19 September 2010

Sunday. Berlin. Just spent the day at one of Clay’s friends house. Was nice to see them hang. We all wandered down to the park for a while to catch the early evening sun before it set. I ate a big plate of pasta. M brain has exploded with carb overdose. Haven’t had alot of that stuff over the past month or two. Nice to have a couple of days off. Been busy this past 10 days. The two shows in Glasgow and London were great. Thanks to everyone who came along. Britain had Pope Fever these past few days. He really did seem out of touch with some of his soundbites.  Also heard in the Liverpool Echo the other members of Travis have formed a splinter group and are recording at Parr Street Studios. It hasn’t been confirmed but is exciting news if it’s true. Wonder what they will call themselves? Hmmm… THE AND BAND? A(ndy) N(eil) and D(ougie). It’s gonna be mega.

Ok. I’m hitting the kettle for some heisswasser. Listening to Billy Sloan. He’s playing a new track from the new Edwyn Collins album. Called What Is My Roll. Rock on Edwyn. if you wanna hear a great radio show.

WOW… Billy just said I am on this show!!! I thought it was next week. Maybe I’ll stop listening…


£1.5 million Busk Pays Off!!!

16 September 2010

Great news today. It seems the busk worked and War Child won Deutsche Bank Charity Of The Year and with it, a MASSIVE cash injection. Thanks to all the staff who voted. This money will go to help kids caught  in the crossfire in many war torn places around the world. And to all y’all reading. Oh… And if you think that lets you off the hook from donating then think again.

You can click the logo and give your lunch money to help some little kids.

Sacrifice your lunch… go oonnnn…


Speaking Of Zebra

14 September 2010

This just went up on Stereogum

It’s my cover of Zebra by Beach House.

hahaha… the first comment on stereogum is classic. I actually think the album art could have been a bit more prominent


Michael Hurley

14 September 2010

I heard this in “Stereo” in Glasgow today. I thought maybe the chorus of Beach House’s Zebra could have come from here… It’s a very lovely tune anyways.


Support For Glasgow Show

14 September 2010



Today in Glasgow

14 September 2010

I met a long time friend of Travis today. Janice Forsyth. The first time I met Janice, I was in a band called Glass Onion. We were picked out of obscurity to make a video which appeared on a show which she presented called NB. I remember her inroduction was filmed outside Nice’n’Sleazy and she was wearing a false mustache in homage to the character in the song. The song was She’s So Strange and would appear 8 years later on The Man Who. Who’d have known!! Especially when I looked like I’d been dragged through a tartan factory backwards. You can search for that video yersel’!

Here’s me and Janice today outside the radio studio.

Later we had some lunch. I noticed there was a new LED screen up at the bottom of Renfield Street. Among adverts for DVD’s and car hire was an advert for the Popes visit. Was strange to see an advert for that. I didn’t think it would need such high profile advertising. And they might have used a better photo of Jesus… Looks like he had a lock in at the Horseshoe Bar.



14 September 2010

Poor George. My mum spotted this picture in the news, of the shop that George ploughed into. Someone was on target with one of the best puns ever.



13 September 2010

I got in my cab today and was hit by a very strong BO smell. I opened both windows full but even this couldn’t wipe out the pong. Then the driver is driving at 80 and fiddling with his nav thingy and then with his phone and then with his other phone… it was a hairy journey… I would have said to him but I was too tired for confrontation and I wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible because of the pong currents.

I met Giles in the lounge. I love T5 lounge. I travel so much with BA that eventually they give you a silver card which gets you into all their lounges. Anyways T5 is very cool. So fast. We boarded the plane and I slept all the way to Glasgow. We met Kevin, my promo man at the airport and headed for some lunch and then to radio Clyde. The afternoon was spent hopping from radio station to radio station then back to clyde to do a session with the legendary Billy Sloan. Billy has been a huge supporter of Travis from the beginning so it’s always nice to hang. He has so many stories about all the folks who have been on his show and about his life in music. I meet so many DJ’s and journalists and we all love music but Billy is the biggest music enthusiasts I have ever come across. He loves music so much. Anyways I played 7 tracks. 5 new and 2 Travis songs and we had a blether about the new record and about life.

After saying bye bye to Billy, I jumped in the car and headed over to mums which is where I am now, in bed, about to konk out. Driving through Glasgow is interesting. It feels different… like a different city to the one I left… I’ve been away for 14 years. So many new buildings and a giant flyover cutting through the Gorbals like a gigantic space ship. I did an interview today with John Dingwall and he asked what I missed in glasgow… I said I missed the way people speak to each other here. The only other place so forward and so friendly is New York. He asked if I would ever come back. I don’t think I would. I want to keep moving. I lived in Glasgow for 23 years. I always had itchy feet, always wanted to see what was out there. Still looking. Still moving. I miss Berlin just now… well not the city but my family and friends. Clay started a new kinderladen. The one he went to at the beginning of the year ended up being a bit pants. The kids didn’t do alot. Hints of Lord Of The Flies. Teachers were a bit disengaged. This one by comparison is really cool. He loves it. The teachers do so much with the kids. It’s nice to see him moving into the next bit of his boyhood gaining in confidence with every day. Nora sent pics today. He taught himself how to whistle and is doing it all day.

In Glasgow, driving through Pollokshields tonight, I had little flashbacks to my boyhood and teenagehood. Summer nights, dark autumn evenings, crisp winter mornings walking to school. Waiting at Queenspark train station. Waiting at Crosshill station. Waiting at Pollokshaws station. So many memories. Some begin to fade. Pushed out by more recent events. Anyways… I’m super tired…


St Martins Lane Hotel Redemption

10 September 2010

So, if you read my blog earlier, you’d have learned I was forbidden entry to my hotel bar last night on account of my head gear. I got a call from the manager this afternoon who was as puzzled as I at this bizarre dress code. She told me she had spoken to the bar and from today onwards the no hat rule would be abolished. Hat wearers would now be free to come and go as they please. This was enough for me but she added that her staff had been brainstorming all day about how to say sorry. Afew minutes later there was a knock at my door. Two of the girls from downstairs were standing, both in hats, holding a hat containing folded up strips of paper. Each piece of paper contained a forfeit. I had to choose one. So I picked one and then another because I wanted to know what the others said…then I asked if I could see them all. I was disappointed “Death By Firing Squad” was not listed. Nevertheless I asked that they leave the different options with me and I would let them know.

So I thought maybe y’all could take a look and help me decide.


Busking For £1,500,000

10 September 2010

Just got back from my Deutschebank Busk.  I played for 35 minutes and managed to build quite a crowd as well as folks on passing busses. Thanks to Deutsche Bank security for allowing us to do this. Hopefully the staff who saw me perform, will pass the word to the their co workers and they’ll vote for Warchild as Charity of the Year.