13 January 2011

I’ll be performing at Magnet, Berlin, Germany on Thursday 3rd March 2011.

Tickets went on sale yesterday (Wed 12th Jan) and can be purchased


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8 Responses to “BERLIN SHOW”

  1. Claudia says:

    I’m very glad to hear that and will see you there! Until now I have only seen you play live once (2 years ago in Frankfurt) and it was one of the best gigs I have ever been to. It was such an inspiration, I bought my first guitar the day after the gig and started to take lessons 🙂 I might not be a good player but at least I’m very enthusiastic – and by now I’ve turned my guitar teacher into a huge Travis fan 🙂 All the best for your upcoming gigs and see you in Vienna and Berlin!

  2. Phil says:

    No other German show?
    But well, see you in Brussel 😉

  3. Sarah- says:

    see you in vienna and berlin then! 😀 this is exactly what i need after handing in my final thesis at uni, hehe…

  4. toadthewetsprocket says:

    very sad…if it´s the only german show i can´t see you..
    the first time missing a tour in the last 10 years….

  5. pat says:

    Any Irish dates on the agenda yet Fran???

  6. Serena says:

    Fran – you cannot play Asia and not drop by Australia!

    YOu have to you have to you have to! pweetyy pleasseee?

  7. MK says:

    c u soon!!! xx

  8. MK says:

    Hey Fran,
    that was a great evening with friends. After 2 years without you live it was a great surprise to see you so chilled, funny and cool. You sang Rocking chair so clear and moving.
    But sorry I didnt understand what you answered when I was wishing Humpty Dumpty in the end. I´ve got a notion that the wishlist at the end was not really real.. Maybe I do you wrong?
    Anyway, this was the best evening for a long time and I want to thank you and the team for that.
    I´m sorry that I kept you at the entry, I didnt want to disturb you.
    Thanks, Fran.

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