3 December 2010

So everyone this is seriously the final cancellation. Everyone is asking what the personal issue is. Please don’t worry, It’s not any life or death situation, it’s just that I need some time with Clay, my son. He and Nora are in New York waiting for me. The past week has been the hardest I have had as a parent so I had to do something about it. Montreal, Quebec, Carrboro and Austin I will make it up to you. Atlanta and Boston will go ahead and also the full band show in New York.

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  1. Amy Humphrey says:

    For some reason I was thinking about the cancellations the other day on the way to the airport in Florida. I was remembering how hard it was when we had to cancel shows. Then I looked over at a passing car and the license plate said, “Ask Fran.” That was weird. I mean, how many people in the world are named Fran? Three?!?

    Life is important. Do what you need to.

  2. Rachel says:

    Family is really important. I’m glad you are taking time out to be with your son! Take care!

  3. Lisa says:

    You are a good Dad! Looking forward to the Boston show…

  4. Sophie (sorry angel) says:

    I concur!!

  5. Ryan Patrick Cleary says:

    I was at the philly show but was not able to meet you. I’m a singer/songwriter and I wanted to ask you for some advice on how to keep getting better as a songwriter and performer. I enjoyed the show a lot, it was great night. Enjoy your time with your son and wife. Goodluck and be safe the rest of the tour.

    Hope you can help with some advice.
    Take care

  6. Mattb says:

    Family is the most important thing. No mattter what you’re profession :). It must be hard for your son to understand why dad is gone for so long, and for you to be able to stop everything and take a time out to remedy that takes real courage. We as fans already know how wonnderful of a human being that you are, and now we know that you’re an even better “Dad”. (smiles)

  7. Have you seen the WEATHER forecast for Wednesday in HOTLANTA? They are advising against KILTs…too breezy : o

  8. Robert says:

    Fran, I’m your fan for a long time, but the excuse about the dates canceled I didn’t like. Let me be clear, I’m glad that it is not for health reasons etc., But the excuse of the family don’t like! I had organized the trip for see you live (like a lot of others people). I bought a flight. I had booked the hotel and now? Now you take me off everything to be with Clay and Nora? When you’ve organized tour dates, don’t you think that maybe you would not had time to spend with your son and your wife? Now because they are in New York, you delete everything? Where is the seriousness? Don’t you think that maybe there are many people who organized/spent his life/money to come and hear you in concert? As it happens, as long as you have done dates with Brandon Flowers, you do not delete any. Now you are in solo dates and you cancelled four dates! I’m beginning to think that is the lack of ticket sales the main reason! Answer well with arrogance, giving me a lesson of life etc, but I want an answer, even in private, but I want it. We all have a family, we all have children, but all keep our promises and if all the singers cancel tour dates because the relatives come to town … well, sorry, but there were more people doing concerts.

    You let me down and you have disappointed many people.

    The sincerity and humility to admit any flop, sometimes it would be better

    I will expect an answer, which of course you will not write.

  9. Guido Trentadue says:

    glad to know everyone is doing ok franny. you’re the bee’s knees!

  10. Mary says:

    As a fellow parent, I understand your reasoning completely!!

    Wish I was able to get to your Boston or NYC show…I can’t wait til my boys are both old enough to se show! They both love your music!!!

    Thanks for all you do, and enjoy your family time!

  11. franhealy says:

    Dear Robert, I leave my wife and my son for the greater part of the year and I NEVER have cancelled a show in my career. Only when Neil broke his neck. But the last week has been the hardest since we had Clay. I don’t expect you to understand the sort of emotions involved. These things are so personal. And I totally accept your anger. Please accept my sincerest apologies.

  12. Dave says:

    It’s ironic …. Fran has written poignantly about selfishness, and there are situations when it is appropriate (Fran taking a break to address family matters) and inappropriate (fans putting their own needs ahead of performers who are, after all, not much different than most of us). If you have ever gone into work late or stayed at home unexpectedly to tend to a child or family member in need, you should realize that this can, and does, happen to anyone — even the singer in a band.

  13. Sandy says:

    Hi there, Fran! I read this post and the comments tonight and it bothered me. While I’m sad that we aren’t able to see you (we were travelling from out of town to see one of the cancelled shows too), I don’t think you really owed anyone an explanation for these cancellations at all. The reason for the cancellations is really none of our business. You already said it was for personal reasons. We should accept and respect that those were YOUR reasons, and you did not need to share them. You were generous and honest in telling us. We have no right to judge whether those reasons were good enough.

    Fran, I want you to know that you have not let me (or Tyler) down, nor are we at all disappointed in you. We will always appreciate everything you do and have done for us. I’m glad you get to spend time with your family–they will always come first.

    Love always,

  14. Sarah- says:

    wow. i have never commented on anything people said on here, because i know this isn’t a message board – but may i just say that robert’s entry made me very sad? it’s harsh and selfish. fran, i hope you know that (from my point of view) the majority of your fans completely understands your decision, don’t feel bad about it. it’s great to see you know your priorities! i very much hope that everything will be ok really soon, i’m keeping my fingers crossed. liebe grüße x

  15. Jimmy says:

    Hi Fran, I’m glad you took the time to write back on the cancellations. I was thrilled to have the chance to meet and speak with you after the Philadelphia show. I spoke with you about my son, who is about the same age as Clay, and you were equally as happy to share some things about Clay. Truly a great Dad – enjoy your time with him while he’s young, he’ll never be that age again. Take care, and see you next time you’re in town for concert.

  16. Kurt says:

    Hi Fran

    Everyone may have an opinion…but personal life,wife and kid comes at the first place.
    No doubt about that.

    I think u make the right decision and even if you cancelled your concert in Brussels(which we will see) i would understand.
    Life is family and emotions…i understand you
    All the best for you,your wife and son.
    Take care


  17. Manuela says:

    Dear Fran
    I’m a Portuguese mother and teacher who always liked music. Though I belong to the previous generation, music puts everyone together and I like your band and your solo a lot.
    I do not know much about you, but the few times I read something on you or by you it gave me the idea that you are a nice and pretty decent human being. That’s, for me, a very important detail.
    All my professional life I’ve rarely failed work and when that happened my children were always the reason. And I didn’t, I don’t and I will never regret it for I’m replaceable everywhere less in what my children concerns. There’s no substitution, never, for a mother or a father when something arrives, may it be physical, psychological, emotional or whatever and absence can be devastating.
    Nothing in the world is worth it.

  18. closergms1968 says:

    You can understand the last minute disapointment.
    But as you get older… trust me… family ALWAYS comes first.
    Losing a concert is gutting, but you can go to another.
    You cannot have time over again with loved ones.
    Family ALWAYS comes first.

  19. christine says:

    Fran, I totally agree with most everyone on this thread, especially Sandy who wrote that it’s really none of our business why you cancelled. (But it’s very generous of you to share why.) Things come up… it happens. I personally feel that if a fan cares about you as a person (as I believe most of us here do) and not just as someone who makes music for their pleasure, that they should have faith in you that you are doing the best you can. I think you have been more than generous to share any part of your personal life with us through this blog, letting us in on the man behind the musician. I can understand being disappointed, but I can’t understand someone that is too selfish to see that you are a human being with personal responsibilities and needs beyond your public life.

    Robert, did it ever occur to you that being a traveling showman is a hard job? That Fran and his colleagues spend days and months at a time away from their home and their families in order to bring us happiness? Yes, ultimately it’s his decision to be a working musician, and I’m sure the rewards are great, but I am also just as sure he gives up a lot to do it. Yes, us fans help to support his endeavors, but that doesn’t mean we own him and get to make him feel like crap for needing to take some time off.

    Fran, I am glad to hear that everyone is well and that you are going to be able to spend time with your family; that is what is really important at the end of the day. I honestly believe that I can speak for most of us on here by saying that you have brought us so much happiness through Travis and your own music that the biggest gift we could ever give back to thank you is our wish for your own happiness.

    Love, Christine

  20. elham says:

    Oh my God…yes,Fran did the best job…what many men won’t do…I’m proud of being this man’s fan…!
    I could’t be at any of these shows,but does anyone try to understand the fans…?!
    every person is just trying to show that they understand Fran and know how he feels…

  21. James Butler says:

    Maybe the lesson is not to travel so far for the artist. Let the artist come to you.

  22. toadthewetsprocket says:

    fran – you did the right thing.
    it´s your life und your family – nothing is
    more important. take a break – your boy needs
    you. i know those situations too…

  23. Dave says:

    What is wrong with some people. They put entertainers on a pedestal and plan their lives around them. A man is a man, no difference whether you are a singer or a janitor. Enjoy the music and live. Thanks Fran for your honesty. As for Robert…..on your bike.

  24. Jeni says:

    I’m glad to hear that the reasons for cancelling the Austin dates, were not life threatening. I have a 9 month old and he is the only reason I would miss work at short notice (and have). The situation is a total no brainer, so I totally understand and appreciate your candidness about it.

    I do look forward to you coming to Austin, whenever that may be. Have you considered playing SXSW in March? It’s awesome! 🙂
    Hope you enjoy your family time.

  25. munge says:

    Do whatever you must do lad. I’d jump a river for my son. Perhaps there’s a song innit!

    The venues will be waiting. And so will we. Relish the anticipation of coming back fresh to a live band — time due to mash the skins!

    God’s blessing on you and your family.

  26. Laimary says:

    Hello Fran. Many people think that famous persons are like aliens, that “VIP” are very different from us, common people. Musicians, actors etc., do an uncommon job, that’s true, and sometimes they feel like they’re better than us, they’re more important. I’ve ever thought that about famous people, and I still think that. But since I’ve known you I start thinking that not all are like that. You, Fran, are just like us, you’re a very normal person, you’ve got feelings and problems just like me, an anonimous italian woman. I really like you because you’ve always show us how much your family means to you, and you’ve always shared theese feelings to your fans. You have shown a lot of respect and seriousness to Robert answering that way, I can’t say the same thing about him. Most of us understand you. I send you a virtual hug.
    Ciao :), Laimary

  27. Greg says:


    Genuinely hope that things are better after you spend time with your son. Nothing is more important than family. Your true fans understand the situation and love your music and love you. I was fortunate to see you in Northern California a few times fairly recently. As much as we love TRAVIS, I must admit that your solo performances are wonderful too. You are a charming engaging individual. Your sincerity definitely comes through. And, you have the clearest diction of anyone I’ve ever met. I could listen to your speaking voice endlessly!! Hope you return to Northern California again sometime soon.
    We love you here. Wish you would move here so we could see you regularly!!!
    Please take care. I hope all is well with you and your son.
    Best Regards…Greg

  28. Xanne says:

    I do understand Robert’s anger especially when he had to give up a lot for it. Not everyone finds it easy to shell out time and money to arrange for something they’ve been dying to experience, especially if it were their first time. If it happened to me, it would also break my heart. But though reasons like “homesickness” sound much too simple to use as reason for cancellation, i think it is as valid as any other life & death situation. Some emotions cannot be handled easily. At least it’s way more mature than liam and noel’s squabbles.. nah..(that was a joke. i love oasis!) 🙂

    Anyways, all’s well because Fran replied and gave his apologies. I thought that was very mature and proper though he didn’t have to.

    And I’m sure after a while, Robert will feel better about this and may also want to take back some of his words. When we’re emotional, we do crazy things. Fran cancelled shows, Robert made a petulant letter. 🙂

  29. Melanie says:

    Speaking as someone who has seen Fran perform when he seemed to be on his deathbed, I’m sure this decision to cancel wasn’t made lightly. Thankfully it seems that most people are understanding, even if disappointed.

    Chin up, Franny. You can never make everyone happy, especially in this business. The vast majority of your fans understand and are supportive.

    Tibi ipsi esto fidelis. 🙂

    <3 CaliGirl

  30. Inge says:

    Dear Fran, all the best for you and your family!

  31. John says:

    Fran, I completely support your need to take off from a few tour dates. Nora and Clay are a major part of who you are and you support. They give you the life you need to continue to write your beautiful lyrics and music. I know fans will fall on both sides of the fence on this issue, but in order to be the front man of Travis, you need to be the front man of your family.

    I saw you Friday, 3 December in Annapolis and spoke with you briefly after the show. I thanked you for taking the time to spend with the fans after the show and I sincerely appreciate it. I imagine taking off and risking disappointing some of your fans (the people that pay your paycheck) is a risk. I think it takes courage to take that risk as a musician. I respect you for that.

    As a side note, who was the gentleman that opened up for you at Rams Head in Annapolis?

    All the best, John

  32. Craig says:

    Hey Franny,

    Hope everything is ok!! As long as I have listened to Travis I can never remember a show being cancelled and I have seen you more than a few times so I know that whatever is happening must be very difficult.

    Robert, I know you are maybe annoyed just now about the circumstances, everyone can understand but I honestly know that Fran wouldn’t do this unless he had to. He is the one musician who would go out his way to meet everyone of his fans and for him to do this he must feel like he couldn’t go ahead with the shows.

    I think Fran will be upset that he has upset one of his fans and you can see he’s obviously upset with him sending you a personal response, I don’t think you would find many musicians that would do this these days.

    Hopefully he’ll rearrange these shows; maybe playing somewhere nearer home to you!!


  33. Eithne says:

    Well, I just popped on here to say how much I love, love, LOVE Wreckorder. But I have to comment on Robert’s message as it has shades of Eminem’s “Stan” YIKES!

    As a (very amateur) performer, I’m well aware nobody ever cancels a show on a whim. I wish you and your family well – and Robert too, hope he calms down a bit.

  34. Zenif says:

    I’m glad to know that I’m a fan of a responsible father!

    Good luck with everything and I hope you schedule more dates on the States!

  35. franhealy says:

    His name is Foley Stewart search him in google

  36. Al says:

    Hey Fran, whats your favorite John Lennon song? This includes his solo career and his time with the Beatles. I know its so hard to choose as he had so many great hits. Let me guess, your pick would be Glass onion?

  37. kurt says:

    Hi Fran

    I hope everything is ok with you and your family.

    I want to share a story…
    I saw Travis for the first time 2001 and it was fabulous.

    I bought the DVD from Glasgow and it pulled me through difficult times…

    I met my wife Carine in 2005.”When i first held her I was cold” and “I felt like driftwood” “drifting for a long long time”

    We both love music and I introduced Travis at her:)and she became a great fan.
    We married in januari 2009 at the age of 48(both),which is very special.
    Our wedding song was “Closer” “I know u will be there for me” “lean on me know”…”I never leave u”…

    We saw Travis playing in Brussels and later at the Dranouter festival.
    It’s always very emotional to see u guys…

    Travis pulls us through difficult moments of life(health)and gives us positive energy.
    Now we will see u back in Brussels 14th february.

    We were so happy to hear u give a concert.
    The 15th december it’s Carine 50th anniversary.

    Her wish was and still is to see Travis in Glasgow:))

    Well a great part of her dream comes true as you come to Brussels:))it will be emotional again…

    Thx Travis and u especially Fran for giving us lots of beautiful music and lyrics.

    “Am so happy because she is so happy”:)

    Thx and take care.


  38. Kelly says:

    Hey Fran,
    Family always comes first, no matter what. Things happen.
    With that being said, I was fortunate enough to see you play in Philly the other night. I geeked out and was first in line to buy the record afterwards, so thanks for taking the time to meet with us. I think I have yet to miss you or the band in our area since… 2001? Wow, time flies.

    I was wondering who the opener in Philly was?

    I will be making it to NY next week and am excited for full band music fun.

  39. leigh says:

    firstly – i am so glad the cancellations weren’t because of anything life threatening. i was a little worried for you/your family. i was actually coming to ask about foley stewart when i saw this post so secondly, thank you for naming him. and third – in all the years i have been a fan, i’ve only ever seen you give 120%. i wasn’t a parent when i became a travis fan, but i am now. i can tell you that family should always come first. there is so little time with children, even if you see them every day. there will always be another show. a plane ticket can be used toward the purchase of another. hotels can be refunded – but you can never get a moment back with a child once it’s lost. no matter what the circumstance. i’m not judging robert, i know he was just speaking in anger. sometimes we just need to be reminded about what is really important. i think this comment section is filled lots of heartfelt reminders. fran, you’re a standup guy, an amazing artist and you have your priorities in check.

  40. We had a frantastik time in Atlanta tonite! We both wanted to say we LOVE the album have been wearing it out – and as a result LOVED the show (missed Fly in the Ointment though) and We both hope whatever is going on – well we hope you’re ok. We were in line to speak to you (PAUL MCCARTNEY VEGETARIAN w/hat) and we wanted to wish you well, ok?

  41. Beth says:

    What a great show!!! As usual we were enchanted by Fran. Captivated and charmed the show ended much too soon. And if a brilliant performance wasn’t enough, taking the time to meet and greet is always the icing on the cake. Bonding over Paul and Linda’s influence on our 12 year commitment to vegetarianism was super fantastic. Sending light and love and wishing a joyful happy 2011 for Fran and family.

  42. Swan says:

    Yo Fran

    The boys at ESPN are behind you! We hope everything gets better for your family situation.

    Swan, Dan, and the boys.

  43. Alina says:

    Dear Fran,

    This isn’t actually regarding the canceled dates, however I do feel like your reason is legitimate. Canceled shows are always a disappointment, but some people should to try to be more understanding. Artists are normal people just like anyone. They have families, friends, etc who they miss more than any of us can imagine, while on tour. So you gotta do what you gotta do.

    Anywho, seeing as you’re planning on rescheduling those dates in the future I was wondering, if there is any chance you might come back to Toronto and play a show that is not 19+? Because for me that night when you played a gig @the Mod Club was even worse than a canceled show. I’ve been a fan of Travis, as well as your music for a while and knowing that my favourite artist is in town and not being able to see the show cause I’m not the right age, was well…pretty disappointing.

    I just thought this was worth a shot saying if you get a chance to come back sooner than later, great! If not, no worries, but maybe consider playing an all ages show next time you’re here haha

    Great album btw.

    Enjoy your time with the family!


  44. Biddy says:

    i agree with the majority here – clearly the shows were not cancelled lightly and it is important to be with family in a time of need. however, i laughed when i read the comment “let the show come to you”. the likelihood of a top-100 band coming to my area is very small, let alone “smaller” shows. i would LOVE it if more and varied acts came to my area – i try to attend all that i can even if they’re not my favourite band just to support acts coming here. however, as it stands, i have to travel to either boston or toronto (both 5 hour drives) or in rare cases nyc to see most shows. i’ve seen travis once in boston, and i went to the fran & andy boston show and one of the nyc shows.
    i don’t make a lot of money and it’s a good chunk of money for gas and tolls and tickets and i have to take time off from work in order to schedule the trip. however, for me, it’s worth it. these are my vacations. so would i be disappointed if the show i was attending was cancelled? of course!! but would i begrudge fran who gave advanced notice and was cancelling for entirely legit reasons? of course not. <3

  45. Jill Brand says:

    Fran, I went to see you last night in Boston, some 11 years after I saw Travis for the first time. I was the old lady in the corner who requested “Luv” (and got it, “harmonica” and all). I felt transported. I have not been following the news of the tour, so I had no idea that there were any issues at home.

    So let me be clear, people (and I think that all the thinking humans here will agree with me): if there is a problem with your family, or anyone who is important to you, if you can, you drop EVERYTHING and you tend to that person, no matter how many people you “let down.” God! I raised my kids, now 19 and 21, listening to Travis. My son has made quite the scene at college (once dressed as Britney) performing Hit Me Baby One More Time in an exact imitation of you. Every time we hear Last Laugh of the Laughter, we think of driving down a tiny Virginia road at dusk on December 30, 2000, while the deer started to emerge from the shadows. There are so many, many Travis moments. You have helped me to take care of my family. You are always entitled to take care of yours.

    Last night’s concert was like a dream for me; the intensity, the beauty and the humor were Zen-like in their ability to keep me in the moment and nowhere else. I bought Wreckorder the day it came out, so the familiarity with the new material helped me to float.

    Vielen Dank, Fran. Da ich auch mit einem Deustchen verheiratet bin, fuehle ich mich ebenso “Closer” mit Dir. Alles Gute an Nora und Clay.


  46. alex says:

    I’ve caught all your shows in NYC dating back to 2008! I can’t wait to see you in New York. I remember your Rocky Music Entrance, awesome!! I don’t like many bands nowadays, because most of the music right now is crap. Thanks for your songs.

  47. Oleg says:

    It’s all will be good!

    Hello from Sainkt – Petersburg!
    We wait you in our town!

  48. Aubrey says:

    wishing you the best Fran, hope everything gets better soon! my mum and i have been worried, hearing media gossip about your home troubles, and i sincerely hope you, nora and clay are doing well and will prevail! 🙂 i know your love is the glue that will hold everything together. happy holidays from california. :3

  49. Tracy says:

    Hi Fran, hope this finds you and your family well. I just cannot believe that Robert could be so insensitive! We all have plans in life and sometimes we have to change them, no-one expects that to be the case but what do we do? We get on with it and accept it.
    I have to say that your response was well written with respect, more than Robert deserves with his attitude!
    As fans, we are priveliged to share our idols time when given the opportunity but we are even more priveliged to share your music, however we get to listen to it.
    I have had the honour of seeing you live many times and have always thanked you for it and extended the thanks to Nora and Clay for sharing you with us, it can’t be easy so once again Fran….Thanks for the ride and look forward to the chapter continuing, when you’re ready 🙂
    Take care Fran,
    Lots of love….

  50. Des says:

    What a disgrace this is.
    People have bought tickets and taken time off work to support your struggling career and you decide you’d rather not bother.
    I’m sure we’d all rather stay with our family when we’re meant to work but we decide to honour our commitments.
    It’s sad that all your earlier fine work has now been replaced by your idiotic drug comments(which precipitated the demise of Travis) and your complete disregard for “normal” people.
    It’s a shame you have joined the long list of “rock” star a***holes.

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