Rehearse Rehearse Rehearse

26 January 2011

I did rehearse today. I did, I did. And it was sparse but good. We await our bassist. We await our strings. But the good news was, Claes Travis Key Meister was in the room along with Jack Pollitt on drums. Oh and while running upstairs to get something, I bumped into The Kaiser Chiefs. They were all looking catwalk hot. They mentioned Liam and his Beady Eye were in… “Where?” said i… “There!” said they pointing to a big door… “Wow cool” and I about turned and they said “What…are you just going to walk in? That’s ballsy.” and I was all “It’s Liam!!”  and of course… It was Liam. He looked fab. His hair in a sort of jazz age/mod bangs arrangement. Green parka on. Spotted my very cool Camper shoes immediately and was wanting details.  Gem and Andy were there too and a blast from the Brit Pop past Matt Jones who played keyboards for Ultrasound along with much ampage and sehr cool equipment. My rehearsal space by comparison was bare. The strip lighting adding a coldness which made me sigh a little inside. But then I turned the strip lights off and it got alot better. Then we played a Bottomlesss set… bassless but not baseless. It was quite cool. Like playing on a red ash football pitch before the green grass of bass and strings arrive.

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24 Responses to “Rehearse Rehearse Rehearse”

  1. jocelyn says:

    woww fran that´s cool!!!

  2. Ange says:

    Even with no rehearsing at all, Im sure dingwalls on Monday will be amazing! Can’t wait!

  3. Juli says:

    Claes!! Please tell him we love him. 😛

  4. Debbie (deebee) says:

    Return of the CLAES! Wonderful news 🙂

  5. Sarah- says:

    liiiaaam! <3 i'm gonna see beady eye in cologne, can't wait. woot woot. good to hear your rehearsals are going well 🙂

  6. Arthur says:

    say hello to Liam from Arthur next time 🙂 Fran, your music made me start my own band in 2004. Check out if you have some free time.

  7. Sue says:

    The only comparison to my day was the striplight! (I hate striplights too)
    Can we see a pic of the campers please? 🙂

  8. Gudrun says:

    So Berlin´s a hot spot for good music these days, eh? Got any pics from your reharsals so we can imagine what it looked like? Pleeeeeze! Bitte!

  9. Ranajeet says:

    Wish it was still Oasis. Anyhow good to see you got so much clout with the Gallaghers. Even though some may call it “ballsy”. 😛

  10. Alejandro says:

    I was at my girlfriend’s house today and on the radio first they played ‘side’ and in other radio station ‘why does it always..’. It was cool, what a great couple of albums they come from. Luckily I could listen to them live here in Chile.

    Its not the same a rehearsal without a bass, but the show ( or the rehearse this time) must go on.

  11. One Korean says:

    I’m so sorry and … I’m So sad…. so sad. I’m one student living in one city in korea.. not seoul.. So I can’t go to seoul to see you.. I’m just a child so… I’m really sad. When I grow up and when I become adult, I will go to anywhere to see you! … Oh god. Too much time left.

  12. Brian says:

    Very cool story Fran, thanks for sharing!

  13. Well, Fran, seems like an eventful rehearsal. Was this for a particular show or do you guys always hang out around the same places?

  14. Alan says:

    thanks for a great gig last night in the old fruitmarket. joel was awesome and it was good to see you with a full band again.
    hope to catch you again soon

  15. Nicole says:

    Hope every one came away from Dingwalls last night feeling as fantastic
    as I did (even with the smell of sh*t in the air!) . Neave did brillantly with ten minutes warning. The solo album Fran is brilliant and last nights performance made it even better. One thing though, you’ve been playing far too much abroad, need more live dates here in the UK please!
    Top man Fran. xx

  16. amy says:

    went to the Dingwalls gig, amazing show!
    so happy that you played flowers in the window and my eyes
    i was standing behind the russian girl who kept reaching out to you haha

  17. closergms1968 says:

    Thanks for a great gig at dingwalls.
    It was nice to see Claes again.
    Loved the stronger keyboard influence at this gig.(And on Wreckorder)
    Hope the keyboard features stongly on future projects.
    Looking forward to the next solo/Travis project already.
    My wife is a new fan. Like me she thinks Wreckorder is amazing.

  18. Ranajeet says:

    please post sooner man…miss the blogs… What are you upto? Through our songs you have become my best friend. 🙂

  19. Ranajeet says:

    I meant your songs

  20. James says:

    Hello Fran, will you be coming back to the states in 2011?. I missed you the first
    time around.

    James S.

  21. Tracy says: Hey Fran, keep up the good work! Hope you
    are getting lots of family time in there too 🙂 Thought i’d share this link
    with you…..Bob Dylan to perform at the Grammys this weekend!

  22. Ange says:

    I agree with everything nicole said, Dingwalls was amazing and we want more uk gigs!

  23. Kano says:

    Hey Fran!
    What Campers do you wear? I design at Camper and am really curious!
    Ummm let me have a look… hmmm it looks like the industrial but I see nothing on your site which matches… I love my campers. Good on you for working for a great company.

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