DAY 2 Of Detox Summary

31 July 2010

Look at these really cool pictures of cakes I found



30 July 2010

Just played a mini festival in Toronto. Was super cool.  I went walkabout earlier backstage looking for the Keane boys and found their dressing room  but they weren’t there so walked into another one as the swedish singer Robyn approached from the opposite direction, on the phone and looking at me funny. In the room there was a big set of make up laying on the table and as I stood trying to figure who in Keane wears make up I had a revelation. It was Robyn’s dressing room and she was walking past me still on the phone. I gestured “s-o-r-r-y” and got out fast. She was tiny. I like the Swedes. I miss Claes. Boo hooooo!!! Claes Claes Claes.. Where are youuuuu???

Tomorrow we are driving to Montreal. Home of Arcade Fire. They are headlining the festival we’re playing. Also on the bill are BEACH HOUSE. I’m super super excited. Can’t wait to hear that voice dissolve in the open air. I’ve got to calm down… Deep breaths hhhhuuuuuuhhhhh…



30 July 2010

The journey to Toronto was long. Jason drove well. We left around 10 and arrived around 9, stopping a couple of times for petrol and restrooms. Please pass this picture to James Bond. I’m going to watch Charlotte Rampling and Paul Newman making out. Goodnight.



30 July 2010

Visited Wholefoods this morning and bought some blueberries to put in these shakes that come with the detox kit and also some oregano oil to replace the gelatin capsules. Got some quinoa and brown rice with some brocolli and cauliflower and hummus too. Thank gosh for hummus. And for avocados. Jason, my tourmanager waited in the car outside. I made the shake in the trunk/boot but the adaptor for plug wasn’t strong enough to power the magic bullet shaker maker so I ran over to Starbucks and used their power. My first sip of detox shake was not so nice. There are 2 kinds of powder stuff and then you add almond milk and some blueberries. After a couple of sips it was ok. There are some supplements as well.

Lunch was fine. And then tonight in the hotel the shake tasted fine.

Day 1 impression – Feeling good. Hungry? No… but had to switch channels when all the junk food commercials came on. Then changed again when one of the doctors in a medical program said he was hungry and was going to eat. Hmm… maybe I’m a wee bit hungry.



28 July 2010



28 July 2010


Some kind of light
Dancing in the distance
Breaking through the night
Path of least resistance
Fallen to earth
Gone in the morning
Only to return
Without warning
I should have wished
When I had the chance
Gone like the water
In my hand
I would do anything
Anything for you now
I would go anywhere
Anywhere at all
Don’t wanna lose you
Lose you to anyone
I could be anyone
Anyone at all
Look in the sky
Down by Orion
Below the plough
Cancer sits with the lion
Preying upon
Your seven sisters
Sprawled on the lawn
Playing with Ursa Minor
I wish I could feel like a child again
Everywhere you turn
There’s derision
Glued to the mobile and the television
Sun has gone down
Something breaks the horizon
Moving so fast
Hard to focus my eyes on
I wish you were here
With me tonight
Stuck on the island



28 July 2010



27 July 2010

I struck up a myspace friendship with a cellist in new york back in 2007. He was sweet, very charming. We exchanged emails over the past 3 years and at some point I was gonna get him in to do some chops. I was psyched for him when he worked on the Viva La Vida song and even more psyched when he and his wife had their baby daughter. So we were sitting tonight in Dallas, chatting about Regina Spector’s cello player and I was saying how our agent Pete had told my manager Ian about it and how terrible it was for his family and then suddenly I realised it was Daniel. Just terrible. He leaves a wife and his little daughter behind. Anyways sad sad sad.


Teenage Fanclub Reading Festival 1992

25 July 2010


Inception, Beard Upkeep, Detoxification

25 July 2010

Went to see Inception today. It was good but I couldn’t get into it fully without knowing how the machine worked. There was some sort of wire that they seemed to tie around their wrist which allowed them to enter into the dreams of themselves and others. And how did the architect build the worlds? And what was to stop them going deeper than the basement. And when the guy is in the van and people are shooting through the windows nobody gets shot. Once in the bottom world why couldn’t they go to a 4th or a 5th level. I was left with alot of loose ends as I walked into the oven of Las Vegas Town Square. Can anyone shed any light on this?
I wanna see Toy Story now.
Also bought a new shaver. I asked the audience last night where I could buy one. I think they thought I was joking. Anyways the shaver is really good. As well as the shaver, I bought Saving Silverman, a USB hub and a pad of lined paper.
Las Vegas was 114 degrees today. That is the hottest weather I think I have eve been in. Maybe Africa was hotter… not sure but how can people stand that temperature? It’s so extreme.
I need to eat more junk food. I am about to do a 21 day detox and fancy a grilled cheese and a coke before I go all healthy. It’s called The Clean Program. I have never done anything like this before. It seems to be quite involved. The package arrived in LA. It was big with a sticker on the top that said keep refrigerated. That is going to be difficult to do. The package has powder that you make shakes with. You take a shake in the morning and again in the evening and have a lunch. I’ll keep you posted. I wonder if I need some kind of blender… my mum had a small one that was easy to carry around… Anyways… Grilled cheese?

EXTRA. I just realised The Dark Knight was directed by the same guy. That left me feeling robbed. I felt the same with Inception although the performances pull Inception out of total robbery.  I read a review of Inception which said when the lights come up you’ll be sitting in your chair staring at the screen, confused. But this is where the film is clever. I think it’s confusing because it’s concepts aren’t fully developed. The confusion one feels is due not to the skill of the writer or the director but to the fact that the idea they want to put forward is impossible to squeeze into such a short format so your left with more of a sketch book. This is how I felt with the dark knight. The individual scenes are breathtaking but there are many holes.