4 January 2011

Hey All, am excited to announce these 2 solo acoustic shows in Paris and Amsterdam in March.

Should be fun.

Amsterdam SATURDAY 5th MARCH 2011

at … People’s Place


Paris Friday 4th March 2011

at… La Maroquinerie


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  1. Debbie (deebee) says:

    Fran you have made my day!!!!! Julie and I have been waiting and harassing you about this announcement for months (I do apologise for being so insistent hehe)
    See you in Paris oh là là 😀

  2. julietravisaddict says:

    Ahhhhh Paris!!!!!! God bless you Fran see you there!!!!!

  3. Raymond says:

    Thanks for coming to the Netherlands !!
    See you on March 5th and please play also some Travis songs.

    Raymond & Monica

  4. FOUINE-DEMON says:

    I knew that Father Christmas had forgotten to give me a present! Now I can get rid off my Christmas tree.

  5. Debbie (deebee) says:

    Yay! I bought my ticket for Paris and hubby and I will see you in London too 🙂 Can’t wait!

  6. maryse says:

    great news Fran!I’m so glad and impatient to see you in Paris!…but the
    link does not work,it makes “error 404”.
    Happy new year and my best wishes to you and your family!

  7. Tara says:

    I got my ticket to see you in Paris 😀 sooooo happy! Thanks for coming, that’s fantastic 🙂

    Happy new year, btw!

  8. Renate says:

    Thank you so much for coming to Amsterdam!!!
    I just booked my tickets for this show and we (my mum and I) can’t wait to see you again!
    Very happy!

    With love,

  9. Mélanie says:

    Paris… it’s amazing, you made my day Fran ! Thank you !

  10. Czekanski Sebastien says:

    See you in Paris ! Yeeeeaaaahhhhhhhhh !

  11. Jennifer says:

    Yaaay, just got my tickets for Amsterdam! looking forward to it 🙂

  12. Sue says:

    Hey, I can’t believe I’m typing this but….See you in Pariz ! :))

  13. Martijn says:

    I was so happy when I read this!
    I’ll see you in Amsterdam 😀

  14. Jennifer says:

    The Amsterdam show was so amazing! Thanks for playing Battleships, even though it might’ve been a hassle for you. I really appreciated it! It’s such a beautiful song, so thanks again 😀

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