Bill Wyman

26 January 2010

Spent the evening in the company of Bill Wyman and his rhythm kings.

It was great. Bill looks like he does nothing, but his thumb is like the tasmanian devil. Just the thumb, mind. Georgie Fame was on Hammond and Albert Lee was amazing on lead guitar. The horns were incredible too.  Bills generation of musicians were real masters of their craft. They came from the cover generation, always playing the hits of the day. They can play anything. There seemed to be alot more collaboration back then. Players would get up and play with their contemporaries and really try and rock them off the stage. My generation is slave to the click track, slave to the loop. Music has to evolve, sure, but I still feel some of the best record were captured when 4 people stood in a room and “clicked”. But that is all in the past. Lets look to the future. Lets look to solitary people in rooms making records by themselves… ummm… I’ll get my coat.

On reflection, i was thinking that fine art has moved the same way. Like musicianship, draughtsmanship is no longer a major requirement for modern art. It’s more  about ideas than eye hand co-ordination. But like musicianship, draughtsmanship carries on. It’s just no longer at the coalface. Not to say that there is no room for great musicanship or draughtsmanship at the coalface, but they are more like tools now than the thing itself. Maybe it’s about tools.

On even more reflection I may have intimated that collaboration is dead… that’s not what I meant. I meant people still collaborate but 4 people playing in a room is quite rare. Travis still record like this, I feel it’s still the one of the easiest ways to get something cool. When we recorded Lovley Rita for that Radio 2 Beatles Documentary, Geoff Emerick told us he was shocked at how many of the bands couldn’t play together. Also, although that stuff I wrote about truth is right, I have deleted it just because it’s not relevant to the subject. Ahem…

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11 Responses to “Bill Wyman”

  1. Nora says:

    where’s the head of the guitar?

    hmmm I don’t think that 4-people-have-to-click-theory is the past…

  2. Nancy says:

    yeah, there’s more focus on ideas while few people actually really *do* things or *work* their way out.

  3. F N Gamboa says:

    There’s a saying amoung the artists of Alameda (NOR CAL ) , friends don’t let friends vector and also keep it real , real dumb ….Chea !

  4. Jay Parker says:

    Is it the Georgie Fame who sang “Yeah-Yeah”?
    Fran says “Yeah”

  5. neverAcquiesce says:

    There’s no substitute for collaboration. Oftentimes another person is needed to tell you whether what you have is shit or brilliance.

  6. three hours says:

    i don’t think it’s something new…
    picasso was a great draughtsman. but what happened? les demoiselles d’avignon… and he never looked back…

    i remember looking at a picture in a gallery when i was about 6 or 7. it was a big white canvas with a brown dot at its right lower side. i remember thinking “why on earth is this here and why is it so expensive? i can do that!”
    so, my mom who is a painter herself, tried to explain it to me… i was a weird kid perhaps. musing away about modern art, trying myself, and in the end presenting my father with a lonesome dot on a white A4 page…
    ah, whatever…

  7. johnny says:
    …made her look a little like a military man…
    q u a l i t y !!

  8. Sue says:

    Chris Evans played Ruby Tuesday on the radio the other day and it made my spine tingle .Was like the first day I ever heard it . When the majic comes it is so connected.

  9. Ursina says:

    Get Away ! Georgie Fame ! wow so he is still around !? Get Away was one of the very first singles I’ve bought and that was a loong time ago 😉
    Watching these Oldies playing together looks so easy and masterful but I think it’s down to experience, they have been around for a long long time and the ones who know their stuff still rock. Hopefully in 20 years time we will be watching you and the lads in awe and feel the same …. masters of their craft as always ! 🙂

  10. Jay Parker says:

    Your version of Lovely Rita was very cool.

  11. John Smith says:

    Was your version of Lovely Rita ever released on an album? If not, it should be!

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