadway is a great place. The CD came at 2.30.

I left soon after and met my friend Josh down on the street. Josh directed 3 Times and You Lose for us. Dropped in on my managers and passed a CD to them. Then i jumped in a car to the airport. My driver was this neurotic indian man shouting and beeping his horn. I had to tell him to shut up or i’d call his boss. Alot of the car firms in new york have drivers who will suck the soul out of your nose. They drive their cars for years and day by day lose a little bit of their sanity. This one was far gone. I put my headphones on and listened to the record. Apart from a fade on one of the songs, it sounds strong.

ANyways I arrived at the airport walked in and realised I left my wallet at home. It mattered not though as I had my passport and keys and ticket. They upgraded my too which never happens so I had the best flight just then. I’m now sitting in the lounge at T5. I want to get home. Soon.

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One Response to “Leaving New York”

  1. Swan says:

    Good luck with this Fran,

    I heard Holiday at Joe’s….good luck on this grand adventure.


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