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31 December 2010

Here is a new lil interview  following the warm up show at Bowery Electric with one of the coolest blogs I know LOOK!

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  1. Swan says:

    Happy New Year Fran!

    Swan, Dan, and the ESPN boys.

  2. Juli says:

    FH: I arranged all the strings on the record.

    ^^ WOOOOOW!!!! I love, love, love the strings. Seriously. I think the strings are such a key part of the record (I almost wrote “wreckord”, haha), definitely one of my favourite things in it. And I love Tom Hobden, he’s such a talented young man. 🙂

    Happy 2011, btw. I hope it brings you near Argentina or me near wherever you’re playing! 😉
    Love from Buenos Aires! xxx

  3. Sue says:

    Happy New Year Fran, keep the majic coming , Wreckorder is my favourite now x

  4. Vera says:

    Hi! You got your own album! Wow! And I`ve got a quistion… did you leave the band for good? Here in Moscow we don`t follow any news from “Travis”. People hardly know you here. So I was realy surprised that you have left. I haven`t ever heard of if you ever been to Russia with concerts, but I hope you will. I think you`re a very talented person with deep feelings, as one can conclude from hearing your songs or especialy watching concert videos. Very emotional and expressive.
    OK, I have seen few latest videos and I`ve got something to say…
    I truely don`t feel that I liked a song, called ” Sing me to sleep”, but I realy liked the one, called “Moonshine”. Well, it is something new! I would say, it`s a little bit bluesy! A new wave in your art.
    I liked “Fly in the ointment”. No comments, just liked it. Maybe the meaning in it… And there is something bluesy there again.
    Of course I liked “Anything”. Being a woman I treasure such things.
    The Buttercups video is cool!
    Well, I guess I`ll get your new album, listen it through and tell you more of my opinion of it.
    All the best!
    Your dearest friend, Vera.

  5. Ani says:

    Great interview. 🙂 F. Scott Fitzgerald is enormously inspiring for me too (I’m a writer). I’ve found myself stopping to re-read so many of his passages, because they’re too hauntingly beautiful not to relish over and over again. Amazing that he wrote some of it when he was barely 20 years old! Love your description of songwriting as well. That’s exactly how my husband approaches it as well. I am always amazed by how organic the process can be.

    Have a lovely new year, Fran!

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