Forbidden donut

21 August 2010

Portland… I’ve come to the end of this first tour and conveniently to the end of my detox. After the show I met everyone and someone told me to head for Voodoo Doughnut to break my carb and toxin fast. Naturally we sped across town and soon after, I was standing in the voodoo queue. I bought 4 donuts. Mr Chocolate Cream, Mr Regular and 2 Mr Crushed Oreo and Peanut Butter. My tour manager would have to eat one too. I took them back to my room. I had a phone interview with a nice Japanese lady about the album on the ride home and while chatting, lay them out on the table.
Here’s the twist. After looking at them for 5 minutes, and thinking how amazing I was feeling, having not eaten anything carby or junky, no processed sugar etc, I actually couldn’t bring myself to eat them!!! The thought was there but the action wasn’t… So here is a picture of them… I gonna leave them for the cleaner. Man, I feel weird just sitting in this room staring at 3 forbidden donuts and eating an avocado instead…

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34 Responses to “Forbidden donut”

  1. Peter says:

    Oh Franny I’m so proud of you for not giving in!! Will power is stronger than carb power. Congratulations on completing your detox diet with flying colours! 🙂

  2. Debbie (deebee) says:

    Looks like your body no longer craves sugar – nice one! Wish mine would do that too….

  3. Noel Kang says:

    Wow xD kekekeke
    You are really cute xD
    Just have a bit of patience..! You can be like some boyband’s member..!!
    BTW I’m gonna have some donut :p
    You jealous, aren’t ya?

  4. Jeff says:

    You’re KILLING me with those things! As a sugar addict, and I do mean addict, I could NOT resist the way you are. More power to you.

  5. Jay Parker says:

    oh how i want one!… no, all three of them!!! :))))

  6. 3 says:

    ahhhh does a little dance for you. 🙂 So happy you said no. You probably would have gotten ill. Congrats on completing your detox and finishing this leg of the tour Fran. Can’t wait until Wreckorder comes out. Lots of love and kisses!

  7. Candace says:

    Look at them there, just begging to be eaten. I admire your ability to resist delicious fried dough. I would be omnomnoming on the oreo and peanut butter. Way to go with completing the cleanse and sticking to it!

  8. jo(mono) says:

    Thanks for a wonderful show & evening! The new songs sound great and I can’t wait to hear the new album.

    It was great to finally meet you (for the first time) – you are as nice in person as you seem like you are. Best to your family. See you next time you’re in the northwest!

  9. Munge says:

    You would have eaten the maple bacon. Well, pre-Macca. Anyway the mountain you captured is Mt. Rainier (4,392 m).

  10. elham says:

    It’s so painfull!

  11. Kelly says:

    I think that really proves what a physical addiction sugar can be. Fat and carbs too, probably. The more you eat of them, the more you want. And even though your brain was telling you that you MUST want them now that you can have them, your body was saying, Nah! I don’t need that junk.

  12. Luke says:

    Haha well there we go, it wont be long before you grow a part of long ears and all you eat is rabbit food. 😉 Well done though, can only be a good thing. Although I guess in the long term your body sort of needs a tiny bit of carbs? And sugar, but you get that from fruit etc anyway.

  13. Leti says:

    There’s one word for this behaviour: SACRILEGE!

  14. sammy says:

    Wow, what an ending. I’m so proud you got through the detox, I know how hard they can be. You’ve got some massive will-power to resist those donuts! Well done. xx

  15. kokoro says:

    One day, I hope I can feel the same. But I can’t stop my hand putting into my mouth. TwT

  16. Jo says:

    Oh my, we had family stay with us from Inverness last month and as a thank you for putting them up they came home one night with a ‘Voodoo Dozen’ We ate maybe 1 or 2 each and then we were like ‘no more doughnuts’ what a waste of beautiful doughnuts!!

    Thanks so much for last nights gig! We’ve seen Travis at the SECC and we’ve seen you at the Crystal Ballroom in PDX but it was just so incredible to see you stripped right down like that. So much I wanted to say to you afterwards but was so nervous that I didn’t and in fact my husband walked away without even shaking your hand. I was like ‘Hello? That was Fran Healy’ lol

    In a way I’m sorry more people didn’t show up last night but their loss was our gain for sure!

  17. Nikki c says:

    Thanks for a wonderful show- it was so intimate and special. All the best to you!

  18. Cricket says:

    Once you break the craving for sweets, it’s not that tempting anymore. I’ve definitely been there! I applaud your strong will and also your urge to photograph them.

    Just promise that someday, whenever that day comes, allow for the beauty of smashing fists of chocolate cake into your mouth.

  19. Jamie says:

    Thank you for nearly two hours of “special moments” last night in Portland. I was one of the last people that stuck around after the show to say hello. I gave you a hug and literally knocked your hat off! J It was late and I didn’t want to keep you much longer to chat as your ride was waiting for you on the street. So, I’ll write a bit more here… I mentioned the show at Largo last October, we also went to the TRAVIS show at the Troubadour in L.A. on Nov. 11th (my birthday) in 2008! Brilliant show! I had a blast on my b-day with TRAVIS and other good friends! We’ve been to several TRAVIS shows over the years… The Warfield in S.F., the Crystal Ballroom in Portland, even the 94.7fm session with Dougie at Mississippi Studios. We LOVE TRAVIS! It was a rare pleasure to listen to your stories last night in such an intimate setting -completely solo & unplugged! I was sobbing during “Driftwood” and especially during “Flowers in the Window“ (gets me every time!) I love that you write songs about love, children and growing old together! “Anything” from the new album was beautiful and “As It Comes” was so heartbreaking! I cannot wait to hear the new album! Thank you for the great Mike Hedges story and for mentioning the Cure! I’ve discussed the Cure with you before… but this time you mentioned you now live in Berlin! We went to Berlin, Germany in 2002 for the Cure’s TRILOGY Shows on Nov. 11th & Nov. 12th at the Tempodrome! I spent my 30th Birthday with the Cure and a 4+ hour show! GLORIOUS! We didn’t have nearly enough time to spend in Berlin, but we had a wonderful time! Have a safe journey home to your family and we will see you when you tour in support of “Wreck-Order”! J Thank you again for a memorable summer evening at the Aladdin! Best wishes! ~miss jamie

  20. Michelle says:

    Hey Frannie!

    Loved seeing you in the PNW! So… donuts aren’t my thing, and from the sound of it, not yours, but next time in Seattle, try Cupcake Royale- Salted Carmel Choco Cupcake. Yum. 🙂

    You’re the best and have made my week. MUAH!!! 🙂


  21. Blurred says:

    Congrats that you resisted;0) Just be careful when you cannot resist as your brain is gonna force you to eat more (if your body requires it)to stock up in case of ‘starvation’ again. Btw Fran, know you aint a big reader (neither am I) but check out Panic Nation if you’re bored and havent read it already. Its an interesting read:0)Safe journeys

  22. Kathleen says:

    Bravo on the will power over the donuts! It was great to see you at KINK and you present your music with such honesty that was so refreshing. My son was busy playing violin parts in his head. Thanks for a lovely afternoon for all.

  23. Amy says:

    Hey Fran!!! The show was such a great evening, your singing is phenomenal and so heartfelt and your stories about them are hilarious. You’re a charming man and it was so sweet of you to wait around afterwards and meet everyone. Can’t wait for Wreckorder to come out, thanks for a great evening and come back to Portland some day!! Yeah!

  24. Gloria says:


    It was such a treat to see you last night in Portland! I’m glad you got to experience the local favourite, Voodoo Doughnut, albeit short of actually devouring said doughnuts. I would have felt a glycemic attack coming on, just by being in the mere presence of them, so I understand you resisting them. Though, good for just the experience of it all.

    It was so lovely to meet you after the show as well and share in the Macca and veggie love. And yes, we do like the new songs!

    Have a safe journey home and come visit us again soon!

  25. Eliza says:

    My God! 3 lonely-deliciously-warmly&carby donuts waiting for one bite… just one… Oh my love for donuts! It just make me realize that leaving them to the cleaner man was so unfair XD good for you and that ironresist will 😉

  26. Rossana dearprudence says:

    Oh my god, these mean a headache for me too!!! But I’d eat them anyway! By the way, avocado is not good for your VERY NICE body too… run run ruuun away before you are chubby 😀

    As the first time I reply here I’d like to tell u r an inspiration to my ordinary days, in fact, you’ve been it since the moment I heard for the first time such a ‘childish and grown’ album ‘The Man Who'(sorry about :p) ten years ago… now you’re grown and better(of course we are) but some things never change… you’re still ‘guilty’ of stealing my thoughts of real life (that ordinary one) and sometimes I believe in your ideas more than mine… sounds awful,doesn’t it? Well,I don’t blame myself, I think you’re a great man who decided someday to change things in person by singing, outcrying, protesting… and I confess I’ve never thought about things like this before ‘listening’ to you… I’m a brazilian teacher and there are many things to change here in my country… and we’ve been trying… in spite of politicians…
    Thanks for everything… be sure that we -brazilians – love you so much and we’re still here standing in the queue waiting for your visit… Please, come!!!

  27. Rachel says:

    I blogged about the performance the other night (here ) Thank you for an amazing night that I won’t ever forget!
    FH “Nice blog.”

  28. Ryan Patrick Cleary says:

    I was thinking about doing a detox. Fran, do you know how much weight you lost throught the whole process?

  29. Kassiopaia says:

    Oh, the one in the middle looks like a “Spritzkuchen” (german). Didn’t have one for a long while, but love them. Pur fat! And sugar as well… 😀

  30. Kim Mitman says:

    Hey Fran, you need to know that you changed my life, playing in Portland. I went from being swallowed up by depression…just totally consumed…to feeling alive again. Thanks for the healing music, the passion you imbue it with, and for the tips about diet and depression. I’m gonna try a detox myself. Anyway, I’m no longer curled up in the fetal position, depressed…I’m fighting and feeling alive…”I want to live, I will survive…” and much of this is due to you. I can’t thank you enough. You’re amazing. Much love, Kim
    FH “Was it you in the hoody?”

  31. Kim Mitman says:

    I was wearing the brown beanie hat. We talked about how I have bipolar disorder, and what meds I take, and you were open and honest about your own struggles, which REALLY meant a lot to me. (Like high-carb diets and serotonin levels.)
    FH “yes of course… I had the head gear wrong but I remember you hiding away behind it. You should seriously try and cut out carbs from your diet for 3 weeks and see how it affects your mood. Take our alcohol and anything toxic too… obviously if you are on meds i wouldn’t advise stopping it. But definitely the diet would help… Good luck Kim.

  32. Kim Mitman says:

    And you REALLY changed my life…and I have it forever written in my journal, which you signed. Oh, and you’re all over my facebook, if you want to remember my face.

  33. Kim Mitman says:

    I’m DEFINITELY going to take your advice. My dr. and I have been discussing the need to make entire lifestyle changes, not just changes to meds. Thanks for the tips! And I’m going to say it one more time: Thanks for coming! That show turned it all around for me. I cried throghout the entire show…tears of healing…tears of joy…tears of coming alive again. (And tears becase I was so moved by the music– of course the old stuff is great, but your new, solo stuff is AMAZING.) Thank you for your openness and passion…and know that it has changed a life.

  34. lou says:

    those are hideous

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