Vancouver “Anything Stripped”

31 August 2010

While watching the KINK session I noticed this popped up on youtube after the KINK video stopped… It was filed at the now infamous Vancouver Stripped show where I did the entore set off mic. So happy to find a great video recording of this. Happy that the mic on the camera wasn’t as good as the ears in the room. It sounded so much better than this. There is something huge about listening to sound and image  matched up. The whoe idea of the strippd set was a fuck you to amplification. I dont really like live music amplification. No human sounds that loud. If it’s loud then your ears miss alot of stuff alot of detail. Anyways… I gonna hot the sack… night… Oh PS had a lovely evening tonight with Paul from Maximo Park who was in town today.

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11 Responses to “Vancouver “Anything Stripped””

  1. Rachel says:

    The best part about no mic was I left the PDX show with my hearing intact!

  2. Amy Humphrey says:

    An unamplified performance seems to tear down any barriers between performer and listener and the raw emotion can come through better. The vulnerability and intimacy are almost palatable. This is especially true for singing and acoustic instruments like guitars or strings.

    I guess it depends on the sonic landscape you’re trying to paint, though; certainly many instruments are colored in a beautiful way by the heads and speakers through which they’re run. My Mesa/Boogie doesn’t really come alive until it’s pushed to a certain volume and then the complexities in the frequencies are rich and beautiful, in my opinion.

    I seem to remember saying I wasn’t going to post any more long-winded comments…

  3. aimee says:

    Thanks so much for posting this video, Fran. I watched all the videos that were posted and it brought back some great memories from that night. Unfortunetly the concert tickets said “No Cameras or Recorders” so we didn’t bring ours. Booo!! I’m glad someone did! Cheers!

  4. Peter says:

    Paul Smith!! You guys should share hat tips. All great men wore hats. 🙂
    FH “Actually it was quite sweet. We were both wearing similar hats and sort of looked like a couple… WIll demand the bowler hat next time.”

  5. Melinda says:

    That was breathtaking. I am so looking forward to the album and seeing you at the Hotel Cafe. Didn’t think I’d get to see you anywhere smaller than the Largo but I was wrong.

  6. sammy says:

    You sound great to me, I wish more singers would do this because it sounds so pure. Thanks. x

  7. Debbie (deebee) says:

    I would have given ANYTHING to be at this gig – it sounds absolutely wonderful. What a lovely gift to give the crowd 😀

  8. Rachel says:

    thanks so much for posting this. was at the edmonton and calgary concerts and hearing you singing 20 “stripped” at the beginning was my favourite part! So jealous I missed a whole concert’s worth! you sound so amazing!

  9. Park says:

    Sir, is this song from your new solo Album?
    FH “Yes”

  10. Jesus says:

    Oh yes! i don’t want to hear “Anything” again until i have the album in my hands, but i recorded all new songs, and some Travis on The Vancouver show too, of course Last Train was recored too.
    So, is it alright if i upload them too? or better after the album releases?
    FH ” Just wait with the wreckorder songs… you can upload the TRavis stuff for sure…”

  11. Jesus says:

    Of Course! thanks i’ll upload only the Travis songs, and wait with the wreckorder songs.

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