Teenage Fanclub Reading Festival 1992

25 July 2010

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10 Responses to “Teenage Fanclub Reading Festival 1992”

  1. Swan269 says:

    When I was listening to this (and not watching) I thought it was Neds Atomic Dustbin! Do you remember them Fran? Cool effort.
    FH says ” I was listening to Love Forever Changes when this song happened”

  2. Niko says:

    Sorry if this is offtopic but 1live just played “driftwood”.
    (11:13:21 Travis Driftwood)
    I was very happy about that because it doesn’t happen too often.

  3. Julian says:

    A very good under-rated band. My favourite one is “Neil Junk” included in “Grand Prix”. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Julian says:

    Itยดs “Neil Jung”, sorry. Too much time without listening to it..

  5. Nathy says:

    You’re tied to the 90’s!

  6. maria says:

    no words to describe-

  7. Lila says:

    Ha! Grunge-era Fannies! Love it! They were ELECTRIC on stage that day. Can’t take your eyes off that performance. So Frannie, did you ever grow your hair out in the 90s? And did it look like Gerry Love’s when it’s long since you seem to have a bit of curl in your hair too? Hope the road is treating you well! And I’m a ’73 baby too ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for pointing out the beauty of 37>>73 inverse view!
    ~Lila xx
    FH”Yes i grew it out. It looked cool.I went from hippy to quiff to hippy to skinhead”

  8. F N Gamboa says:

    MOST RULING ! and on tour again

  9. kevvvy says:

    One of my favourite bands of all time. Bellshill’s finest

  10. jon says:

    been trying desperately to find the whole broadcast of tf at reading 92 to transfer to vhs..does anyone know where i can find it?

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