3 March 2011

Tomorrow night if you are in the UK, I’ll be appearing on BBC4 on a show called Songwriters Circle. It’s a show produced by the makers of Later WIth Jools Holland and I have to say, was probably the best TV show I have ever been on… The concept is simple. Take 3 songwriters, sit them on a stage with their guitars and have them all play their songs to an audience. The singers take the place of the presenters and chat to eachother about how their songs came about. The one I was involved in was especially cool because Ron Sexsmith and Graham Gouldman of 10cc fame were my songwriting buddies. The blend of songs was perfect. we all had a very sweet admiration for one anothers work. Check it out tomorrow or on the iplayer.

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32 Responses to “SONGWRITERS CIRCLE”

  1. Roberto says:

    Thanx god , we can see bbc4 here in Italy too. I will record your show. Cheers

  2. Sue says:

    As I am in Paris , waiting to see you ‘in the flesh’ this is in my diary to ‘listen again’ when I get back (boardies Travisonline got info to us first! hehe )

    Thanks for getting me to visit Paris , its even more exciting knowing you are here …. Was thinking in a bar…. Wreckorder en Francais would be quite dreamy ? 🙂

  3. Swan says:

    hopefully somone will put some clips on youtube. Fran can you tell us what songs you played for those of us who can’t see this? Hope the new year is treating you well.

    Swan, Dan and the ESPN crew.

  4. munge says:

    Take ’em straight to your performance vid, lad.

    Very nicely done. Best to you and family.

  5. Sheila Bradley says:

    Watching show just now and it is excellent

  6. James ashworth says:

    Just watching now and it’s brilliant! Writing to reach you is amazing! Still!

  7. Fiona says:

    Really enjoyed the show. I absolutely love Ron Sexsmith and am now a big
    Fran fan too!

  8. Dorota says:

    brilliant! is keeping me up even though I put the recording on, will watch again

  9. Denis Mooney says:

    Great show. Really enjoyed it. Hope you’re keeping well.Best wishes.

  10. Lynn Wilson says:

    Listening to the programme now – its brilliant. Thank you.

  11. MrB says:

    Brilliant stuff, loved the show which is what brought me here. Hoping for a solo tour in a similar format.

    Beautiful music.

  12. Barry says:

    I have found my new favourite music programme!! You were great Fran and it’s lovely I’ve been turned on to two songwriters I’ve not really heard of before thanks to you, so thanks 🙂

  13. Paul Henry says:

    Great show. Loved the new song.

  14. gigi says:

    Thanks Fran,

    I could only see the single song clips at the bottom of the page since I am not in uk, but lovely to see even that limited play of you and Ron and Graham doing the circle. Looking forward to seeing Ron in my home town next month. Hope you are planning a visit again soon too. Happy Friday!


  15. Darrell says:

    Just caught this fabulous concert… was a fan of Travis, but had never seen you, Fran,up close… all three of you were great,but you def pipped it….going to check out that solo album of yours….. when you touring again ?

  16. Pat says:

    Very good fran. I watched this show before, but i thought it wasnt great because like Graham said the artists were not geling well together. But this was totally different, I loved how they both joined in improvising on why does it always rain on me. You did well lad. Also never heard of the other two guys before and now im youtubing there music like mad!!!

    Great watch fran!!!

    p.s. play dublin!!!!:D


  17. Clementine says:

    This was quite an emotional rollercoaster day…! Thank you so much for the interview (because you could have just pulled a Noel Gallagher and say “fuck off I won’t do it” ahah), for your kindness and wise words. This was everything I wished and more. How could I ever top that? I’m just gonna refuse interviews now, saying “man, you just cant be cooler than Fran Healy”.

    It was “therapeutic” for me too, because your insights on life were really interesting and got me wondering. I think I kept this part of innocence in me too, that’s why it hurts sometimes living in this world, when it crashes our hopes… That’s were music helps a lot. Music keeps me a believer 😉 Currently listening to Music for Airports to go to sleep, perfect indeed!

    Even though you don’t like the word “artist” for me you’re the definition of it: a gifted person with a pure heart.

    See you soon! Xx

  18. Peter Jeffs says:

    It was superb, one of the best music things on TV for a very long while, the ultimate ‘unplugged’, just great songs, great playing, good chat, no hype, just the music. Lets have some more of this format.

  19. Chris Sherry says:

    Is the show likely to be repeated on BBC

  20. Gudrun says:

    Not available in your area…:-((

  21. Hazel says:

    Watched this show on Beeb4 tonight (previously recorded on my DVD player); wonderfully relaxed set, obviously enjoyed by all talking part. So much respect for each others talant and neither man trying to take the limelight.
    This is the very best “Songwriter Circle” set ever, just wish I’d been there.
    I’ll definately watch it again.

  22. Kevin says:

    Watched the show last night and it was fantastic and also very funny. Ron Sexsmith had some brilliant stories

  23. Ulrikke says:

    Argh! I hate being Danish! I would have loved to see that. It sounds awsome. And Ron Sexsmith! 🙁

    Guess I’ll just have to settle for seeing you in Vega tomorrow. 🙂

  24. Mandy says:

    Just watched it on the Iplayer and thoroughly enjoyed it. Seemed like a really good concept and even though I didnt know the other 2 fellas at all it was a really nice blend of songs. Also always nice to hear you talk about your songs and how they came to be. 🙂 Hope you come back to the UK soon for a proper tour, always hard to make it to those “one off last minute” shows 🙂

  25. Luke says:

    Great show, nice performance from yourself Fran. It’s good to have another quality music show on TV, even if it did take the makers of Later to do it!

  26. Johnny says:

    I really enjoyed watching this.

    The format worked very well, as did the choice of songwriters.

    I particularly enjoyed Ron Sexmith’s vulnerable vocals/lyrics – ‘Get in Line’ (iplayer @ 5min40secs) being a beautiful example.

    I also really enjoyed…
    @38mins 49secs: Rocking Chair, Fran

    @34mins 56secs: The Things We do for Love, Gouldman

    Basically, watch the whole thing – A great show!

  27. Sue says:

    Got to watch this on iplayer. I like the style. No prevado or point scoring, just musicians doing what they do best, really interesting.. I knew all the Graham Goldsmith and of course all Fran’s songs Ron Sexsmith songs were less well known but enjoyable ( although I dont think my dad will let me marry him hehe)

  28. Tracy says:

    Hey Fran, I’m just watching the songwriters circle on iplayer, I really loved your performance as always! I think Ron Sexsmith has such a smooth tone to his voice, it may nearly be as good as yours! 😉 I will be keeping my ears out for more from you both. Think you’re awesome and still as handsome as ever! Keep up the brilliant work! Tracy, in sunny Cornwall x

  29. Phil Greenough says:

    Just watched it Fran, great show loved your honesty. Are there plans to do anymore? Got to say that you looked in awe, when Graham did I’m not in love.

  30. Gillian Ireson says:

    Fran – I was just ‘flicking’ through the channels and was lucky enough to catch you singing Driftwood at the very beginning – from then on i was hooked! Driftwood is a song close to my heart and I will actually be performing a version at my 2nd amateur gig on 1st May. Don’t worry I am determined to do your beautiful song justice and won’t let you down! Can’t wait to see you in concert xx

  31. Caitlin Riding says:

    Hi Fran
    My name is Caitlin a 16 yrs old vocalist from Liverpool trying to break into the big music world,i’ve recorded some covers in studio to-day,could you spare anytime to give me some advice for next step on finding a original songwriter.

    P.S If you don’t reply i’ll understand. Caitlin

  32. franhealy says:

    What covers did you do… can you put them on a myspace to hear?

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