14 March 2010

I had until the past week been going to bed between 1 and 4 in the morning and getting up at 8. After arriving back from New York, my jetlag sent me to bed before midnight. I thought I would stick to this and I have experienced much longer days. 1pm feels like 4 or 5. 6pm feels like 9 or 10. The last week felt like a week instead of the usual WHOOSH “God is it Friday again!”
I have been listening to the absolute finished album. The last stage is puting the transition between each song. Some songs need an extra second before they begin, some need an extra pause when they end. Emily and Joe at the Lodge (uh!) did a great job. We also changed the mix of the first track of the record. I’m relieved we reopened this track. It’s the first track of my solo record. Ohhheee!

God. It’s snowing again!

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17 Responses to “Sleep”

  1. Nana says:

    Great!! & Congratulation!!!
    excited!! I hope we(your fans,include me! 😀 )could listen first track of your great solo record as soon as possible! Yeah~!!

  2. Look forward to hear your first solo album! It doesn’t seem that long ago since I first heard Travis, so this is all very exciting

  3. Flor says:

    Cool, must be really exciting to hear the new stuff take shape!

  4. Agnesss says:

    I really really expect yours. Now, sleep well!

  5. MissSophie says:

    Jetlag is absolutely hell!!I always feel like a Zombie.Lost between day and night.

  6. Ryo K says:

    Hello, Fran. It’s funny, jet lag story. Probably you feel tired. Please take a rest well. I’m very intersted in process of your music composing. So I would like to hear your talking from now on.
    Snowing again!! (^-^)

  7. Jesper Gaarskjaer says:

    WAUW!! Congratulations, Fran. It must be a huge feeling. I can’t wait to listen to the album, the b-sides and the pauses inbetween!

    Cheers, G!

  8. Becks says:

    YAY! Can’t wait 🙂

  9. Amy Humphrey says:

    That’s funny, I was just reading about circadian rhythms and how “night owls” are more creative and “early birds” are more logical and analytical. But they didn’t know which came first; whether creative people like to stay up late or whether staying up late makes you creative. Me, I just want to sleep ALL the time. This dang daylight saving time isn’t helping…

    I thought choosing pauses between songs would be difficult, but in practice there really is a feel to it and it seemed pretty obvious. Having good mastering people helps!!

  10. closergms1968 says:

    Its gonna be great wee man. Dont worry yourself too much.
    Hey Fran. Travis still being played in the queen vic (eastenders) Song to self in tonights episode. Remembered your story from 2004 gig, about knowing you had made it when you heard travis playing in eastenders for the first time!

  11. neverAcquiesce says:

    Don’t forget our daylight savings bullshit.

  12. Avo says:

    Yeah! I can feel Wreckorder in my hands already; can’t wait any longer to listen to it

    Saludos desde México!
    (BTW you’re touring México with your new album right?)

  13. Yuriko Saito says:

    A few days ago I had a dream, I was listening the album once and again, saying to myself: damn! this is so good!, I remember waking up that day with a big banana smile on my face.
    Anyways, this post makes me happy, countdown fo Wreckorder release begins soon… Yay! xxx

  14. patty ryan says:

    im a huge fan from philadelphia. ive been to concerts, in-store signings, oasis shows that you opened, etc. most recently the world cafe live show which was cool with the projector and slideshow.

    more than us & falling down are some of my favorite songs to sing loudly in the car. im sure ive been at a red light where people in the car next to me think im crazy for singing so loudly by myself.

    i have to ask…do you know of the ‘travis posse’? you must. i know they are supporters, but they are a bit odd.

    looking forward to the album xoxo

  15. Jesus says:

    Can’t wait! will you give us soon a release Date?

  16. Lisa says:

    Bonjour Fran, I was just wondering if you said “God. It’s snowing again!” in a good way or in a bad way ? Back in Montreal where I was born, we have lots of snow. Ever since I’ve been living in France, my circadian rhythm has been playing tricks on me and I can never “feel” what season we’re in anymore. I miss “l’été indien” at the end of fall when all the leaves on the trees turn orange and red ! And I miss my walks home on the moonlit glittering snow, just cold enough to feel my nose freeze. Haha !

  17. Lisa says:

    O my God ! Fran ! Fran ! It’s snowing today ! I can’t believe it ! Hahaha !

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