Inception, Beard Upkeep, Detoxification

25 July 2010

Went to see Inception today. It was good but I couldn’t get into it fully without knowing how the machine worked. There was some sort of wire that they seemed to tie around their wrist which allowed them to enter into the dreams of themselves and others. And how did the architect build the worlds? And what was to stop them going deeper than the basement. And when the guy is in the van and people are shooting through the windows nobody gets shot. Once in the bottom world why couldn’t they go to a 4th or a 5th level. I was left with alot of loose ends as I walked into the oven of Las Vegas Town Square. Can anyone shed any light on this?
I wanna see Toy Story now.
Also bought a new shaver. I asked the audience last night where I could buy one. I think they thought I was joking. Anyways the shaver is really good. As well as the shaver, I bought Saving Silverman, a USB hub and a pad of lined paper.
Las Vegas was 114 degrees today. That is the hottest weather I think I have eve been in. Maybe Africa was hotter… not sure but how can people stand that temperature? It’s so extreme.
I need to eat more junk food. I am about to do a 21 day detox and fancy a grilled cheese and a coke before I go all healthy. It’s called The Clean Program. I have never done anything like this before. It seems to be quite involved. The package arrived in LA. It was big with a sticker on the top that said keep refrigerated. That is going to be difficult to do. The package has powder that you make shakes with. You take a shake in the morning and again in the evening and have a lunch. I’ll keep you posted. I wonder if I need some kind of blender… my mum had a small one that was easy to carry around… Anyways… Grilled cheese?

EXTRA. I just realised The Dark Knight was directed by the same guy. That left me feeling robbed. I felt the same with Inception although the performances pull Inception out of total robbery.  I read a review of Inception which said when the lights come up you’ll be sitting in your chair staring at the screen, confused. But this is where the film is clever. I think it’s confusing because it’s concepts aren’t fully developed. The confusion one feels is due not to the skill of the writer or the director but to the fact that the idea they want to put forward is impossible to squeeze into such a short format so your left with more of a sketch book. This is how I felt with the dark knight. The individual scenes are breathtaking but there are many holes.

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25 Responses to “Inception, Beard Upkeep, Detoxification”

  1. isabel says:

    oh do you really think it’s a good idea to do that while on tour and in the states where you have access to greatest junk food ever??? wait a bit and get clean during a europian winter…: )
    loved buttercups ! good luck with the shows ! go grilled cheese …. cheers

  2. Fatalka says:

    You may experience some headaches while on detox, so keep some painkillers at hand, sleep well and drink plenty of still water.

    BTW, you’re not trying to lose weight, are you?

    Good luck with your detox anyway. You will be glowing and radiating at night after that, it should be fun for the audience 😉

  3. Debbie (deebee) says:

    Toy Story was cool. My boys (and their Mum and Dad) really enjoyed it 😀 The little one had trouble keeping his 3D glasses from slipping off his nose though.
    BTW, does Veggie junk food exist?

  4. sammy says:

    Hi Fran, are you still a vegetarian? I ask because on the website it says that the whole kit isn’t suitable if you follow a veggie diet. Maybe it’s changed the formula, as I’m sure you’ve checked. I’ve done 3 day detox programs many times, and I found them hard to stick to, but you’ve surely got much more will power than I have! Good luck.
    Fran Says “WOW. Thanks. I didn’t know that. Shit!!… Ahhh It’s only one aspect that is and i can swap it out with other stuff. Thanks for pointing this out”

  5. Kelly says:

    Oh dear…I have to agree with Isabel that maybe while touring isn’t the best time to do a cleanse? So much extra exertion and (I’m guessing) adrenaline coupled with a dramatic change in diet worries me. If you faint and fall off the stage at Merriweather, I’ll be 5 rows back and possible unable to catch you! ; )

    Oh, and speaking of Merriweather…really take the time for a look around. It was designed by Frank Gehry and is a beautiful structure set in gorgeous natural surroundings (which are further set in the somewhat creepily “planned” community of Columbia).

  6. Maayani says:

    Dear Fran,

    Keane generally travel with a blender I believe as they always make smoothies pre/post show…. See if they’ll let you use theirs. I’d ask Richard, probably your best bet. See you in Brooklyn!

    (whose friend that’s coming with her to the concert is about 7 times more psyched to see you than Keane lol)

  7. Anne (weirdmom) says:

    Wow you are a brave man to try a detox while touring and away from home. I’ve done some cleanses before and was glad I did them but especially the first few days I felt pretty tired and yucky so be prepared.

    I liked your thoughts on Inception. I really liked it but think the holes you pointed out and general “I wanted more” feeling are valid. The wire around their wrist was, I think, an IV that went in easier and quicker than any IV on the planet and contained medicine that put them to sleep. I also just presumed the architect built the dream in a similar way to how a person or a team builds a video game. And since it’s not terribly dramatic to watch someone sketch and write code on a computer I suppose that’s why they left that out. But I’m with you, I like to see the man behind the curtain and understand how these things work. And yes, amazingly, no one got shot but I think that is a standard movie thing. The number of movies where a whole army misses one guy running in an empty field is endless.

    I think things could have been more fleshed out but Nolan did a good job keeping things moving and focused. What I really appreciated about it was that it was a new and unique movie. I’m getting a bit tired of so many hit musicals being based on music already created, movies based on comic books, etc. I’m not saying I haven’t enjoyed some of them but just lately I’ve just wondered can anyone make something brand new that is GOOD and that isn’t based off something else. So I was happy to escape into this extremely imaginative world knowing there wasn’t someone in the back comparing it to the graphic novel.

    The kids and I saw Toy Story and we all loved it. There is a scene at the end that is so intense and I knew logically that things had to go a certain way but I was still so incredibly anxious. Also bring some tissues for the end.

    Looking forward to seeing you play tonight in Houston.

  8. Minnmess says:

    The Magic Bullet could be your travel blender savior.

  9. Amy Humphrey says:

    You know what’s really weird? Your twin the Amish carpenter walked into a bar and grill last night where we were eating dinner with my family. I hadn’t seen him in months! He came in to use the bar’s phone, but used my mom’s instead (my iPhone died the day I downloaded a certain photo app……). What are the odds, after I’d just been talking about him? That kind of serendipity blows my mind. Anyway, I still didn’t get a picture. You should come to Missouri and meet him yourself. The Amish are hilarious; they know all the words to all the country songs and sing them literally from the rooftop at the top of their lungs. Nothing funnier than an Amish guy singing “Rockin’ the Beer Gut.”

    Looks like you’re going from the heat to the heat + humidity = ouch. We broke down and bought tix to Chicago; maybe it will be cooler there? If you see drops of blood it’s probably just us up in the nosebleed section.

    Now I’m getting self-conscious about posting comments, so in the future just know I’ve composed witty, articulate, BRIEF (and incredibly polite) comments in my head. See you in the windy city!

  10. Michelle says:


    I came from Salt Lake to see you on Friday. I think I even asked myself if you were worth the 7 hour drive and 114 degree heat…but alas you were. Your set was fun and I loved how interactive you are with the audience.

    I hope I have the opportunity to see you again in the future!

  11. Shane says:

    BBC America did a show called “Super Skinny Me” on the shake diet.

    It’s actually not good in the long run for your body because it slows your metabolism. Most people actually gain back the weight plus more after 8 weeks of stopping the diet. Sorry to be a downer, but I went on the shake diet a few years back and found it was true…gained it all back, plus some.

  12. Shane says:

    P.s.—Rock the s@#% out of Houston tonight!

  13. john says:

    i am glad you said that about inception cause that’s how i felt. The entire film they keep saying you don’t remember a dream when it begins so i feel it was a cop out to so many questions from the beginning of the film, people might forget about them but i mean i just felt a lot of things were unanswered. i mean it was the best movie this year but still i felt robbed as well at the end, I just wanted a dam answer if he found his kids!

  14. MusicGirl99 says:

    Finally someone else who has seen Inception! I thought it was brilliant, like you said Chris Nolan is behind it. I can’t answer all your q’s, but they couldn’t go to 4 or 5 levels cos the deepest they could go with sedatives and ‘return’ intact was 3. Also, it hadn’t been done to that extent before, so they were taking a big risk with their lives. As for nobody getting shot in the van, I think that was just luck from the driver dodging bullets, as bumpy as the ride was. And about the architect, I think after he tested her on paper, it was all mentally built cos they were both hooked up to that machine and as she was in his subconscious, she was ‘building’ a world as they were walking. Yeah, I dunno how the machine worked either; it’s never fully explained. But I absolutely agree that there are intentional holes in the story, like how does Leo get out? And how do you interpret the ending? But I think that’s what made it great as well. It looked as if it could be a sequel. I loved the elevator sequence, and stuff just blowing up in slow motion (why does that happen?). Um, I dunno if I confused you more lol, but that’s how I understood it. Definitely going to see it again.
    Btw, good luck with the rest of the tour. 🙂

  15. Ana says:

    I hate it when I leave the cinema feeling like that! I don’t appreciate being treated as an idiot who pays her ticket only for the action sequences, I have the obsessive need to tie up all loose ends in the stories.
    I’ve been trying not to be spoiled since I’m planning on seeing Inception some day, this week or the next. The trailer makes it look promising. I feel like Leonardo DiCaprio’s last roles are there to mess with our heads. He’s getting good at it… and I dig that.
    I’m willing (and actually enjoy) to deal with unanswered questions, if they aren’t handed over too easily it makes the cinematic experience much more interesting. However, you make Inception sound really confusing… I hope I can overlook those aspects you pointed out and focus on the big picture (the concept is too intriguing to pass up).
    Btw, good luck with the detox (I know I could never handle it)!

  16. Luke says:

    I watched Inception with my mate, who’s a big film buff and an aspiring director. He always has plenty to say when we leave the cinema. Talked about how in a way inception needed to be a story split into two parts. As you say, everything was squashed in, and we felt some characters could have been better developed too. We left with the same questions, such as why couldn’t you go down more levels. And the whole being kicked from a dream versus the dying out of a dream confused me to some extent too – each dream level seemed to have different rules that weren’t always clear to me. Maybe the DVD content will have answers! Maybe that’s their plot to secure DVD sales. =P

    Despite all this I was impressed with the film, largely because it had the sheer ambition and imagination that seems void in a lot of Blockbusters. Better to have a film that makes you think than a film that doesn’t… almost crashed the car on the way back from the cinema I was thinking about it so hard! Lol.

    Oh and Toy Story 3 is amazing. As all Pixar films are. Go see it. 🙂

  17. Ryan says:

    Hello. My mum done one of they detox thingies, a blender is a good idea.
    Grilled cheese but with irn bru if you can get it over in the states! 😀
    Toy story 3 is highly reccomended, let us know if you cry.
    Buttercups is brilliant, cant wait fot the album, well done.

  18. David says:

    Hey Fran, I also saw Inception while I was Vegas to see you and Keane perform. I really liked the movie even though it did require some suspension of disbelief. They didn’t really explain how any of it worked, but instead took the route that it just does. Same idea as how all the stuff works in science fiction movies. Just seems a little more out of place when it’s a movie that at least somewhat based in our reality.

    I think that the idea of the architect is based on the idea that all of us are architects of our own dreams and do all that on the fly. But a person that has been trained over and over to be aware of the dream state would have the ability to design the “world” prior to entering the dream state. Again, it’s a bit of a stretch, but from some of things I’ve read about people that are self-aware while dreaming, it’s not completely without basis in fact.

    How no one got shot in the van? Well you’ve got me on that one. I think we’ll just have to chalk that up to “Hollywood”.

    The number of levels is really based on the exponential formula that they came up with. The first level would be quite short, but the “limbo” would be 50 years or more. Obviously none of this real, but with their invented pseudo-science they are basing this on, the idea is that there’s only a certain number of levels that are sustainable both by the drugs to keep the person asleep through all that and the exponential increase in the amount of time is perceived by the dreamer.

    There’s some more interesting stuff out on the FAQ for the movie on IMDB. You should give it a read if you get a chance.

  19. Star Salzman says:


    I feel the same way about inception. The concepts they explored were really interesting, but they weren’t fully developed. I dig the ‘collection of awesome scenes’ with lots of holes sentiment. It would have been amazing to see a movie that explored the concept of consciousness vs subconsciousness in fuller detail. But at least it might get people thinking about it.

    On an unrelated note, your Houston show was great. I’ve actually never seen someone perform so sincerely–when you talked about your constellation-type lyrics I was completely floored. I’ve never actually seen a performer do that, talk about their own work so openly and freely. Maybe in America we are too ‘cool’ to do that. We’re supposed to pretend to hate what we create.
    But it was really inspiring. Thanks!

  20. Nathy says:

    For me the whole movie is DiCaprio’s dream, I don’t think his character ever gets in contact with reality. But this movie made me wonder if I ever want to “be” in someone else’s dreams… my answer is no! People’s mind is too weird for my taste..

  21. Ani says:

    Hi Fran,
    My husband and I had the exact same reaction to Inception — nice to know we are not alone! EVERYONE has been talking about how unbelievable, ground breaking, amazing, intense, mind blowing etc it was… but we thought there were way too many holes in the storytelling to truly grab us. Also some parts were a bit too subjective to be interesting. I really wanted to know how the briefcase worked too. An air of mystery only works when it’s resolved by the end, I think…

    Toy Story 3 on the other hand is PERFECT in every way!!!! Go see it. You will not be disappointed. And no, I do not work for Disney/Pixar 🙂

    Great seeing you again in L.A last week and can’t wait for Wreckorder… I love the new material. Travis should consider doing a show at the Greek Theatre someday! It really is a magical venue. Just wish your set was longer! I was too tired to stay for Keane, but shhh… don’t tell anyone 😉


  22. 3 says:

    Detox from too much bday cake? 🙂 let us know how those shakes taste. sounds like slimfast.. shake in the a.m & p.m. shake it baby. lol

    ps enjoyed the set the other night. brought a few tears to my eyes. 🙂

  23. closergms1968 says:

    Have not seen inception yet.
    Thought The Dark Knight was a load of old dung!

  24. Jesus says:

    Well. I like it a lot Inception.
    There’s as you said somw points kind of weird but a lot of the film is actually well developed. I loved to see some actual real details put on the Film.
    Have you ever had, having o read about Lucid Dreaming? Lucid Dreaming is when you’re conscious and know that is a dream, and you’re free to make whatever you want, without restrictions.
    Well that’s where the film is inspired. There was some great real detailes about Lucis dreaming as the clock one. In a lucid dream you may see the clock walking faster, unnormal. And that’s when you know is a dream. The problem with the film is that you see a very restricted Dreamign world, when in a real dream when you know it’s a dream, you do the impossible things, like flying, have magic, not follow natures laws. There they were kind of restrcited. But there was so many great points. By what you ask about the architecht is liek you when you dream. Who build those people, cities, scenarios in your mind? You don’t need time to make that is build by your mind in a glance. So the architecht it was needed there by someone who needs a person with imagination to recreate with here mind a world according to the plan.
    If you haven’t heard about Lucid Dreaming, give it a try, (i got once a Lucid dream and i tried to talk to myself, i did it, but it was really strange and confusing) it’s very interesting and some people use them for Creative reasons. There’s actually something that hasn’t been proven the Shared dreams, some people “had” them but it’s like a myth or something.
    The scene of the van was weird actually haha i swear someone had to be shot, but no, that’s luck then eh? haha.
    About the levels that’s something interesting i don’t know haha but i loved the idea that’s somethign about Lucid Dreaming too. If you have a Lucid Dream and try to have a Lucid Dream in that dream, in other words, if you know you’re dreaming, and sleep in the dream to have a Lucid dream you will have “Hyper Lucid Dream” is like enter to the 2nd level in the movie, just that a Hyper Lucid Dream is more Lucid I never had it. It’s been difficult for me to have Lucid Dream but people say it’s very Lucid the Hyper Lucid Dream.

  25. Jesus says:

    Oh yes! i know now, about the levels, in the movie for example if you’re in the first level, and you’re sleep for 2 minutes, you will have a dream of 20 minutes (the time in your dream) ’cause your mind works faster. If you’re in the 2nd level your dream will be of 2 hours. and time will multiplicate in each level.

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