UK and US Release Shows

24 August 2010

There are 4 shows

Tickets for UK show on sale from 9 am tomorrow 26th August 2010

Glasgow, Oran Mor- Wednesday 15th Sept >>>>>>>>>> TICKETS

London, Bush Hall- Thursday 16th Sept >>>>>>>>>>>> TICKETS

New York, City Winery- Thursday, 7th October>>>>>>>> TICKETS

Los Angeles, Hotel Café- Tuesday, 12th October >>>>>>>TICKETS

See you there



24 August 2010

That was a cool 3 months. It’s been great. I’m sitting in the lounge at JFK waiting to board. 3 months fly by. The next 3 are going to be busy… lot’s of stuff coming up. More news later… well sooner than later. Exciting times.




23 August 2010

A friend and I dined at a raw food restaurant “Pure”. I drank some wine which tasted unbelievable. I haven’t had alcohol for a month and a bit… I also broke my sugar fast… with the above. No headaches I’m glad to say.  Going to Philly today to do a radio session at the brilliant World Cafe. Then I’m going to head back to NYC  and listen to the vinyl cut of the record before signing off on it. Then I’m heading back to Europe. I’ve been in US since May 10th. So much has happened.


Cool Invention

23 August 2010


Letting This Solo Album Go To My Head

22 August 2010


Saturday Lying In My Bed In NYC

21 August 2010

I flew back to NYC today one last time. Woke up at 3.30am, got my stuff together, did the idiot check rode the elevator to the lobby and waited there for my cab to arrive which it did, promptly at 4am. On the way to the airport, the driver, an Iranian man got a telephone call. He took it while cruising at 65mph along the freeway. I’m not into talking while driving. At the end of his call he told the caller he couldn’t pick them up but offered to make some more calls to hook the guy up. After he came off I said I didn’t feel comfortable with him on the phone. He said that it’s his business and that it is within the law for a taxi to use their mobile device while driving. I argued that it didn’t matter which kind of car, using your mobile phone while driving is seriously dangerous. He agreed but said that it was the law. I asked if he had hands free. No. So while we drove the rest of the way I looked on the internet to see what the legality of mobile use while driving was. He was right. In Portland in January 2010, a law was passed which banned people from using their mobile device while driving BUT these restrictions did not apply if you were the driver of a service vehicle, taxi, truck etc… How crazy is that… A lorry driver, driving a huge truck is permitted to drive with one hand on the wheel. NIce.

Anyways I asked for a receipt and as he was writing it out I noticed he only had one hand. The other was missing. Looked melted off. So he was on the blower with his good hand while controlling the car with his bad hand.

In other news our steward on the Delta flight was a dead ringer for Dick Cheney. I bumped into my neighbour the very lovely Joseph Gordon Levitt. As well as being a great actor, he has started this cool initiative to get artists to collaborate online. It’s called Hit the link and go check it out. Smart guy.

And finally I ate a crunchy peanut butter cliff bar… It gave me a headache. Wow… my body really is a white marble temple. It didn’t like my munchy bar one lil bit.


Forbidden donut

21 August 2010

Portland… I’ve come to the end of this first tour and conveniently to the end of my detox. After the show I met everyone and someone told me to head for Voodoo Doughnut to break my carb and toxin fast. Naturally we sped across town and soon after, I was standing in the voodoo queue. I bought 4 donuts. Mr Chocolate Cream, Mr Regular and 2 Mr Crushed Oreo and Peanut Butter. My tour manager would have to eat one too. I took them back to my room. I had a phone interview with a nice Japanese lady about the album on the ride home and while chatting, lay them out on the table.
Here’s the twist. After looking at them for 5 minutes, and thinking how amazing I was feeling, having not eaten anything carby or junky, no processed sugar etc, I actually couldn’t bring myself to eat them!!! The thought was there but the action wasn’t… So here is a picture of them… I gonna leave them for the cleaner. Man, I feel weird just sitting in this room staring at 3 forbidden donuts and eating an avocado instead…



20 August 2010

Left Seattle 24 hours ago. Flew to New York arriving at 3.20pm. Met the video director at our place at 5. Then bought a shirt. Then got my hair cut. Then bought some raw vegetables from WholeFoods. Then met director and bought some flowers. Then met the film Crew and then the hands of the clock began to move faster and faster and before I knew it, 9 hours had passed and I was in a taxi heading back to Newark where I’m now sitting writing this. Oh my plane is boarding. See you in Portland. xfx


Me On The Radio WRNR

19 August 2010



19 August 2010

Hey Seattle. Thanks for tonight. When I walked into the venue earlier I was surprised by the layout. Was really formal and attractive, crescent shaped booths cascading towards the stage, all set with cutlery a single candle and an ice cold bottle of water. Like a fancy restaurant from Brat Pack times. I thought I should get a tux but had no time. The show tonight was so different from last night. I love how the venue sort of dictates how the show will be played. I feel as though there are so many directions it can take. I never felt more relaxed on stage as I do just now. Why is that?  hmmm… The songs have a very different tone sans band. It’s less of a show gig, the songs are performed almost like I was recording them. The performance is more between songs but even that isn’t a performance because it’s like how I would speak to anyone i met… like I said never so relaxed… there’s something in the air.

Well thanks again Seattle. Tomorrow I leave for NYC where we’re going to shoot a video for Buttercups. I gonna write up a diary for when the video comes out. Should be interesting. Sorry if I missed y’all after the show. I’m up at 5.

2 days left of the detox. Yes!! I see the finish line. But maybe I feel like continuing… maybe i’ll eat a massive chocolate cake while I think about it…