21 April 2010

Oh aaaannnd… I was sitting, practicing my piano chops when a police woman came to the door and told me something about my car. I said “Mein auto?” incredulously. When you don’t know how to speak a language, expression is a valuable tool.  Nora (my in-house babel fish) was out so it was like some strange game of charades, where the film was called “Your Car Has Just Been Smashed Up. Come See.”

When I got to the car, there was another car sort of attatched to the front bumper. The girl, who’s car it was, had left it double parked and, most importantly, without the handbrake engaged. She went into a shop and the car slowly rolled down the street and clanged into mine. There was very little damage. My bumper was pashed and her car was all scraped. She was nice and was shaken slightly. The police in Berlin are great. They aren’t the same as UK police. The police man who was with the police woman was standing smoking a fag and explaining the situation. It’s a bit like The Sweeney but in green uniforms and without the flares.


Vegetarian Alerts

21 April 2010

I fancied and egg sandwich and some lentil soup so I cracked and egg and out flopped a big fat chicken embryo into the frying pan. Clay was watching, as was his Oma and Nora too as I cracked the egg. We all got a major fright.

Then I opened a tin of soup and put it in a saucepan on the gas. When it boiled, I poured it in a bowl and put some in my mouth. There was chopped up sausages in it!! I spat it out(Paul) and looked at the tin. It had a label on the tin saying vegetarian. Nora called the manufacturer and they said we were the second folk to call and that someone in the factory had mis-labeled a large quantity. They are going to send us some more soup to make up  for the mistake.

Man that chicken embryo will stay with me though. Errrrraaauuughhh!!!



21 April 2010

Nora and  i went to see Wild Beasts last night at the Lido club on Cuvry Strasse. Andy and I played here 2 years ago for the 25th anniversary of Mr Dead and Mrs Free (Berlins best vinyl store). It’s a great venue. An old cinema I think… The band were on fire. The sound was incredible. It was their last show of the Two Dancers tour. The crowd loved it and made them do 2 encores. After buying teeshirts and vinyl we went back to say hello. They were sweet people. They had the glow only a band who had played their last show of the album could have. It’s a nice feeling. I asked them about this record and their history. Hayden (main singer) and the Drummer Chris have known each other since primary school. They made this current record with nearly zero funds and wrote and recorded it to tape in 6 weeks. Impressive. And having stood on the edge of the precipice following the luke warm sales and reaction to their debut record, were now at a point where they could feel the weather had changed for them. Ahhh so great. After a beer we left. If you don’t have their album. you need to
buy it


Wild Beasts - Two Dancers (Bonus Track Version)


Roger Ballen

1 April 2010

Roger Ballen: Lens Culture Conversations with Photographers from Jim Casper on Vimeo.