28 July 2010

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6 Responses to “Aftermath”

  1. sammy says:

    Fran, what have you done to the Keane tourbus?

  2. tracy says:

    Holy Crap! Where was this? You weren’t caught up in it were you?

  3. tracy says:

    Oh never mind the where part, Chicago. Sad, very sad….

  4. Sean K says:


    I enjoyed your performance last night. It was good to hear your solo material as well as the old stuff (was kind of funny when you forgot the ‘Turn’ melody). Saw you and your band in Manchester about 12 years ago along with ‘All Saints’ ‘James’ and some others (It was the show when a mad manc climbed to the top of the tent and wouldn’t come down lol!). Anyway, I’m a fellow Celtic supporter so I’m sure you were disappointed with yesterday’s result before you went on stage. With Lenny’s new signigs I didn’t think we’d go down 3-0! Maybe we can turn it around at Celtic Park. I’m originally from Preston but have been living in Illinois for 6 years. Enjoy the rest of your tour and G’luck witht he solo album! Sean

  5. Sue says:

    The bus didn’t forget the ‘Turn’ melody 🙂

  6. Lauro Campos says:

    Come to Brazil. We just love you too much! We deserve have you by our side.

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