Is It Spring Yet

11 March 2010

The long cold Berlin winter is almost over. The clouds are shaking off their last snow. It’s still cold though. Seems to have remained below zero for 3 months. I was told the Berlin winter was tough and thought yeahhh but god, it really has been relentless. I grew tired of looking like an arctic explorer and went back to normal clothing but it’s a big sacrifice.

Wreckorder (revised) is about to be cut. This is the final cut. I promise. Then it’s handed to organised people to get it ready for release. Not sure when this will be. It is so much tighter now than it was. The two songs I took off just didn’t fit. They will make cool b sides or something… can we say b sides anymore… sounds odd… Anyways it’s all done.

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21 Responses to “Is It Spring Yet”

  1. Lydia says:

    I really can’t wait to hear “wreckorder”!!!

  2. Marina says:

    i can tell you that i’ve never seen a winter like this in Germany! 😉
    chaos everywhere you look. xD
    if you were in Rostock, you would think the winter goes on and on and on… where is the sun gone?

    i really though that the winter in Scotland would be tougher than in Germany, because it’s further in the northern atmosphere. However, it seems that i’m wrong.

    Don’t catch a cold… , and hopefully you’ve got waterproofed shoes. 🙂

  3. Lydia says:

    It good to know that Wreckorder is done!!!!!


    Please Fran! give a hug to Clay from me!!! and tell him Happy birthday!
    (i know that his birthday was yesterday)

    The craziest Bolivian Fan

  4. Heather Anderson says:

    So excited for new music! Thanks Fran for your hard work.

  5. Amy Humphrey says:

    There’s a point at which winter stops being invigorating and starts being draining. Fortunately, that’s usually about the time things start budding, otherwise we might not make it through to the other side.

    Maybe you can call them b bytes?

  6. julietravisaddict says:

    Hi Fran, here in Paris it’s been very cold as well, long long winter.

    So it’s the final final cut, good news, and how about the artwork for this album? Are you planning to paint, draw or photograph something special? This could be a Friday question! 🙂

  7. Jay Parker says:

    Next year you should come and spend the winter in Russia and feel the difference :)))

  8. Meghan Allan says:

    Over in Canada, we know all about long winters! But spring is just around the corner and the weather will soon catch up to the inappropriate clothing 🙂 Looking forward to Wreckorder – no matter which songs you leave on, I know it will be great!

  9. John Smith says:

    Brilliant news Fran! Thanks for the update, stay warm! 😀

  10. sammy says:

    Fran, is it difficult to put the final songs in the right play order for a record, or do you just have an instinct for where they go? Is there a formula to it? I like formulas.(questions, questions, but it IS Friday!)

    I hope b sides never become known as anything else, it’s a perfect name.

  11. Ryo K says:

    Hello, Fran, I always enjoy reading your diary! And I love your beautiful songs. I am looking forward to new songs. It is so cold in Berlin, isn’t it? Take care of yourself.

  12. Kelly says:

    I’m just so curious to hear what you’ve done. Doesn’t it feel all in synch with the seasons? Casting off winter layers; casting off non-fitting tracks, hoping the weather/record gods are ready to take the next step.

  13. Ben says:

    Sounds super. I can’t wait to hear it!

  14. maria says:

    still cold in Denmark too.. i think claustrophobic is the word for this seemingly endless winter.
    looking very much forward to hearing those B sides too 😀

  15. tracymac says:

    Congrats Fran 🙂
    It’s been a long road for you, I’m sure it’s all been worth it though, can’t wait to buy it.
    I hope that Spring is almost there for you……we normally have long cold winters here in Toronto so I can def relate to your winter blues but this year was very different, only a few snowfalls to mention and nothing that caused major unrest or traffic incidents, a nice break from the norm for us 🙂
    Anyways, i’m hoping to be in Cuba this week, waiting for a good deal, my own little escape form reality for a week! I will have I-Pod in tow though, can’t go a whole week without Travis or Frandy! Some things we just don’t compromise on!
    Good luck with Wreckorder, Oh and will we be blessed with another question time soon? I so enjoy that!

  16. Alia says:

    That’s great! Can’t wait to hear the album!

  17. 20462046 says:


  18. Bryana says:

    I can’t wait to hear the album and the “b-sides”!

  19. Pat McKenna says:

    Get it out ta **** Lad, I cant wait any longer:D

  20. caroline says:

    Berlin-is it like George Orwell’s 1984 in winter…bbbrrrr….
    Come defrost in Australia anytime.
    Sunny days and music festivals January-April.
    Clay would love the koalas, Nora the organics and we’d all love you.
    Wreckorder-bring it on!

  21. SaraL83 says:

    Yep! It has never been that cold in germany like THIS winter!That`s true! NEVER!.. Last year in january, I was in Berlin for a week and I had the bad luck to get degrees between -15°C and -20°Celsius! But not in the night…at the daytime! I did a sightseeing trip and my fingers was bleeding! Hahaha…! Especially in Berlin it`s always very cold… in the north of germany we have much rain in the winter time (okay, NOT this winter!)…but Berlin has the warmer summer,too! :-/
    “Wreckorder” will be the title? Any ideas for the albumcover??
    I can`t wait to listen to it!

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