Ahhhhhh… Facebook Account Is Gone

28 June 2011

It’s deleted… but it’s funny. It doesn’t seem to allow people to completely delete their account… Whatevahhhh!
Sad news. I didnt get the space I thought I would get… damn I know I shouldn’t have told that war joke at the viewing… only kidding… but seriously I will keep looking in ernest… what does that mean? In ernest… from my mac dictionary it comes from Germany and is related to honest and trustworthy… well that is how I will proceed. I know somewhere out there there is a room which is waiting for me to fill with songs and a fair bit of useless shit… my left nostril is blocked… Clay has a full cold. I think I’m due a cold. My mum touched down in Berlin today… rock’n’roll jetset nana. It is so cool to see Clay and her play and have fun… Yes mum… I just realised you will read this… it is nice though… I was thinking tonight I called you nana and how I loved my nana and now you are a nana… it’s nice to hear nana said again… and he loves you to the power of 100
Right… Sleep.



19 June 2011

I’m this close to closing down my facebook page. My pointer hovered over the deactivate sign afew evenings ago. I have absolutely no LOVE for the thing… Twitter is fine… but Facebook… there is something really annoying about it… everyone I speak to says they don’t like it but are trapped. Not to mention the daily round of requests. SO bizarre!!! Do people use it instead of email now? Has it become email? Maybe that would explain why people think they are writing me a personal email… and asking that do this and that for them…
Anyways I am def 98% close to hitting the button… I may do it this week. Just to be freeeeeeee…



19 June 2011

Man, as I wait to hear about this new workspace, I thought my room downstairs needed a little TLC. One of the walls, where the sofa sits, I thought would look nice with some wallpaper. But instead of getting someone in, I decided to do it myself. I like the meditation of DIY. And weirdly the stress that accompanies it is similar to gigs when you feel they are about to go shit…
When I need to do anything here, I have to get translations (yes I will learn it soon) so the word for wallpaper is tapete (ta-pay-ti) and I wanted something old and smokey. After looking night after night, I found the best wallpaper shop in Berlin. It’s small but it has the most incredible amount of wall paper I have ever seen. We spent a morning last week, browsing through those big portfolios full of bits of tapete… the man who worked there was sweet and helped me find what I didn’t know I was looking for.
The next day, I had my wallpaper. 2 rolls. I bought a wallpaper paste brush and a bucket and some paste powder from Obi… it’s Home Base… and, armed with a how to wallpaper a wall web page and drawing on memories of my granda wallpapering his bedroom and showing me how to do it when I was 6, I cleared the area and set about covering that wall. I remember my granda having a wallpapering table. I thought the size of the wall didn’t warrant a big table… and the concrete floor was flat enough and easy to clean afterwards so I measured the walls and started cutting the paper so the intricate pattern would line up. Then I went upstairs and looked at the paste packet. I got on google translate and typed it all in and am glad I did. There were lots of little hints and tips… I ended up using the electric whisk to get the lumps out. Then I pasted all the paper and folded it in on itself and left the lot for 10 minutes to soak. I made a plum line and set to puting that first piece on straight… it took about 2 minutes. The second piece was harder and took about 10 minutes… The 3rd was the hardest I had to cut around a power outlet and an aluminium tube… The stress levels were reaching red. The edges were drying very fast and so curling away from the wall. I had to resort to getting my fingers covered in paste and applying it gingerly to the outermost edge all the way down each strip, i’m sure I saw my mum or my granda doing this but it could have been hallucination . Sweat was now trickling down my face, down my neck down my back. Then Nora shouted that it was time to go and collect Clay!!! But I was locked… I couldn’t stop as it all had to be done in the oner. The paste was on the paper and I was trapped… sweating like a gorilla, Nora calling every couple of minutes wasn’t helping…
I finished and made it to Clay’s kinderlader with a minute to spare…
Amazingly the wall looks great…
Songwriting is approaching. I always get nesty before a gusher… doesn’t sound too appealling but can I assure you it’s very sticky.
(yes you’ve just read about me wallpapering)


Travis From The Past

8 June 2011

Nigel made this…  a digested Travis show.



Long Time No Write

8 June 2011

April and May saw me fall off the radar. Me, Nora and Clay went on holiday to St Barths for 4 weeks. I never went on a long holiday like this before. Never really been a holiday person. Lately, though, i turned over a new leaf. It was a cool cool trip. Clay is getting so big. Such a lovely boy. We swam in the sea every day and played so much I kind of needed another holiday when we got back… haven’t gotten round to that yet… Been trying to find a room in Berlin where I can write and make stuff… I have a great room in the basement which I recorded Wreckorder… it’s nice although I need to get proper AC as it heats up soo much. But with a view to getting another room, it was mostly to get out of the house. Change the back drop. When I am off the road, my day goes something like this… 8am wake up…9am drive Clay to kinderladen…10-11am have coffee in Kreuzberg 12pm get home… 3.30pm go and pick Clay up 5-8 family hang and dinner followed by Clay bedtime which reminds me of trying to give our old cat “Amby” a bath. I get around 3 hours to “be creative” in the afternoon then after Clay goes to bed I usually start fiddling at 9pm till 2 or 3am. I’m looking in Kreuzberg so I can go there after kinderladen drop off. It’s exciting to be looking for a place to turn into a workspace. It’s gonna be cool. Kreuzberg is a great part of Berlin. Man i’m tired… I gonna sleep but I shall return… hopefully not in a month.

Oh yeah and the Travis shows were alot of fun.