29 January 2010

Fran “What happened to your head?”

Sir Robin “I, I kissed the wrong girl.”

Fran “Does it hurt?”

Sir Robin “Not a bit. Just a little itchy.”

Fran “Can we start? I got to get back to writing…”

Sir Robin “Let’s get on it. tmcarrol wants to ask who is your favorite film director and why?”

Fran ” Is that the original Oasis drummer?

Sir Robin “He isn’t curly enough.”

Fran “Ah. Ok. This is a good question. It’s hard to pin down but if I was to think of a director who has made several movies I loved I would have to say three.  John Hughes , Martin Scorsese and Steven Speilberg All have multiple movies which I have returned to throughout my life. They are all incredible story tellers.

Sir Robin “What about David Lynch?”

Fran “I like Lynch too…”

Sir Robin “Very well… next Q comes from babysnowman. How do you get told you are nominated for an award? Do you get a call or do you have to check the list like the rest of us?

Fran “We usually get a call from our management to say we’ve been nominated or we read it in the news. With regards to winning, I think you get a polite heads up at some events and at others you get a nice surpise.

Sir Robin “Not won any in a while, eh?”

Fran “No”

Sir Robin “Awwwww, poor wittle Franny not get a shiny award…awww…”

Fran “You are this close to having this Ivor Novello inserted where it shouldn’t go…”

Sir Robin “Ahem… oh, ok? I’ll ask the next quetsion… Paco_3116 wants to know who your favourite composer is?

Fran ” At the moment it’s Shostakovich. I was turned on to his stuff last year by a friend here in Berlin.”

Sir Robin “Fairly rattling through the Q’s today Mr Healy”

Fran ” I have some work to do Mr Day”

Sir Robin “Ok. OdeToJSmith wants to know your top 5 Travis gigs of all time.”

Fran ” 1. Joes Pub when my son gatecrashed the show. 2 Mexico City 3. South Korea last year 4. Summer Sonic in 2007 5. T in the Park in 1999 in the tent. But there are just so many amazing shows now it’s hard to pick… Glastonbury? umm Roskilde? so many…

Sir Robin “Ok… next Q… Q5 EugineLibrarian wants says Hello my dear, I’m a librarian you see so I was wondering would you ever write a book, maybe an autobiography? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Fran “SO may kisses…”

Robin “Yes… I long for that sort of affection…”

Fran “Hmm… I like to write. I had thought about this actually. More as a way to put my diaries to use but the autobiography is quite an ego trip… I don’t think I could invest the amounts of time required for such a thing. I thought about writing and illustrating a kid book. Having a kid about inspires this sort of thing… Maybe a book on how to write songs. That would be a pamflet with “Practise” written on it.

Sir Robin “Have you done your 10,000 hours?”

Fran “Nope?”

Sir Robin “Then we’ll continue… From WinterFriend Q. What was the first your song you heard on the radio? Do you remember where and when you heard it?

Fran “Shit! Hmmm… I have very very strong memories of “Save All Your Kisses For Me” and of Blondie’s Heart Of Glass walking to school when I was 5

Sir Robin ” Ok neeeeext… Herculeanblog wishes to know if there is a cure for writers block.”

Fran ” I don’t know if it exists. I look at writing or any creative endeavor like fishing. You sit and wait and sometimes you catch a fish and sometimes you drag up an old boot. You just have to sit work through it. I think one of the best motivators is a deadline or imagine writing a song for someone else to sing…”

Sir Robin “Very good. Ok Question 7. Lindsaymcl wants to know when you and the others realize you could sing.”

Fran “I realised I could hold a tune when I was young. I won a prize for scottish singing when I was 6. I’m not a big fan of my own voice though. I tend to zone it out alot. My granda was tone deaf. We would revel in puting the headphones on him and turning it up with The Carpenters on. Within a minute he would begin to murmur and then he was off… like an animal in pain. It was very funny. Not sure about the others.

Robin “I’m glad you said that about your voice. I feel the same… about your voice… Next Q…Do you have a pet, happytohangarou(d) wants to know…

Fran says “No but I like cats over dogs. Really don’t like the smell of dogs although I do like dogs… just not as much as cats”

Sir Robin “Ok so question 9 thomasmcole wants to know if you think it’s harder for musicians to get a record deal now than it was back when Travis first got signed? thanks!

Fran “I have no idea but with hindsight I think it is important to concentrate on being amazing and then worry about deals… It has always been hard to get a deal but if you have the chops and have that x factor (not the cowell copyrighted one) then the record deal will come.  The music industry has no money now. We were very lucky to make all those incredible videos that costs hundreds of thousands of pounds and sell albums before MP3’s changed the business. I would say it is no harder to get a deal but harder to make a career out of recording music.

Sir Robin “OK. So last question. xxelcinxx says Q-What’s your favourite food recently?

Fran says ” I am in love with these potato-y  things called Schupfnudeln

Sir Robin ” I’m hungry”

Fran “Me too… let’s split…”

Sir Robin ” Ok so the best question this week came from Paco_3116. Heres some classical music for dich.

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16 Responses to “FRIDAY QUESTION TIME”

  1. Babysnowman says:

    Thanks for answering my question. Looking forward to the new album, sounds awesome so far.

  2. Sam says:

    is there a Q5 ?

  3. neverAcquiesce says:

    “…or imagine writing a song for someone else to sing…”

    That is extremely helpful. Cheers.

  4. Krocas says:

    Thank you for answering my question, Fran.
    But… guess my poor English made you confused. What I meant in the question was among the songs YOU WROTE, what was the first song you heard on the radio.
    Anyway, thank you for your time. 🙂

  5. Juli says:

    Now that Anne told me what “to zone out” means, I can tell you this (:P):
    You have a really, really beautiful voice. Absolutely gorgeous timbre. You should pay attention to it.
    I wonder if its a common thing for singers to dislike their own voice. I don’t really like mine. It took me quite some time getting used to hearing my voice whenever I recorded something in my singing classes. It’s funny, I enjoy singing a lot, but don’t enjoy listening to the outcome. 😛
    Anyway, thank you for this new set of Q&A’s! 🙂

  6. tmcarroll says:

    Thanks Fran. Nope… no musical talent here. Maybe distant relative though.

  7. hugo says:

    Fran, you should give a brief explanation on your top 5 gigs. What was special or different about each on of them?

  8. alanistradi says:

    Shuar people did a great job with your head, sir Robin. Looks hot!

    Nice answers
    Thank you, Fran.

  9. Sasha Russia says:

    Shostakovich??? Mmmm… He was great musicians in Russia, when it was Second World War. And did you listen tо his seventh symphony?

  10. Paco_3116 says:

    Oh God!!!!!….I am the winner!…Fran! Thank you!i can’t believe it! i post that question because I’m violinist, i study at national concervatory of music in Mexico, so it’s great too to know that your second favorite gig was mexico….i was there the 4 times you were there, even the last with peter Gabriel…I got a lot of pictures with you….i really hope to see you here again and soon, here we are thousands of great fans….I hope you read this!! and thank you again! the award it’s the best thing i could ever imagine and, by the way, i love shostakovich too!(Y)

  11. Paco_3116 says:

    jaja…the first movement of that symphony it’s awsome too…and the 5th symphony it’s better…I think….but yes, now my Favorite it’s that, the Third mov. from the 8th jajaja….

  12. happytohangarou(nd) says:

    Thanks for the answer Fran!I was gonna be happytohangaround but twitter didn’t allow those last two letters 🙂 Anyway,I feel the same about dogs.I love them but I don’t want to stroke their err smelly fur.And yeah,I prefer cats.I didn’t have any though.I just had a love bird.It flew away and never came back. 🙁 His name was Peace.

  13. Nika says:

    I asked the Q about your fav pet too:) That was totally a brain connection:)

  14. sammy says:

    Sir Robin has a titchy itchy head. Thanks Fran.

  15. hennypenny says:

    I totally forgot to thank you for answering my question last friday. THANK YOU! By the way, I think you have a lovely singing voice:)

  16. amandabug says:

    that ivor novello would hurt quite a bit if shoved up…

    i can’t believe the joe’s pub displace one of the irving plaza shows in fran’s top 5! although i’ll never forget what it was like to see clay + fran interact at a show, i think there’s quite a bit of magic that went down in those nyc shows…

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