5 October 2010

Hello. I’m leaving later this morning for New York. Got a load of stuff to do while I’m in the US. Will report back during the visit. Gonna miss Berlin while I’m away… I say Berlin but I mean mein family… The next few month are going to be intense. Clay is a trooper. He is loving Kinderladen. We watched him through the window today, hard at work, adding pigment to water. It was so cool to see him totally focused and in his own space. Nora made an amazing iphoto book for the Kinderladen as a present to them. It’s 44 pages and full of pictures she took on the first 2 weeks she spent with clay in there while he was settling in. This is a different place to the kinderladen we were in originally. That w=one turned out to be nicht so gut. This one is a whole lot better.
It’s getting colder once again in Berlin. I am beginning to look around for a place to work. There are a load of cool spaces in Berlin. I have had my room downstairs but want to get out of the house now. Exciting. Ok… to bed.

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14 Responses to “USA”

  1. Mike says:

    Being a dad changes things, for the better 🙂

    Ok Fran why you gotta spring a date on us in LA when it’s already sold out? I’m happy don’t get me wrong because wreckorder is themanwhoish and beatlely so but still come on bud.

    Want to hear the live versions so going to make it, off to stubhub.

  2. Kelly says:

    I do a lot of volunteering at my kids’ schools and, even though they are getting big (9 and 12), one of my favorite things to do is unobtrusively observe them in this “other” habitat. As a parent, you get so used to controlling their environment, even subconsciously, so it’s pretty cool to see how they act and react in their own world. It really makes you realize that they are their own people, separate from you and the family.

  3. Swan says:

    safe travels amigo…see you at the show.

  4. Magali Belliard says:

    Hi! I listened your new album.This is a very nice album. I think I will
    listen it a lot next months. Thank you.I’m sorry because my english is so

  5. Ani says:

    Hi Fran! What time are you playing in Echo Park on Sunday? I have conflicting info from various sites. Don’t want to miss your performance but at almost 6 months pregnant I can’t be there for the entire festival. 😉 Hope you see this!

  6. Sara says:

    HALLO and good ABEND Frany

    Nice to HÖREN that Clay IST GLÜCKLICH and feel secure in the NEUEN Kinderladen!.. 😉
    The first JAHRE of the LIFE are SEHR defining!
    So it`s GUT, that DU choose SEHR carefully EINEN new one! ..
    It`s WUNDERVOLL to hear you talk in DEUTSCH! 🙂
    BITTE try to use more WÖRTER! No one WIRD laugh… I promise DIR that!

    I send DIR a “GUTE NACHT” to the U.S.A.!

  7. Katie says:

    Good luck in USA, Fran! Let us know how everything’s going there. And hope o hear more of Clay and his adventures in Kinderladen! 🙂

  8. Magali Belliard says:

    Hi! I listened your new album! This is a very nice album. Thank you for
    writing so beautiful songs. I will listen to them very often for next
    months. I’m sorry for my poor english. Wish to see you in Montréal soon.

  9. Melinda says:

    Fran – can’t find any details on the time or address for your show here in Echo Park. Can’t find a website so far or anything, can you give us all some more info? Thanks!

  10. Patricia Vittorazzi says:

    Hi Fran,

    See you tonight at City Winery! Can’t wait to check your new songs!
    Welcome to NY, enjoy it the most and come back many times soon!


  11. Sonia says:

    Hey Fran!
    I love the presentation of your new CD, all the songs are awesome and I love the bonus track “Sierra Leone”. Please come to Spain (more specifically to Madrid) to do a couple of shows, there are a lor of venues for you to perform 🙂 and all of the Travis concerts were sold out.

    Love from Spain

  12. antaliu says:

    hey fran, can you post the lyric of “moonshine”, I really like that song and I want to sing it out loud haha thanks

  13. Scooparrilli says:

    Fran! Wouldn’t it be great if you booked your own gig in Chicago on Mon. 11/22? I think so. Whaddya think mate?

  14. Rents says:

    Hey Fran,
    are you going to permorm in Rome any time soon?
    Please surprise us!
    Take care.

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