Wrap Up Warm UK

3 December 2010

Our friend and the hugely talented weaver and maker of all things woolen Jo Gordon sent us a picture their first Snowman of the year. He’s very handsome I think you’ll agree.

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6 Responses to “Wrap Up Warm UK”

  1. Hiromi Gallagher says:

    Yes, he is very handsome 🙂 I miss snow…Apparently winter is lost before it comes to my town, cos it’s warm every day.

  2. Debbie (deebee) says:

    I love the pompoms! My nieces are thrilled with the snow in the UK at the moment. Snow days and no school 😀 Lots of fun.

  3. sammy says:

    Thanks Fran, we’re breaking weather records over here you know! It’s soooo cold, but I’m not complaining as I LOVE snow. Jo’s snowman is lovely, and I think that photo would make a great Christmas card as it’s so colourful. What’s the weather is doing where you are Fran?

  4. Iain G says:

    Looking forward to tonights show.
    Wreckorder may well be the most beautiful album I have ever heard.
    Iain G.

  5. heatherkaelin says:

    would make ‘perfect’ as a crosby-sweater.

  6. Ranajeet says:

    second chorus of last words is the best piece of music from Ode to J smith… i know this is pretty random but whatever…. cheers!

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