26 September 2010

I don’t usually get make up, but last week, before I did The Hour show for Scottish TV I noticed I had a red mark on my left cheek. It had to go!!

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5 Responses to “Make-up”

  1. Debbie (deebee) says:

    That’s the great thing about radio, I suppose. You could just turn up in your pyjamas 😀

  2. Sara says:

    And you laughed about the idea the Keane boys would have a big make-up room Franny! Hahaha 😉 😛

  3. Rossana dearprudence says:

    What’s the matter with red marks, Fran ?! I have freckles, pimples once in while and even some wrinkles 😀 Don’t mind it, you will survive 😉

  4. kurt van meenen says:

    hi Fran

    We recieved your signed cd yesterday in belgium….amazing

    My wife is crazy about u :)))

    And so am i :))

    Hope to see u performing in Belgium again.

    Greetings at Brandon:)

    Kurt en Carine

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