You say Sodder I say Solder…

29 December 2009

I noticed there was a very bad buzz on the Sony C37a when I first used it. It seemed to get worse when I wobbled the connector at the end so I called Vintage King Audio, where i bought the mic, and the tech guy there gave me some instructions. “Can you sodder?” he said “Wha??” “Can you sodder?” ┬áhe repeated “Sodder!?? What is sodder?? Solder?” “Yes” he said “Sodder”. I made this video to document my first “Sodder”

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6 Responses to “You say Sodder I say Solder…”

  1. Mandy says:

    Gosh….that looked well complicated. Videos speeded up always look that little bit more hypnotic but that was genuinely impressive.

  2. Gisela says:

    Looks complicated! Nice time lapse.

    I need to fix the LCD screen on my Canon. It’s cracked. I wonder if it is possible.

  3. Jennysita says:

    you did a good job Fran. Justin and I solder all the time, he’s McGyver and Im his wife so i had to learn lol. it’s not as easy as it looks.

  4. Impressed! You even have your anti-static wrist strap…good man!
    And clever use of the ubiquitous Blu-Tack.

    Yeah, I have the same problem with the “sodder” pronunciation…just can’t stop myself using the “correct” word!

  5. Fatalka says:

    I love watching people working manually on something. This is magic/ magnetic.

  6. Fred says:

    It’s interesting that Americans pronounce the word sold ‘correctly’, but by adding an e and an r, it magically becomes ‘sodder’!!

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