20 August 2010

Left Seattle 24 hours ago. Flew to New York arriving at 3.20pm. Met the video director at our place at 5. Then bought a shirt. Then got my hair cut. Then bought some raw vegetables from WholeFoods. Then met director and bought some flowers. Then met the film Crew and then the hands of the clock began to move faster and faster and before I knew it, 9 hours had passed and I was in a taxi heading back to Newark where I’m now sitting writing this. Oh my plane is boarding. See you in Portland. xfx

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15 Responses to “Newark”

  1. Sarah- says:

    haircut? pics, please!! haha. i’m looking forward to the video 🙂

  2. Nikki says:

    Beautiful picture!

  3. Tracy says:

    What a lovely photo, i love when i fly over the clouds and look down to see that image 🙂 So the video for Buttercups is being shot AND you cut your hair! This is awesome, can’t wait, wish I was in Portland…….. Have fun xox

  4. gigi says:

    lovely view of the mountain – what a crazy 48 hours – sounds like fun though.

    btw – there’s a mac store in downtown pdx if you still need to see a genius about the dvd.

    see you at the Aladdin tonight.

    Happy Friday!

  5. elham says:

    OMG!It’s so inspirational…!
    can you read my name?!it means inspiration and I do love the word”inspiration”!
    this photo makes me feel…

  6. sammy says:

    Last day of detox isn’t it? I’m looking forward to a pic of your face planted in a huge chocolate cake. Seriously though, I think you’ve done amazingly well to see it through to the end. Let us know how you feel won’t you? xx

  7. Jo says:

    See you at the Aladdin tonight – whoop whoop. There’s a Scottish store just around the corner from it, hit up the lovely lady there for some haggis and Irn Bru 😛 – although Irn Bru supplies were low last time we were in so go easy 🙁
    Have a great night tonight, enjoy Portland!

  8. joemono says:

    Not sure what the one in the foreground is, but I *think* the one way in the back to the right is Mt. St. Helens, the one that blew up in 1980.

  9. siriuslyheather says:

    Amazing capture! I spent hours last weekend watching the land from the air. The view from above is something most take for granted since they travel so often, for me, it’s something I cherish. A site like this is exactly why. 🙂

  10. jocelyn says:

    hey nice pic!!!!fran

  11. franhealy says:

    Hey Joe, I am positive we met before… I can even recall vaguely the area or the lay of the land… Maybe I’m going mad. Nevertheless it was so great to meet you. Thanks always for the site. Please stay in touch.

  12. BraedenWright says:

    That photo would make an amazing album cover! Travis logo vertically along the left… I can see it now 😉

  13. jo(emono) says:

    Oh I wish, but you must be thinking of another long-time board member! Or I have an imposter (ha)! And the site is my pleasure. I can’t write you through myspace anymore but fwiw my email is now

    Also, my wife Tara says she thinks that the big mountain in the front is Mt. Rainier, and that’s Mt. Hood to the left in the back. Mt. Hood looks pretty great/awesome from Portland, especially on clear days.

  14. clarissa says:

    haircut!!! yay!! please bring the hoxton fin back!

  15. Ian says:

    Wow what a shot. When are you gigging in Liverpool/Warrington again??

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