Remake Of Selfish Jean Video

18 March 2011

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6 Responses to “Remake Of Selfish Jean Video”

  1. Hiromi Gallagher says:

    Awww soo funny!!! I cant stop laughing!
    Great Mexican fans who deserves respect!

  2. Mili says:


  3. Damir says:

    Fran, any chance of coming to Australia (aka down-under)in the near future??

  4. Jo says:

    Here’s a site that lets you put in two youtube videos and play them side by side. Perfect for watching these at the same time:

  5. franhealy says:

    You inadvertently introduced me to Richard Feynman. The doppel youtube is fantastic too. DOPPEL THANKYOU!!!!

  6. Sara says:

    Cool…! 🙂 One day I will record a re-remake…hahaha… 😀 But I will not use T – Shirts…just countenance and gestures… 🙂 One day… 🙂

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