24 July 2010

Listen to the first single off Wreckorder here

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23 July 2010

I thought I was 37 for the whole of last year until about 3 months ago when I realised I was 36. Man! But secretly I have always looked forward to 37 because it is the opposite of my birth year 73. I had some house numbers with 37 as well.

There was 237 Kilearn Street. Now it’s called Cadham Road…

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22 July 2010

Hey everyone. Buttercups will be the first single from w r e c k o r d e r  Spin.com is streaming it if you wanna listen.



Tom Chaplin

22 July 2010

I watched the whole Keane show tonight. I hadn’t seen them play for some time. They were great. The thing which blew me away the most was Toms singing. He’s “the voice”. He can travel to places in full throat most of us can only dream of in falsetto. It’s quite a display. I remembered when we played together in 2003 and he was late for soundcheck, i tried to fill in. I thought “I can do that” so i jumped on stage while the band were running through an instrumental of “Everybody’s Changing” and grabbed the mic only to  quickly realise i’d stepped off the deep end and was thrashing for my life in a cruel sea of flatness like some drunk kareoke singer who chose the wrong tune. It was very funny especially as Tom had walked into the venue in the middle of this and was observing this display from the shadows. It all came back to me tonight. That voice. Those songs.


Crash And Burn

21 July 2010

Awoke at 5.30am and packed my last little bits before the car came at 6. Got to airport at 6.30. We were flying Jet Blue. They are a great airline. Always really fast at checkin and all their staff are always easy going. I met Jason, my tour manager at gate 14 and we boarded at 7.45. Slept the entire flight, waking as we descended into SanFranciso. As I write, I am back stage. Jason is settling up with the venue. I never see this. It’s so unromantic. Where’s the mystique?? Tonights show was ok. I couldn’t really hear what I was singing so the new songs were hard to get my voice around. The show was nice though. So good to be on stage again. Strange to be without Travis. Very naked. I kind of like the scary feeling. It’s going to be a great tour but my neighbours are really pushing it with their loud music.



20 July 2010

Just about to leave for SanFrancisco. I’ll be keeping a diary on here. Stay tuned…

My apartment is clean. It was the opposite about 6 hours ago. Things can get messy quickly. It’s just one big room so there’s no escaping the mess. The dishes were stacked high. But after a long clean it’s beautiful. I just have to finish packing my bag and then i’ll be set. I watched a movie called Crash tonight. I remember about 5 years ago someone telling me i should go see it. I never did. I think the title put me off. Anyways it was VERY good. If you haven’t seen it you should check it out. WOW!

Man 1.51am… I am leaving at 6am. Just waiting for a bunch of pictures to download from my camera and then I can pack that away. Then pack this computer away. Then pack me away.

OK. See you maybe on the road.




7 July 2010

The past few weeks some friends and I have been biking round Manhattan. On our first trip we cycled up the east river from lower east side right up to 110th street and across to the west side and back down the Hudson as the sun set. We stopped off at Patsy’s Pizzaria on 118th and 1stAve for a slice of the best pizza in all of Manhattan. Sinatra ordered 100 pizzas to be flown to him in California back in the day. That’s some greedy shit…

Outside the UN

Spanish Harlem

Sunset in Spanish Harlem

P Diddy’s Stretch Limo

Our second trip went straight up the middle of Manhattan,through central park and back down the Hudson again. We stopped to pay respects at the Dakota and then rode to the great lawn and lay there a while in the balmy air, observing the mating rituals of the young and viril, a girly photo shot, frizbee couple, softball dads. The Park That Is Central

Emery and Dakota


Back Onnnnn

6 July 2010

Had a slight problem with the site this past couple of days, but incase you were wondering, you didn’t miss much. Apart from me wanting to wish everyone a happy 4th of july.

Some news soon. Everything is bobbing along nicely.

New York is HOT. 102˚F