The Boys Next Door

4 September 2010

The Boys Next Door played a storming gig tonight at the annual end of summer party next door. They have added a couple of Strokes songs to their set. They also have a new bassist. Anyways. Watch this space. They’re gonna be huge.

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5 Responses to “The Boys Next Door”

  1. Leti says:

    Coooooool kids! Fran, did you forget to include the link of the space?

  2. Sung-woo says:

    they R F00king Nice!

    the guys you mentioned before….?

    why dont you be a producer & publish their album…..??

    i will buy it, if published

    oh im just kidding…

    butta…. they will be HUGE.. Really huge! cheer up “The Boys Next Door”!

  3. jocelyn says:

    hey fran does they have any web page?
    FH “Not yet”

  4. sammy says:

    I remember you posting about them way back in December or January, talking about the music school and they played U16 Girls and you thought they were great.

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