11/26 solo show at Mod Club in Toronto

16 October 2010



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11 Responses to “11/26 solo show at Mod Club in Toronto”

  1. Pina says:


  2. Hugo says:

    is there going to be a physical copy of Buttercups? what happened with that and its b sides? i remember you uploading the single cover but that was all!

  3. Brock says:

    Thanks for coming back to Toronto – we wouldn’t miss it!!

  4. Minnmess says:

    best birthday present ever! thank you, Fran!

  5. Cindy (Cricket) says:

    Ughhhhh! This is the night before I have to be in Edmonton for Teddy Thompson’s gig. And both are far away from home (Saskatoon). I’m only choosing the Brit over the Scot (even though the Brit IS a half Scot), because I’ve already been spoiled by your presence this year. But have a lovely time at MOD – you’ll be brilliant and I do sorely wish I could sprout wings and don a cape to fly over.

  6. Tanya says:

    Excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  7. Magali Belliard says:

    Yeah ! my boyfriend and I just bought tickets for this Gig. We are from Montreal, and we’ll come by plane. It will be a “lover week-end” for us, without the kids. A cool 2 days in Toronto !
    Hope to take a beer with you Fran after the show !
    Magali and Patrice

  8. JayMac says:

    The show info show doors at 6:00pm, can’t get a babysitter till 7:30, will this be too late. What time will you hit the stage…Let me know, would love to go!!!

  9. franhealy says:

    I’m on stage at 8pm

  10. JayMac says:

    good stuff!! should be do-able(is that even a word?) then.

  11. Ayako says:

    Can’t wait!!!I’m so happy , I can meet u again—in toronto!!
    I touched ur body(it sounds dirty though!haha) when u came to Japan(Travis live@Zepp Osaka) 2009! I still remember you came down to audience place and everybody got crazy about touching u—!haha and fortunately I could be in front of u!!and sorry ,you know, of course I touched u!haha
    I’m not strange 21years-old girl, for sure. I’m just a big fun of you!!
    You are amazing !!!:) see u soon!!!:)

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