1 December 2010

Im doing 2 full band shows in the UK in January.  They are.

Sunday 30th Jan – Celtic Connections, Glasgow BUY TICKET

Monday 31st Jan – Dingwalls, London

24 hour presale starts: Thursday 2nd December 2010, 9:00am BUY TICKET

General on sale starts: Friday 3rd December 2010, 9:00am  BUY TICKET

The Italian dates are

Monday 21st Feb – Tunnel, Milan, Italy

Ticketlink – BUY TICKET

Wednesday 23rd Feb – Circolo degli Artisti, Rome, Italy

Ticketlink – BUY TICKET

Thursday 24th Feb – Bronson, Ravenna, Italy

Ticketlink – BUY TICKET

Friday 25th Feb – New Age, Treviso, Italy

Ticketlink – BUY TICKET

And in Austria too!!

Monday 28th Feb – Szene Wien, Vienna, Austria

Ticketlink – BUY TICKET

There is also a show in Brussels

Monday 14th February 2011

AB, Brussels, Belgium BUY TICKETS


Sunday 20th February 2011

Abart, Zurich, Switzerland


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47 Responses to “NEW TOUR DATES”

  1. Belle & Mariano says:

    Hey Fran!

    Are u gonna come to Argentina???

    WE LOVE U!



    ps: we would like to tell you sth really nice (but kind of personal) is there any chance we can send u an e mail?

  2. Chuck says:


  3. toadthewetsprocket says:

    no german dates ……………….wuhuhuuuuuuuuuuu :-((

  4. Renate says:

    I’m missing a date….somewhere in Holland? 😛

  5. Maria says:

    hey, that’s unfair! why does switzerland get an extra headline and vienna can only be found under “italian dates”? 😛

  6. franhealy says:

    My mistake. I copied and pasted the dates. I will correct this.

  7. Ursina says:

    see you in Zurich Franny 🙂

  8. Ursina says:

    ….. but the ‘BUY TICKETS’ link does not work for the Abart gig 🙁

  9. Sarah- says:

    hey fran, i was wondering if you’re planning any dates for germany as well? it would be great if you could comment on this, because if the answer is no, i might as well go to zürich or wien 😉 danke! x

  10. Pat says:

    Glad to see the European dates Fran. Will an Irish date be on the cards???

  11. klint says:

    Ordered my ticket 2 days ago for Brussels =D

  12. Charling says:

    y no in Hong Kong….pls pls pls

  13. Raymond says:

    Hey I’m the missing in NL
    the gig at
    Please do come !!!!

  14. thomas says:

    are you coming to ireland?

  15. Nik says:

    Fantastic, been waiting for another Glasgow show. Love the Old Fruitmarket, cracking venue. Be a great way to shake off the winter blues for an evening. Cheers Fran!

  16. toadthewetsprocket says:

    to fran : who ist the “new band” – hoping you have an new + an old band ?!?
    letzter versuch : wann kommst du nach deutschland (frankfurt wäre nett) 🙂

  17. Susan says:

    Woop Woop!! Got my London tickets! So excited! Loooove the album .. was so bummed when I saw he is supporting Brandon Flowers in the US but not in the UK.. tss.. but now I get him all by himself .. even better I guess 🙂
    Can’t wait .. roll on January!!

    *Freu mich riesig*


  18. Libor says:

    That´s a pity you will not come to the Czech Republic Fran, you would be heartily welcomed by the Czech fans! But that cannot stop me 😀 I am going to travel to Vienna, looking forward to seeing you live for the first time in my life after 10 years of listening 🙂

  19. Steve says:

    What was the name of the guy who opened for you at the World Cafe on Dec 2nd? He was really quite good and i’m tryin to look him up.

  20. toadthewetsprocket says:

    is my message deleted ?? 🙁

  21. FOUINE-DEMON says:

    hey Fran. Strikes are over in France. You can come now!! Food and wine are ready…

  22. SamantaG says:

    Come back to the American continent and come to Mexico…Please? Monterrey to be precise 😛

  23. Ernst says:

    We can’t wait for you to come to holland!

  24. Inge says:

    No German dates??? I have already booked my flight from Munich to Vienna! Fran, nice to meet you over there! Probably you are soon in Munich ;-), it doesn’t matter!

  25. franhealy says:

    His name is Foley and he is cool. Is that your email? I will ask him to put you on his mailing list. is his blog

  26. Mélanie says:

    Hello Fran,
    I think you’re tired of reading this kind of questions but will there be french dates ? Please ? 🙂

  27. masumi says:

    pls come to japan if you have time. good luck to shows in the states.

  28. Steve says:

    Yes sir, thats my email. I appreciate the response! Everyone look that guy up (Foley) pretty impressive.

  29. israel says:

    por que nunca se para usted en mexico señor francis sabia que tiene muchos admiradores por aca???

  30. Sonia says:

    add Spain!!!! Please!!!!!!!

  31. Mili says:

    The Rome tickets are not available from the link, but directly from the venue

  32. Georgij Ramisvili says:

    Hey Fran!
    I want to promote your show in Prague, Czech Republic. We could do it after Austria, beginning of March. How can I contact your agent?
    My number: +420 608 233 616

  33. Angel says:

    please come to Mexico!!

  34. Thomas says:

    Hi Fran,

    do you have any plans to play a show in Berlin within the next months?

    Cheers from Berlin

  35. tomas says:

    Come to Madrid!!

  36. Vinny says:

    Hey Fran, hope that you will play some shows in France, we’re really looking forward to seeing you here, all the best!!!

  37. Raymond says:

    Fran please come to HOLLAND !!!
    Don’t force us to go to Belgium (;-)

    Sing me to sleep tonight In Holland
    (I wanna hold you but it’s just too late now)
    Sing me to sleep tonight In Holland
    (I wanna hear you say it’s all gonna be alright)
    No memory tonight In Holland
    (I wanna hold you but it’s just too late now)
    Sing me to sleep tonight In Holland
    (I wanna hear you say it’s all gonna be alright)

  38. Julia says:

    Bought my ticket for Vienna this week & can’t wait! Was delighted to hear you’re coming back to this wee country of ours.

  39. joss says:

    In Vienna? YES! It’s near my house! Thx!:)

  40. Amanda_Lind says:

    If someone know about concert in Spain (Madrid). A couple of days ago I saw on one webpage information about concert and you coul also buy there a ticket. I think it was for 27 feb. And here Fran wrote nothing about Spain 🙁

  41. Karen says:

    What about Spain?? We want to see you here!

  42. Linda says:

    Dublin, Ireland???

  43. Ursina says:

    just a wee question Fran… in Zurich, is it a solo gig or with a full band ??

    can’t wait ! 🙂

  44. franhealy says:

    All euro shows are acoustic.

  45. Megan says:

    Please please please please come to Los Angeles. You have no idea how bad I need to hear your music live in concert right now!!!!

  46. Masha says:

    What about Russia? Please come to Moscow some day!

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