10 September 2010

At 12 pm TODAY you will find me outside DeutscheBank in London, busking on behalf of Warchild, the charity that helps kids caught in the middle of conflict all over the world. They do a great job so it’s an honour to be asked to help them. The reason for the busk? Well they have been shortlisted with 7 others as charity of the year by DeutscheBank. 3 charities will walk away with £1.5million. So you you say that I’m busking for 1 and a half million. No pressure…

DeutscheBank, 1 Great Winchester Street, London Wall, London EC2N 2DB


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  1. jared says:

    Great cause! It’s really hard for me to even imagine the tragic effects that war must leave on the young, impressionable mind. While they should be feeding their minds with thoughts of love, literature, art, and music, they are instead caught in the midst of grown-ups most awful down fall…pride.

  2. Lisa says:

    Nice Fran. Hopefully these folks are helping the poor children who’s parents are getting kicked out of this country and sent back to Mexico and they are left here on there own because they are American citizens and their parents are not. Its so sad to see this.

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