WRECKORDER in FULL on The Sun.co.uk

23 September 2010

The British Beloved quality daily that is The Sun is now streaming my new record


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45 Responses to “WRECKORDER in FULL on The Sun.co.uk”

  1. George says:

    Wow!! What an album! I love every song on it. Cant wait to get it next week. The lyrics and the melodies are beautiful. Some of your strongest work to fate. Album of the year πŸ™‚

  2. George says:

    i meant to say “to date” and not “to fate” πŸ˜›

  3. Heather says:

    Thanks for streaming the album early. It’s cool hearing the songs come to life life. They sounded great live and even better in their produced form.

  4. James Butler says:

    thanks for linking Fran. Gonna give it a listen in a second. Will you be in UK in Nov?

    FH “November i is out of UK. Ok?”

  5. James Butler says:

    Thankyou for replying.
    Fh “You’re welcome, man.”

  6. Cynthia says:

    Love the rich texture of all of the strings on this album. I was pleasantly surprised at the diversity of sound, yet the overall cohesiveness of it all. Stunning, solid piece of work, Fran.

  7. Sanjay Prakash says:

    Hi Fran,
    Just listened to your album…brilliant! (that’s all I can say!)
    Hope you make your way through Edmonton again…It was a memorable show.
    All the best.
    Sanjay (the guy who took the “gay” photo of you on your rental truck in Edmonton…haha.

  8. Sanjay says:

    Whoops! Forgot to say…love the video as well.
    (I think I met that same sheep in Inverness as well…)

  9. Cindy (Cricket) says:

    I’ve been waiting for some new music to move me for a very long time now. In some cases, I’ve wanted it so much that I’ve convinced myself, “this is really great, I could really love this album… I think it makes me feel”.

    But when something really moves you, it takes you to a different space. Truth prevails….

    Wreckorder is absolutely brilliant and inspired. But more importantly, I feel connected. Thank you for that. (Anything, Sing Me to Sleep, especially)…

  10. Nikki says:

    Fran, the album is wonderful. So dreamy and soft and intimate. You did a beautiful job and I like the way it was produced. Nice use of strings, too. And most of all…your voice sounds great – from the high notes on “Anything” all the way to the low ones on “Rocking Chair”. “In The Morning” is my favorite, I think.
    ps: Detroit misses you.

  11. Kathy says:

    Love it all – Shadowboxing is sublime! x

  12. thomas says:

    it’s brilliant! anything is especially good, one of my favourite songs you’ve written already

  13. Mili says:

    I couldn’t resist the stream while waiting for the hard copies to arrive. I was only going to have one listen, but it’s round three now. Beautiful!

  14. Mat says:

    This is quite a surprise, to be honest I didn’t expect much and I’m totally impressed. I suspect a mercury nomination for next year….Well done!
    FH “That’s really sweet but the chances of me being nominated for a Mercury are as likely as my 4 year old song growing hair on his 4 year old chest”

  15. Jan & Susan says:

    Hi, tried to listen to the album but here in germany we only get samples of the songs :(. However, these samples go round and round – we just love them and are looking forward to the release (ordered a hopefully signed one in uk…).
    Greetings from Dortmund
    Jan & Susan

  16. Peter says:

    ‘Beloved Quality Daily The Sun’

    hehehehehh I had to giggle for a bit after reading that one. =D

    Vinyl is on the way! Can’t wait to listen to it.

  17. Scott says:

    Thanks for the KCRW link Fran, I couldn’t listen to whole tracks in Canada either…

  18. Tony says:

    Dear Fran, can you tell us something about a Europe/Germany release date? The Wreckord is beautiful and keeps growing each listen. ItΒ΄s like a record for Travis fans who want to know a bit more about Fran Healy.

  19. Jan & Susan says:

    Hi Fran,
    thanks very much for your reply and the link to KCRW – listening to it at this moment – and dreaming away…

  20. elaine balfour says:

    hi fran love the new song.dont understand the sheep but never mind!good luck with the new project hope it gtoes well!!

  21. franhealy says:

    It’s implying that I had intimate moments with a sheep watch this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-7kXnfXyXc and come back to me…

  22. Katie says:

    OMG!!! Amazing album!!! Congratulations, Fran!!! I’ve been waiting for this album for years!! Unfortunately, I could only hear parts of the songs, because they’re not available for streaming in my country yet:( I really hope the album will be available in stores in my country πŸ™‚ After sooo many sad, dull days, I finally feel I’ coming back to life, thanks to you! I can dream again, I can smile again..For now, listening to the samples over and over again:p

  23. Sam says:

    Hey Fran

    Just got my signed copy in the door ……is the Johnny T on drums the same Johnny T that used to play in Ryan Adams band ? and yes i am a sad fanboy

  24. VERY happy with the new album. Actually, I’m incredibly let down that the website I review for throws tons of comments at any band that uses the word -core after it’s sound description and my review of Wreckorder has gotten not a single word after I sang such praises for it. (for those who’d care to read it – you can find it here: http://www.decoymusic.com/reviews/fran-healy-wreckorder and for anyone that bothers to go there, you can go to the website’s main page and scroll down to see some pics from Fran’s Boston, MA show where he opened for Keane too. Fran – keep up the STELLAR work… starting my birthday off today listening to “Invisible Band”….

  25. Barry says:

    Hello Fran….thought I’d let you know. Your number 1 at record store for pre orders πŸ˜‰

  26. andy22 says:

    Sounds great Fran. Must of them don’t sound like travis, I didn’t expect that – happily surprised I am. Want it now. Congrats.

  27. franhealy says:

    You are 100% correct. It is the legend that is JT.

  28. franhealy says:

    Hey Katie go here and you will be able to hear it full

  29. Barry says:

    Hey Fran got the CD through today from recordstore. I love the book style CD its great and I managed to get a signed one so am well chuffed. I stuck it on the Jukebox and played it right through, its a great piece of work Fran, love it. Thanks………barrry

  30. Zui says:

    im trying reallllly hard not to listen till i get the signed one, UK edition hopefully it will be in my hands in a week after the release,considering that i live in Turkey.
    arghhhhh i gotta try real hard for not to listen!

  31. Mandy says:

    Its too late and Im too drunk but needed to post anyway. I just wanted to say well done. Only had 1 listen to the album yet but its a definate grower. Buttercups and Holiday are in my head all the time. I just wanted to thank you you for still being around and still making music that will always make me smile. Hope to see you on tour soon. Your faithful fan
    M x

  32. Andrew says:

    Got my signed copy yesterday and have had it on loop nonstop for the past 24 hours. SO good. I wouldn’t say it doesn’t sound like Travis – it sounds like evolved Travis. Great musicians grow. There is some great storytelling lyrically on these tracks.

    Not to mention, when you play As It Comes backwards you can hear someone saying “Paul is alive” repeatedly in a falsetto. Or not.

  33. Barry says:

    sierra leone track is amazing…..

  34. Fatalka says:

    I’d love to listen to your album but “it’s not available for streaming in my country” (Poland). And I live only 3 hours by train from Berlin, which is your city of residence at the moment. Not nice. One might think it’s some damn edge of the world, I guess I’ll have to move from here anyway.
    But I hope they will soon deliver your album to my doorstep, pre-ordered few weeks ago, and I will be able to share the joy of other civilized European and American fans soon. Gah.

  35. Jennifer says:

    Fran, I couldn’t have dreamed of a better album than this. This has definitely exceeded my expectations (which were not at all low, by the way). When I was 15 someone burned me a copy of The Man Who and it spoke to me right away, and I knew I was in love with this music. And it continued with each Travis album after that. I have the same ‘love at first listen’ with this album at the age of 25. To me, you are such a true, lasting artist. Thank you for making this music! xox

  36. Allie says:

    Just got my autographed LP in the mail, and it sounds incredible. I’m a longtime Travis fan and I saw you open for Keane in LA, but I can still safely say this album is beyond any of my expectations. I don’t want to stop listening! Keep it going, Fran!

  37. Will S says:

    I’m in Sydney, Australia and I’m still patiently waiting for my Deluxe pre-order to reach me…….while I’m waiting I’ve had listens to the song previews on iTunes. Then I thought I might check the iTunes albums charts and would you believe it Fran Healy’s Wreckorder is at No.173. It shows there are fans in Australia!! Wreckorder is bound to be something ultra special whenever I receive it.

  38. Amelie says:

    Cant wait for my copy to arrive, its a long way since im in the Dominican Reppublic but its definately worth waiting.

  39. Craig says:

    hey Fran amazing album. have been listening to it nearly all day everyday since i got it on Monday! amazing! i love it.

    i knew i would just like all of the Travis albums! your voice is amazing as always! the strings on the songs have been arranged perfectly! i have had a love of your music and songwriting since i was 17 and someone gave me a burned copy of the man who. i just wish this album and Travis got more praise and success! you deserve it! your music has always been the best compared with alot of this rubbish going around in the charts these days!

    anyways thanks again i can’t wait to hear more from you and Travis in the future!

  40. Brian says:

    hi fran, loving your record, love the track with Neko Case, lovely… the album is a very soothing soundtrack to working at my desk this crisp autumn morning, on my payday purchase list. Bri

  41. maurice says:

    congrats fran! wonderful songs, wonderful melodies, wonderful record! hope to see you on stage in germany soon πŸ™‚

  42. Will S says:

    ‘Wreckorder’ can be summed up in one word – SPECKTACULAR

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