Friday Question Time

14 January 2010

Hello, I’m Sir Robin Day. I’d like to invite anyone with any questions to post them to Fran’s twitter account ( and I’ll put 10 of the best ones to him each Friday. Please clearly mark your twitter questions with a big capital Q.

Questions he can’t answer are probably all the ones you will want an answer to like… When is the album coming out etc… He’s sorry he won’t be able to answer these yet but if there are any Q’s other than details of the release, he will definitely attempt to answer them as best he can.

Naturally there will be an imaginery prize for the best answer QUESTION. This prize won’t exist in the real world but the pride you will feel for winning will be as tangible as a chickens tooth.

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17 Responses to “Friday Question Time”

  1. Rachele says:

    Brave, brave Sir Robin…don’t run away!

  2. Debbie (deebee) says:

    Argh I wanted to ask who’s doing the artwork but I don’t use Twitter :-S
    Sir Robin said “Get a twitter account you …”Fran said ” Enough Sir Robin… please, these are decent people. Maybe they don’t want to take 20 seconds to create a twitter account…”

  3. Nora says:


  4. Leti says:

    Oh thanks a lot Sir Robin! I’m going to think about a cool question and get back to you on Friday : ) You know, Yoko does the same thing, but I’ve never dare to ask her anything! lol!
    Have a nice day!

  5. suicide dolphin bombers says:

    question for fran! “fran” “when was the first time you realised you were scared of moths”?

  6. Ana says:

    Haha, hello, Sir! Well, I feel like I’m back in the clasroom at school, when the teacher asks: “Any doubts? Anyone?”, and I know I had some questions about the lesson but at that moment my mind just goes blank. Let’s see if I can come up with something remotely interesting by Friday. Cheers!

  7. mita says:

    alright..i’ll stay awake all nite to think about the best question for Sir Robin..please answer mine..

  8. Vika says:

    Is Paul McCartney nice?
    Sir Robin said. ” Did you read the post? Put these Q’s on twitter. They won’t be answered unless you follow the correct protocol”
    Fran said “Easy Sir Robin, these are the fans, you can’t speak to them like that… Sorry but Sir Robin is right. You can’t ask these questions on this sit. you MUST follow the protocooooooool. POST ALL Q’s ON TWITTER”

  9. sammy says:

    If the imaginary prize is for the best answer then surely you’re the winner Fran, as you’re the one answering. I’ve put this Q to you on twitter.

    FH Said “Sir Robin is not quite himself today… Thanks for pointing this out…” (sound of walking away from blog and distant shouting) “What are you doing Sir Robin??? You are making me look like a fool on the international stage, in front of all these smart people. They won’t put up with it you know…” (Sound of walking back to blog) FH said “I’ll make sure this is corrected proptly”

  10. sammy says:

    Actually, my mum would say I’m nit-picking with that Q. Sorry Fran. Deary me, I’m 37 and still fear her wrath. hee.

  11. Tracy says:

    Excellent! I have posted my Q. and eagerly await to see if mine is answered 🙂

    Protocol followed Sir! 🙂

  12. sammy says:

    Fran, you’re THE BEST!

  13. Minnmess says:

    Consider taking Sir Robin out on tour. Despite his Q/A typo, he seems like a quality and highly entertaining chap. Perhaps he can sell merch. Or play the triangle.

  14. Tracy says:

    Great idea Kristy! Mind you, we’d miss out on Franny time if Sir Robin worked the merch table 🙁

  15. Tracy says:

    Sir Robin Day, OBE (24 October 1923 – 6 August 2000) was a British political broadcaster and commentator. His obituary in The Guardian states that “he was the most outstanding television journalist of his generation. He transformed the television interview, changed the relationship between politicians and television, and strove to assert balance and rationality into the medium’s treatment of current affairs


    Kokes on us Fran!

    Very good :0

  16. Tracy says:

    oopss…..meant to say jokes LOL!

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