Licence To ill

19 January 2011

Been in bed since Friday with what is now confirmed as streptococcal pharyngitis AKA “strep throat” (don’t look it up on wikipedia as the picture is horrible and mine looks nothing like it. I don’t have tonsils.  While convalescing, I followed a link on sarah silverman’s twitter to this

I had heard of this guy sort of in the air but never knew anything about him or his show… I spent today becoming acquainted with this american superhero. Some of the comments were funny. Someone saying they grew up watching Mister Rogers in the mornings before going to school but now as a parent she feels glad that he doesn’t live right next door to him cause of part of his vibe creeps her out. Anyways I watched afew episodes and he is a genius. And the way he talks to kids through the TV set. What every kid craves. Absolute attention and unconditional acceptance. Clay loved it. We all loved it! Anyways we have also been watching a couple of films. First was BASQUIAT a documentary about Jean Michelle Basquiat and his entire rise and fall all caught on film and laced with an interview done in LA at the height of his fame. The other was Exit Through The Gift Store… It was nice to see Space Invader and Shepherd Fairy at work. Banksy’s fingerprints are all over this. Our friend Wendy is in the movie, showing some of her paintings. They are big art collectors. Her husband Peter was one half of Peter and Gordon and the brother of Paul McCartney’s girlfriend, Jane Asher when he was a teenager. Here he is playing a song Paul wrote for them.

He went on to produce among others James Taylor and Linda Ronstadt. Annnyways. This morning I drove Clay to kinderladen. Came home and got back into bed. Still feelin’ a little Schlapp.

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19 Responses to “Licence To ill”

  1. Diego says:

    Great song!!!! MITICO FRAN!!!

  2. Debbie (deebee) says:

    Get well soon! I hope the antibiotics are kicking in and doing the job.
    My 11yr old is on them until Thurs and his throat doesn’t look like the Wiki picture either (just as well, ewwww)
    Watch out you don’t pass it to Clay and Nora!

  3. Sue says:

    I have to confess I remember Peter and Gordon’s release of ‘World without love’ coming on the television at Granada Reports 630pm after the news. In those days , up and coming songs used to get straight on TV air.
    The other duet song that sticks out in my mind, The Righeous Brothers ‘You lost that loving feeling’. Thanks for the memory Fran. No prizes for guessing which one is Peter! A real pair of lookers hey? hehe

  4. Sarah- says:

    haha i actually did look up strep throat on wikipedia when you mentioned it on twitter the other day and i wish i hadn’t… eeww 😉 i really hope you’ll be feeling less schlapp soon! gute besserung!

  5. franhealy says:

    I’m in the spare room 🙁

  6. Kelly says:

    I guess it never occurred to me that the whole world didn’t know Mr. Rogers. He was a constant, soothing, steady presence in my life growing up. Really one of the first to speak TO children, not AT children. And I love how mesmerized that senator is by his words! Starts out clearly a sceptic and when he says that he got goosebumps…well, that gave ME goosebumps. I always smile to myself when I come inside, hang up my jacket, and change into my slippers. : )

  7. Connie says:

    I use to watch Mr. Rogers Neighborhood growing up. I can still remember dreams I had of me going to The Neighborhood of Make-Believe, it was/is a fantastic show.

  8. Gudrun says:

    I know what you mean when you talk about strep throat, and I wish I didn´t! Get well soon, but take your time. I am eagerly awaiting your Vienna gig in February. Imagining you saying the word “schlapp” makes my day, LOL!

  9. elham says:

    Hope you get better soon:)
    I suggest you to stay in bed and listen to The House That Built Me by Miranda Lambert…!!!I’m obsessed with this song these days!

  10. Amy Humphrey says:

    Argh! Feel better soon! I’ve spent more time caregiving in the past few weeks and more time at hospital bedsides to last a lifetime. Wishing us all a healthier February!!!

  11. Will Jones says:

    Get well for Glasgow and London Fran!

  12. christine says:

    I agree Kelly; it’s funny hearing Fran say he didn’t know who Mr. Rogers was/is. I have to admit that if he came onto the scene now, I would probably think he’s a little creepy, but it’s nice to have a sort of innocent, wholesome show for kids nowadays to look back on. I still fondly remember him and his puppets. And I thought the trolly was so cool. I just think Mr. Rogers is super!

  13. Ranajeet says:

    We dont really get such shows in India… I’m glad you’re doing a hands on parenting job. You have a very clear mention of Francois Truffaut in New Amsterdam…do you know the term he coined for a person who directs the movie, writes the story, the screenplay, music etc etc…in short he’s the heart and soul of the movie… I had this asked to me in a quiz… Didnt get it… Don’t google. ;)…

  14. Ranajeet says:

    And yes i asked the Truffaut question because you mentioned Basquiat in the blog… New Amsterdam is brilliant…The Boy With No Name is for that matter… I’ll tell you the answer if you dont get it… I think you know it

  15. dulce says:

    “World Without Love” was my fav song and stuck to it even as I became a Beatles fan. Then I found out it was written by Paul, I thought “Ha!!” I liked McCartney even before I knew it was McCartney.

    Being sick sucks, I tend to suffer from throat and ear infections – have some nice hot tea & hope to see you all better soon.

  16. Kirstin says:

    While I like Mr. Rogers, I must say his puppets scared the crap out of me (still kinda do). There’s a funny Saturday Night Live skit from the 1980s with Eddie Murphy doing a parody of Mr. Rogers called Mr. Robinson. Sadly, I can’t seem to find it on youtube though.

  17. Hi Fran

    Those Mister Roberts videos are fantastic, so will be saving them for our kid when he gets older, we just had our first two weeks ago and like you a I’m a fellow Celt living in Berlin too, love the place.

    You might enjoy this great talk by Sir Ken Robinson on creativity in children, he is also an inspiring person, we need lots more of these people. Well hopefully Berlin is a great city for this too.

  18. Marissa says:

    Mister Rogers is great! I loved this show as a kid (and secretly still do!)and while reading your post I was reminded of the song he would end his shows with…the original “Good Feeling”. 😀 enjoy! 🙂

  19. RowGirl says:

    I am so glad you discovered Mr. Rogers. He was certainly a major influence in my youth, not having the strongest family structure. I was devastated when he passed away. Just a few weeks ago, I was looking at some of his videos on YouTube. Current children’s programming does not have the same quality or caring.

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