28 November 2010

Achtung!! Achtung!! Ahhhh… HERE IT IS!!! Shot in New York. Directed by Josh Miller. Official Buttercups video.

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  1. joss says:

    Great! Especially sheep is funny:D

  2. klint says:

    Nostalgic, cute and funny. It matches perfectly with the song!!it couldn’t be better …
    See you soon in Belgium, let’s hope so =)

  3. oli says:

    brilliant! simply brilliant.

  4. Javier says:

    tell me something Fran, did you ever take acting classes? or you just a natural cause not only in this video every video you do you make great acting, like in Turn or coming around

  5. luis says:

    no podia ser de otra manera genial buenisimo,espero veros algun dia por valencia españa
    FH “gracias”

  6. Cinthya Olguín says:

    Oh, just perfect, Fran!!!! the song, the video, the sheep. I love the sound of the song, something nostalgic about your voice… Perfect, brilliant! Thank you for the music! It will be great if you could make a concert iin México… Oh, we miss you Mr. Healy! Kisses and buttercups!!!

  7. Kelly says:

    Loved it! Very simple, sweet, but clever concept. Although at the very beginning, before the girls began to appear, I kept thinking of all of your recent BO-filled cab rides!

  8. Charles Henry says:

    Great Video Fran..although what is that sheep doing in it…I thought you were a vegetarian. I went along to the Glasgow gig with a relation of yours, John McAtear, and we both thought it was fantastic. Hurry back.
    FH “What relation is he to me? Gimme some details. Who’s his father grandfather etc…”

  9. Charles Henry says:

    Alec McAtear was John’s dad. John told me his uncle Ambi was Alec’s brother and also he had an aunt called Marion. I’ve known John for years Fran, we grew up as teenagers in the early 70’s in Ibrox. John never spoke about his relatives and it’s only recently he told me about the connection. Hope this helps.
    FH “Marion is my mum. She was Amby’s daughter and so is more likely to be the cousin of John if his dad was Alec… How old is John?”

  10. Charles Henry says:

    John’s 55 years old Fran. Alec was married to Susan and they had 3 children, John, Jim and Geraldine. The family lived in Ibrox since the late sixties, moving from Drumoyne. I met John at St Gerards and we’ve been mates since then.
    FH “Marion, my mum is his cousin then. Cool.”

  11. Fatalka says:

    I absolutely rejoice in another artistic success of yours!

  12. Amelie says:

    Absolutely loved it! What I love is that know matter how deep the lyrics of a song are you manage to get a funny part in it! beeeeeeee 😀

  13. Martyna says:

    Sheep is owesome!!! Lovely song… In my video it would be sth like that “Fran Hayely, love at first hear 2003 everlasting”

  14. Martyna says:

    sorry for the “y” 😀

  15. Elodie says:

    I want you to play in SF or in Berkeley in October after your gig in LA. Period. 🙂

  16. Stevie Jones says:

    That’s a great song you’ve made there! video’s good too, good work.

  17. Charles Henry says:

    Is there a 7″ vinyl single being released for Buttercups, or even a CD single? Please don’t say it’s an mp3 download Fran.

  18. Annie says:

    the video is excellent could not be better this incredibly perfect, you’re definitely a genius as always every thing you do it says that the song that all the hard truth is marvelous musical jewel

    Thanks for sharing your delight and musical genius


    P. S. I if I had accepted the flowers Fran because to me you’re the best man in the universe are my love impossible

  19. Kerstin says:

    Hey Fran, great video, great artwork and funny like in old travis days. I like it! Danke mann, Hut ab!

  20. Ingrid says:

    I loved it!!! Nice song, and a good video. Your voice is perfect Fran. Come to Chile again …pleaaaaaaaaase!!!

  21. Katie says:

    Lovely song and video!!! I always loved the concepts of Travis’ videos… and now “Buttercups”…amazing! I’m singing it all the time, everywhere! 🙂 I guess I made everyone in the house and all my friends sing it, too:) We love you Fran! That’s why I wrote an article about you on my blog. It’s in romanian, but I can also write it on my blog translated in English :)So, noch einmal, sehr viel dank! :p

  22. Katie says:

    ok….forgot to post the link to my blog page about you…if you ever watch it… http://zumzetinroua.blogspot.com/2010/10/wreckorder-recorder-fran-healy-la.html here it is…:)

  23. sherry says:

    Excellent video! I really like this song, and the concept is quite creative! It’s amazing to retrospect one’s lovelife, right?
    Have you ever thought about to hold a concert in China? Please give your Chinese fans a chance to see you and enjoy your amazing performace! We’re really long for it!

  24. fallen angel says:

    as well here in switzerland. all is full of the buttercups-vibe 🙂 brilliant song & video. thx a lot

  25. Niko says:

    Dieses Video enthält Conten von WMG. Es ist in deinem Land nicht verfügbar. You have probably noticed this by now too, Fran.
    I have to say that WMG pisses me off!

  26. Park says:

    It’s really really hard to find ‘wreckorder’ in my country (s korea).
    I really want to buy it. I can buy that album from Itunes but

  27. Noel Kang says:

    Never be better!!! This Video is rock!! Can’t stop watching !!

  28. Iraida says:

    Love the story of the girls I must say I thought you were some sort of Scottish womaniser in your youth lol

  29. Carla says:

    Wow, this song is just magical, the video was quirky and funny as well as being a little naughty.
    Love it. Good luck with touring Fran.

  30. ozan says:

    You make me sing from the first time I hear your melodies!
    And all the time I keep listening them 50times!
    But how can you come out with such lovely melodies? I mean, especially in the time we are living: with the damage human beings giving to our planet…
    The melodies, the songs you are in makes me forget about all this ugly stuffs, takes me to a world so positive!
    Thank you so much Fran:)
    See you…

  31. rik.. says:

    This is one of my best song now.. Actually IIIII lovvvvved this song.. That is a great creation.. & Thanks for this PRISE.

  32. laura gomes says:

    Friggin’ brilliant!

  33. i spy a fotini! excellent new video, fran. come visit us in philly soon! <3

  34. Magdalena says:

    Birilinat song and video. I want more and more…and more 🙂 Thank you so much

  35. Linda says:

    Hey, love it, will you come play in Ireland soon please?

  36. math says:

    Excellent video for a great song! Congrats!

  37. myriadawn says:

    Hi Fran…was on front row at Bush halls…beautiful night , thank you ( also was lucky enough to get a signed Reckorder..gorgeous melodies)… New blokey in ma life says he was at Greenfaulds high school with Neil…and says he would remember a teacher known as ” Mucky Jim” how disturbing is that?? 🙂 question…does Neil ever dip into the travisonline site, coz this guy wants to say hello methinks….thanks again for a stella performance in london mr healy…and the hug i got after :-)…nic x

  38. Rebecca says:

    Brilliant and sweet.

  39. ella says:

    I must admit I was unfamiliar with your music before I saw you open for Brandon Flowers in Seattle. I was blown away. You were so charming and funny. Oh, and what a beautiful voice! Now I can’t get enough of you and Travis! So glad to have your music in my life now. Your name dropping between songs worked on me 🙂

  40. Livia says:

    Hey Fran, I went to both your gigs at the Bush Hall and at the Garage in London and wanted to send you a photo of my friends and I with you. Where can I send it to?

  41. Aubrey says:

    I dont remember if I told you this before, but this video is amazing and GORGEOUS! The cinematography, the lighting, you, all brilliant and stunning! The storyline is unbelievably cute! My mum and I just adore this video <3

  42. Jan says:

    Quirky video works well with the ballad. Look forward to seeing u in the live tonight at Rams Head. Thanks for the ticket and the inspiration to go hear some tunes.

  43. Margarette says:

    I just viewed the video for the first time after hearing you telling the behind the scenes story from your Rams Head, Annapolis show last night :). It’s funny and brilliant as always.

  44. Lisa says:

    Bonjour Fran, with two years late (that’s usually how slow I catch up with whatever “was” fashionable), I say it rocks ! Ok, what’s the point, there’s nobody here anyway. I’ll just watch the video again. Hahaha !

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