What I Did At The Weekend

18 January 2010

This weekend, I went to see Avatar in 3D and in English at the cinema in Potsdammer Platz. Apart from the dialogue, which felt a little cut and paste, the experience was brilliant. 3D is the future. I was thinking about the sound though. When they can make the sound 3D it will seal the whole thing. You get glasses that have headphones built in, or maybe that sit over the ears so there is no pain. Anyways the sets and CGI in Avatar were some of the best I have seen in along time. I feel bad that Star Wars 1, 2 and 3 came at a time when CGI was still pretty rubbish.

One of my favourite Sci-Fi movies is Bladerunner.




(note at the end of this clip we mimmicked the swooping sound in the Van Gelis soundtrack in the Travis song ‘Colder‘)


Speaking Of Fighting The Power…

18 January 2010

Has anyone else experienced passive aggressive/ aggressive shop assistants or flight attendants, waiters etc? I got one today at the art store Boesner. We were paying, and the moment we put our stuff on the counter the girl started behaving in an odd way, like the way you might expect your sister to behave the next day after you’d dropped your jammy donut onto her art project. Then I gave her my card and she slammed it into the reader. At this point I had to call her on it. “Is there a problem?” Her face flushed red as a tomato. I thought she was going to keel over “No?” Now she was outwardly pissed off and verging on purple so I asked if I could see her manager. She called him, and suddenly she was all giggles and flirty and I can’t speak german but by the tone of what she was saying it was apparent she was covering her ass. So the manager came and I explained and he was all “Ahh, she was puting that card in the machine hard because it wasn’t working properly…” which was totally bollocks. Anyways, anyone else experienced this kind of thing. It must be common. Ok rant over. Let’s talk about what we did at the weekend…


Billy Bragg

18 January 2010

Billy Bragg is a singer songwriter from the UK. Some of his songs soundtracked my time at art school. Me and my friend Eddie would jam out You Woke Up My Neighbourhood and Edds sung an amazing version of  a song that escapes me just now… I just wrote to Edds asking him what it was.

Anyways Billy was in the news today.

and you can join the facebook group here


Official Bootleg CD

17 January 2010

After we finished our recent tour across America last November, I thought it would be cool to make this recording available. We recorded it over the first couple of shows in Los Angeles at Largos and sold it at the shows as an official bootleg.

You can buy it



Friday Question Time

15 January 2010

Sir Robin- “Good afternoon. I am Sir Robin Day and sitting beside me is the singer songwriter Francis Healy.”

Fran- “Hello Robin. You’re looking pretty rough…”

Sir Robin” Ahem… Hailing from Scotland, he now lives in Berlin with his wife and son. Having been the singer and main songwriter in the UK band Travis, he has now decided he wants all the glory for himself and …  ”

Fran- “Just cause you’re wearing glasses doesn’t mean you can’t get a slap…”

Sir Robin- “You started it, smallhead…”

Fran- “Shut it, fathead”

GOD- “Gentlemen, please. There are people in over 82 countries who have paid good money for this. All this quibbling looks a bit shit”

Sir Robin- “He’s right you know… He’s always bloody right”

Fran- “Paid? This is free…”

GOD- “Eh? Free? I’m off…” (sound of sandles walking away)

Sir Robin- “Ok, before I start drinking heavily we should get going with these 10 questions”

Fran- “Ok.”

Sir Robin- “Question 1 comes from DebbieDeebee and she asks …On Travisonline you’ve always played down the idea of a solo album. Why the change of heart? It came as a surprise to many fans.”

Fran- ” It was a surprise for me too. Thoughts of doing anything other that Travis had never come into my head. I get asked so many times since the beginning of Travis about doing a solo record but I wasn’t feeling it. I’m pretty instinctual about stuff and tend to follow my heart so when, last April, the thought of doing something other than Travis popped up, I just went with it.”

Sir Robin “That was a very moving answer”

Fran “Watchit!”

Sir Robin “Question 2 comes from elodiegrossi. She asks… Are you playing every instrument on this album? (piano, guitar obviously, drums, errrr voice…?? 😉

Fran – “I play every instrument apart from bass on some songs ( Tony Shannahan- Patti Smith, Sam Dixon- Sia, and Paul McCartney-The Beatles 🙂 and Bjoern Werra played bass) Violin (Tom from Noah and The Whale) Cello (frederique labbow) umm… I play all the drums and drum machine on the record. There is some programming by Emery too. Emmm… I think that covers it.”

Sir Robin- “Who made the tea?”

Fran “I did…”

Sir Robin “Diiid you???”

Fran “Nora did.”

Sir Robin- “Ana Smith would like to know…What happened with writing for the next Travis record during the acoustic tour? Did you change ur mind or r the plans still on?

Fran- ” It became apparent, after a week on the Chronological Acoustical Journey Through The Travis Back Catalogue, that after we finished the show, usually at 1 or 1.30am and then after food, it would be about 2.30am and we were totally knackered. I think had we not decided to meet everyone after the show, we might have had more time but I wouldn’t have changed that. It was very special to meet everyone. We never had that opportunity before.”

Sir Robin- “So you’re saying it’s everyone who waited behind after the show who are to blame for you not delivering on your promise”

Fran- “Yes”

Sir Robin- “That’s good enough for me… Next question… JulyNoSoucy wondered to what extent solo album means that Travis’ other members were not involved? Did you ask them their views or cut off from them

Fran ” The band have not heard the record or any songs from the record. They’ll hear it soon though. We spend our whole lives together and when we come off the road we go our separate ways. When you’re in a band at the start, you do everything as a group but as you get older and your map changes with friends, girlfriends, then wives and then kids, there needs to be a section of the pie chart which is your own. The solo record falls into this section. In saying that, I had asked Andy to come and help me at the early stages but then decided it should be totally solo. Andy understood. In saying that too, I asked him if he would play on Holiday. He owned the guitar line on it so it was only right. So there is a guest appearance by Andy Dunlop.

Robin- “zzzz…zzzzz…what eh? Bombs? Giant hands!!!..”

Fran- “Wake up old man!”

Robin- “Sorry. Next! Nana-Kim wishes to know if you have any plans to play Glastonbury or T in the Park in 2010.

Fran- “There are no plans for any festivals just yet. In fact there are no tour plans just yet. This will all be coming soon. I will definitely be touring Wreckorder though.”

Robin “Thankyou Francis. AdamJardy BSB is concerned about Noel. He asks have you spoken to Noel Gallagher since the split? If so, how is he?

Fran- “I met Liam at the Oasis concert in Wembley. He kissed me square on the lips and said “I fookin love you”. Liam is a doll.  As for Noel, I have not heard from Noel for years. I’m sure they’ll return. The solo projects are a perfect digestive before the inevitable Oasis reunion. But I will say that my solo project will definitely be the best solo project.

Sir Robin- “Who Are Oasis? Have I missed something? Question 6 comes from Mita Kermit. Do u think ur big name as Travis frontman will help to promote ur solo album?.i think it works,just like many musician did.

Fran- ” I would hate to be a new band coming through at the moment so It’s nice to have already been introduced to people. However I have no idea how Wreckorder will be viewed. So far, folks have been open to the idea of this solo excursion. But it’s all down to the songs. If it’s a pile of shit then it will stink and if it stinks then I would like it to sink without trace. I think it doesn’t stink though. I have played it to some people now and the reaction has been very exciting”

Sir Robin- ” In what way exciting”

Fran- “Like that feeling in your belly when you’re wee and the car you’re in drives over a small hill fast”

Sir Robin – “I get that from climbing ropes…”

Fran “Hmmm…”

Sir Robin- ” Kimmouse asks if becoming vegetarian given you a different outlook on health, animals, people, the world?”

Fran- ” I started thinking more about health when I stopped smoking 5 years ago. It allowed me to exercise (running) I even went to a gym for a year 3 times a week and got pretty buff. The personal trainer girl liked big thighs and without realsing it mine got quite out of control, like my trousers wouldn’t fit so well but I digress, ummm… I started eating organic food around this time too. The vegetarian move is too new to say how it is making me feel. I need to cut down on dairy because it’s not so good for you… I think Paul is right with his thoughts about global warming and the meat industry. And also animals are treated really badly. I used to be a KFC addict until I saw a programme on how chickens are treated in the poultry industry.  It’s kind of easy these days to be veggie. It was harder in the 70’s and 80’s…

Sir Robin- “No Frois Gras for you then”

Fran “That shit is evil. Poor little ducks.”

Sir Robin “Delicious. Anyways 2 questions left… umm you over there… What’s you’re name?”

Human- “Sam Holden, sir”

Sir Robin- “Well???

Sam Holden- “Coke or Pepsi?”

Fran- “Coke. Pepsi is bad copy.”

Sir Robin- “Woahhh… ok, moving along… Last Question… Niall McLoughlin  wanted to know if you had a favourite album of the 00’s

Fran- “Funeral by Arcade Fire. I was hypnotised by this record. Even more by the band themselves. I heard the record at my friends house and checked where they were playing and they happened to be playing their first UK show the next night.  “It was very impressive” They restroed my faith in music, which had dwindled in the years prior. Maybe it’s getting older, or being in the business or maybe it takes more to impress or wake one from their 30’s but after hearing and seeing this band, I felt all was not lost.

Sir Robin “I thought their first EP with the original version of No Cars Go was by far the greatest thing they’ve done, cleverly calling it ‘Burn This CD’… Rad. Ok Folks. That’s all from this weeks Friday Question Time. If your question wasn’t answered then don’t fret. It maybe  answered next Friday when we return for another… Friday Question Time.

Fran “What about the winner for the best answer question?

Sir Robbin “That goes to Sam Holden for his deceptively simple question about soft drinks. He wins this. Just blow it up and print it out for a cool bedroom poster. Enjoy the real thing Sam.


Laura Veirs

14 January 2010

As well as Vampire Weekend Week, another great album came out.

Laura Veirs‘s July Flame. Could be her best album yet.

Run along and be a good capitalist



Laura Veirs - July Flame


Friday Question Time

14 January 2010

Hello, I’m Sir Robin Day. I’d like to invite anyone with any questions to post them to Fran’s twitter account (www.twitter.com/franhealy) and I’ll put 10 of the best ones to him each Friday. Please clearly mark your twitter questions with a big capital Q.

Questions he can’t answer are probably all the ones you will want an answer to like… When is the album coming out etc… He’s sorry he won’t be able to answer these yet but if there are any Q’s other than details of the release, he will definitely attempt to answer them as best he can.

Naturally there will be an imaginery prize for the best answer QUESTION. This prize won’t exist in the real world but the pride you will feel for winning will be as tangible as a chickens tooth.



13 January 2010

This site has been visited by folks in 82 countries. Cool! Chào to our one visitor from Vietnam.

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Big Shot

13 January 2010

Someone commented the picture of Tom from Noah And The Whale looked like a 70’s or 80’s school photo. That’s because it was taken with a Polaroid camera called a Big Shot. The Big Shot is quite famous for having been used by Andy Warhol as the basis for many of his large screen prints.

Debbie Harry By Warhol on Big Shot

Jean-Michel Basquiat by Warhol and Bigshot

News, afew years ago, that Polaroid film was about to be discontinued created huge ripples in the photography community. Polaroid film would disappear forever. Nora has been collecting as much polaroid film as possible in the meantime. Also trying to buy up old magicubes (the cube flashes from early cameras). There are many types of polaroid. Not just the normal one with the thick white border at the bottom. The Bigshot uses a certain type called 669. It’s is almost impossible to buy this film now. The polaroid factory closed its doors in June 2008.

As a result polaroid cameras flooded onto ebay. You can buy them for a dollar. Nora has bought quite afew so far. They all take different pitures. Some use super rare polaroid film, some just the regular.

It seems, though, Nora was not alone in her sadness at the loss of this classsic medium. A man from Holland felt so strongly, he set about starting the brand up again, buying the factory, finding the techniques, the recipes and bringing the polaroid back from the dead. Everyone thought he was mental to undertake such a task. With this in mind he called his quest The Impossible Project.


Listening To Final Cut

13 January 2010

Listening to the final cut of Wreckorder. There was a minor tracklisting change and some spacing fine tuning which I did with The Lodge in New York via ichat. Sounding good. 5 tracks in. Shimmers. Exciting.