Justin Bieber Slowed Down 800%

17 August 2010


Vangelis meets Sigur Ros in the Sistine Chapel

J. BIEBZ – U SMILE 800% SLOWER by Shamantis

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19 Responses to “Justin Bieber Slowed Down 800%”

  1. clarissa says:

    wow im actually listening to justin bieber and its not making me rip hair off my scalp..

  2. Sarah- says:

    hahaha. interesting. this would make quite a good fantasy film soundtrack 😉

  3. Nora says:

    Wow I love it.

    No seriously, gives me that X-Files-Wales-sound-churchy-creepy-but-good-kind-of feeling!

  4. v says:

    can you add the sound of music to the mix. hahaha

  5. Ball Bag says:

    Very funny…but shouldnt u be booking some NYC solo shows! Cmon dude…City Winery? Brooklyn Bowl? Bell House? Maybe even Joe’s Pub again…although that place sucks if u are in back

  6. maria says:

    truely amazing! 😀 i’m on a cloouud maaan 😀 lol

  7. Me : ) says:

    I dont like Justin Bieber but it sounds good 800% slower 😀

  8. Tracy says:

    Quite ‘haunting’ isn’t it?

  9. Kelly says:

    If you ever want a giggle (even though it feels a bit mean), go to twitter and search @justinbieber. Oh God! The angst and drama and lust being poured upon that boy! And the begging! “Pleeeeeeezzzee follow me back Justin! I looooooooooooove you! I need to know that you know I exist!” It makes me so grateful that the internet wasn’t around in my youth.

  10. meliss says:

    Now, subject it to a convolution plug-in! 😀

  11. Lila says:

    Amazingly good! I felt transported to some glacial landscape in Iceland.

  12. James says:

    Awesome. Definitely sounds like something from the Blade Runner soundtrack.

  13. TravisSpain says:

    Wow. simply amazing!!!

  14. Aaron Sanz says:

    Can`t wait for the Trevor Horn Remix !

  15. sounds like a backing guitar track for a Glasvegas song!

  16. Art says:

    It sounds like an out-take from Jean-Michel Jarre’s Zoolook album – very hypnotic and interesting.

  17. Haha, this sounds actually amazing. Love it.

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