Snow Gets In Your Eyes

31 December 2009

We had a nice afternoon. Anton in Berlin. It snowed. We balled. I got a direct hit.

In other news. Jet lag still has a grip of me. Fell asleep at 10 pm. Awoke at 4am. Almost there.

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8 Responses to “Snow Gets In Your Eyes”

  1. woo says:

    open your eyes~ you will see

    snow in my eyes~^^

  2. I want to do that!!! not to your face… or maybe… hahaha… 😛

    I don’t know snow… you told me it’s different everytime it snows, I’d like to see it…

    Take care!

  3. Bliss says:

    you got my eyes we can see what you will be you can disguise XD sorry

  4. Jay Parker says:

    I remember we played em ice balls when I was a kid. And once I got a direct hit… o_O

  5. Kenny Hanlon says:

    Hey Fran, was just having a nosey round your site. Thought i’d take the opportunity to finally thank you for my signed photo, it was for my 21st which was almost 6 years ago now haha. Time flies. It was signed by all the band with little messages, yours was ’21 is a good age, good luck with all your musical stuff’. Still got it. My mum had contacted your management, and presented it to me on my birthday just as i woke up, thought i was dreaming for a sec, but it made my day so thanks again. Counted myself as a fan for a good while now and your music has been a constant inspiration, musically but also in life as a whole.

    I was in LA last year in march/april playing some gigs and plugging my album, you guys were playing the henry fonda theatre, which i believe was moved to another venue to meet demand, (the name has temporarily escaped me), i still couldnt get a ticket which i was a bit gutted about but never mind. Maybe next time! I’m moving to LA soon for 3 years so if/when you guys play there next i’ll be sure to pull out all the stops so i’m in attendance.

    I was gonna post a few of my links below like myspace, etc, so you could check out a few tracks but i dont feel right plugging my stuff on your website, plus i genuinely just wanted to say hello and thanks for my 21st message. If you do feel like killing a couple of minutes, a google search on my name should bring up a few things.

    Anyway, take care and who knows if this music thing works out for me maybe one day we’ll get a laugh outta all this.

    Happy new year and all the best for 2010 from a fellow musician and scot!!!


  6. chips zynga says:

    lol a couple of of the observations visitors submit crack me up, on occasion i think about if they honestly read the articles and content before placing a comment or whether or not they just skim the subject of the blog post and prepare the first idea that one thinks of. at any rate, it’s nice to read keen commentary once in a while in contrast to the same, old blog vomit that i constantly discover on the net i’m off to enjoy a smattering of rounds of zynga poker have a pleasant day

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