19 June 2011

I’m this close to closing down my facebook page. My pointer hovered over the deactivate sign afew evenings ago. I have absolutely no LOVE for the thing… Twitter is fine… but Facebook… there is something really annoying about it… everyone I speak to says they don’t like it but are trapped. Not to mention the daily round of requests. SO bizarre!!! Do people use it instead of email now? Has it become email? Maybe that would explain why people think they are writing me a personal email… and asking that do this and that for them…
Anyways I am def 98% close to hitting the button… I may do it this week. Just to be freeeeeeee…

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45 Responses to “Facebook”

  1. Luke says:

    In a sense facebook has actually taken over email for me yeah, so I guess people use it that way. But I wouldn’t blame you for cancelling it if you get bombarded by folk all the time. Maybe you should create a new one and just have people you know on it? I *think* there’s a set-up you can have so that people can’t friend-request you, it’s just you who can friend others.

  2. yamilka says:

    Hello Fran, I love your blog page is way more personal and warm to me, i enjoy readying your twitts FB is over rated in my opinion and your fans can follow you through here or twitter. NYC misses you! hope to see you soon.

  3. Phil says:

    Paraphrasing Humphrey Bogart:
    “That’s Facebook, baby! Facebook!
    And there’s nothing you can do about it. Nothing!” 😉

  4. isadora says:

    I imagine how it must be crazy your page on facebook, so many daily requests… Well, totally changing the subject, I have to tell you how much your music has touched my life. It is amazing how a person who I never met in my life affect me so much with your music ( in a good way, of course!). You have this gift!! the lyrics of your songs transcend, significantly, the common. They touch our sensibilities more than any other! Thanks for being a complete artist,with the ability to create wonderful music…
    Could not leave to congratulate you for the amazing solo album … I still have hopes of being able to watch a show with your solo musics here in Brazil. Or even with the band again … you never played here in Brazil! The Brazilians love you guys!

  5. Kelly says:

    Wait! Don’t delete before I can send you a friend request and then ask you to wallpaper my laundry room. ; ) I don’t know if you’re talking about a fan page or a personal page but, for me, I use facebook to keep in touch with people I don’t see as part of my regular life. It’s mostly friends from my youth who live on the opposite side of the country. It’s just a bit of nostalgia, really, but kind of nice in that sense.

  6. Amy Humphrey says:

    DO IT! I shut mine down ages ago – mostly because those people I knew from my past I would like to remain in my past – and it feels great not to be beholden to it. I mean, when a French boyfriend who dumped me 20 years ago wants to be my “friend”…?!?!?!?!? I don’t think people were meant to keep track of so many people.

  7. Jay Parker says:

    I don’t think many people know your email address, but it’s so easy to find you on FB… I guess that’s the reason 🙂

  8. Robert says:

    Oh maaan, you’re becoming a drama queen! close with facebook and let’s stop with this pathetic countdown. You could think of that before accepting dogs and pigs as friends …. and anyway there is always the option “Block private messages”.time passes and more than a singer who wants to maintain contact with the public, you are becoming boring. 97%, 98%, 98.8 %…. 99 …. omg %….,stooop with this pathetic drama! we live very well without your facebook eh.

    I feel that not to publish my comment ahahah, but is not important.

    FRAN SAYS “You should have just written “I’m a dick” and saved yourself alot of time. Now fuck off and don’t troll these parts again…!”

  9. G. says:

    It does seem that people treat Facebook messages as email now. It worries me as I don’t trust Facebook messaging as much as I do Gmail, and don’t really trust Facebook in general. I do feel trapped in that I think I would miss out on things such as viewing photo albums which I wouldn’t be able to do otherwise.

    Perhaps you could temporarily disable friend requests and messaging. In the meantime, set up a friend filter restricting who can message you.

    I actually find Twitter far more annoying than Facebook. It’s like Facebook statuses to the 34394873232323th degree and without real names.

  10. Sarah- says:

    I think the reason most people don’t leave Facebook although they don’t like it very much is that they’re afraid they might be missing something. One of my friends left a couple of months ago and then came back after a few weeks because she had no idea what her friends were up to. She used to get all those “event invitations” through FB and now nobody bothered to call her or send an e-mail, so she felt left out. It really is bizarre how social networks have taken over. I can imagine it must be annoying for you getting all those notifications every day.
    Btw, did you hear about that girl from Hamburg who wanted to invite a couple of friends to her 16th birthday via FB and accidentally forgot to set the event to “private”? Since it was a public event, about 3.000 people signed up for it, and 1.300 of them ended up in front of that poor girl’s house on the day of her birthday. It’s mad…

  11. Mark says:

    Please don’t close it down. Just “unfriend” anyone that’s annoying you and adjust the privacy settings if necessary.

  12. Connie says:

    I had forgotten you were even on facebook until your post about people asking for stuff from you. I love getting updates from your blog & twitter, I say do it I feel connected enough with out facebook. Some of my friends who are authors just have pages that are fan pages then they don’t get the emails and other annoying notifications.

  13. Dan says:

    DO IT

  14. Wade says:

    Facebook can stink. Be free. Just say no.

  15. Jeany says:

    You probably should 🙂
    I think facebook is not a place for creative people…
    myspace was (before the last upgrade)…
    and the request thing…
    yes they do it instead of email, or using annoing apps.
    anyways if you’re using facebook or myspace… both are the same now.
    Twitter + Homepage is absolutly fine!

    Be free!!!!

  16. christine says:

    i haven’t gone so far as to almost deactivate, but i have wanted to purge my friend list. i haven’t because there’s something about having people at keyboard’s reach, should i ever have the urge to communicate with them. in the meantime, i have sorted my friend list into several groups, and for the most part only allow access to the groups i want to see my information/message me/poke me/whatever. i have also “hidden” most of my list from showing up on my news feed – i don’t need to see what so-and-so from high school is doing every day, but if i ever did want to catch up with them, i can still see what they are up to. so really, i only interact day to day with a handful of my friends list, but i can be accessible should the desire arise.

  17. I had a birthday and all of the sudden my wall was loaded with birthday wish after by birthday wish – Happy Birthday!!! Have a Great Day! – one after the other, some with two explanation points, some with as many as four – an eruption of love – never in my life had I been so well freakin’ thumbs-up liked! So I began to answer them – to thank them for the kind wishes – but soon after a facebook ‘friend’ contacted me to advise that this was not at all proper, and no no no I must wait until the end of the day and send a ‘general’ thank you otherwise I would be guilty of clogging up everyone’s news feed with my ‘birthday crap’, not at all cool I was told by one who had moments before blessed me with their deep and profound wishes for a Happy Birthday!! and a Great Day! So actually I’m not too sure I get it, it creeps me actually…

  18. MusicGirl99 says:

    Do it!
    Never liked facebook.

  19. elham says:

    It not good…
    You know,for someone like me facebook is a really good and quick way to read news too… Especially in a country like this… and you can prevent happening those things…
    Any way,live the way you feel comfortable! We can still read two websites of you and Travis!

  20. dr. jimmy webb says:

    Oh life is so terrible! Please. Just delete your account.

  21. Mélanie says:

    I think you’re right Fran. I’m on facebook but I don’t like it anymore, it’s really annoying, and I think it’s killing relationships… but I’m trapped, as you said. But if you’d close your facebook, please keep writing on your website, because it’s pretty nice and fun to read news from you ! Anyways, it was cool to say “I’ve got Fran Healy as friend on facebook !”, even if you are not really our friend 🙂

    Take care Fran and see you son in Luxembourg with Brandon Flowers. It’s going to be awesome !

  22. Gudrun says:

    Go, Fran, go! ( I always refused to open a facebook account, and now I´m glad I never did!)

  23. Melanie says:

    I think most people either love it or hate it. And those that hate it, hate it but can’t leave it. 😉

    I would suggest that if you still want to use it, create a new account and make it private and for personal use. It’s a way for fans to contact you and in some ways, I think it’s a great thing. But definitely time consuming to manage on your own.

    Free yourself, little bird. 🙂

  24. Erik says:

    I deleted my facebook in december, and now I’m a much happier human with a bmi of 6 points less than when I was “one of them”.

    But really, I agree with you dear man. Do it!

  25. Kirstin says:

    Facebook is fine I think for non-famous people. It’s a good way to get in touch with people whom you knew through the past and get to know what they are doing and to catch up with them quickly. But I can see where it would get annoying if you are famous due to the requests and messages. People think you don’t have a life and should do whatever they want.

    Now if you’re not famous and don’t have fans, I don’t get twitter. Maybe someone could explain that to me. 🙂

  26. Lila says:

    I completely concur with your feelings about Facebook Fran. (Sorry didn’t mean to call you “Facebook Fran” :)It’s like if you’re not on it you become trapped in this social void or “black hole”, where you don’t know anymore what’s happening in your friends and sometimes your families’ lives. It’s SO bizarre how quickly that site has overtaken so many people’s lives.
    You can try deactivating your account for a week or so to see how you like being FB free. Some on my friends have done that and rejoined later, but they needed that “break” away from it.
    Hope you’re well otherwise,
    ~Lila xx

  27. chris says:

    lets do it together.
    when exactly?

  28. Swan says:

    close it brother, then write a song about it.

    swan and the espn crew.

  29. João Deveza says:

    Hi Fran!

    I’m from Portugal and people around here are somehow crazy about Facebook. You should see how a lot of the news are here: “The President has a message to all the portuguese citizens… on Facebook”. Seriously!

    A lot of my friends have accounts there, so I thought “oh well, maybe I should join and see how it goes…”. I was a huge critic of Facebook, because of the “sheepish” aspect of it. However, I found it pretty good on some features. Facebook eventually helped me out finding some lost friends that were not on my city anymore, which is great, Fran!

    About those boring requests: if you’re talking about those annoying game requests, you can simply hide them, so that you cannot be annoyed anymore.

    I have nothing against Twitter, I just don’t like the whole system. It’s just not for me.

    You asked: “Has it become email?”. Well, no. But I’m pretty sure that it became a lot of people’s way of communicating, instead of the old-school kind of way: you know… reality and all the other shenanigans.

    Sorry for the boring text and the cringing english. I’m not british or anything 🙂

  30. Krista says:

    I feel the same way, Fran. I deactivated my account and it was liberating. However, after a few days my friends started phoning and texting wondering if I was still alive… not an exaggeration. I ended up reactivating the account just so people were reassured nothing bad had happened. The trick is to block wall posts and FB email notifications. If you do this you won’t feel obligated to open/view things right away. It’s at your leisure. I figure if someone really needs to get in touch w/ me they have my number.

    All this is silly, yes. Yet it allows me to stay in the loop without being strangled by it. My next goal is to delete the FB app from my phone, then I’ll really feel like I’m off the Facebook teat. =)

  31. hannah says:


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    Hannah, PETA

  32. Lieve says:

    stress ??? 🙂

  33. Adam Reiter says:

    I hear ya! It will eventually go the same way Myspace went but for now its a great tool and easy way to get information out. Dig the new record by the way. I was on the list for Hotel Cafe in Hollywood and I still couldn’t get in since it was so packed. So I stood outside and listened. Sounded great!

  34. nic says:

    You are free,it’s just a piece of technology for sheep,if your gut says enough I go with that without a second thought, bloody hell Man will survive without poking doncha think :-)xxx

  35. marcela says:

    hi dear fran:
    I am marcela from buenos aires argentina, i went to see you the last time when you come to buenos aires in 2007 i hope you come back, i love your voice and i think you are a wonderful person, always with good mood you recive all your fans from here.
    well my life change a litle now i have a radio show with very much effort.
    i get one radio station on the internet its in (xlradio.com.ar) i hope one day we could have a little interview with you, because the people here really miss you and want to know more about you and travis.

  36. robert says:

    Ah … now I am the troll of the situation? Look, who keep writing this boring story about Facebook in every personal page on the Internet are you, not me. !

    I’m a dick ?…. Should I write “I’M A DICK”?. WHY? maybe because I wrote the truth? You’re angry and that’s what I wanted. Remember that the famous “I’m a dick”, are also those that buy your cds for give you the daily food (including the limited edition with photocopied sheets) and not those who haunt you with email, or maybe buzz your door-home in Berlin, remember that! I have never been added to your facebook and i never do !this is your arrogance and I guess you missed even a fan and take a detractor who will speak badly of your snooty. ..and now to be on your level of education -> Now fuck off !The reputation of the man who has hurt you. Think you to be god on earth?

    FH “Get a better translation tool. Most of this makes no sense… but one thing is clear. You are disturbed”

  37. G says:

    You can adjust the settings to limit who can view your page and friend request you, but saying taht i have deactivated my account twice and gone back to it when im just a bit bored. A lot of people use it to communicate with friends because they cannot be bothered to pick up the phone! I never realy use it, you can live without it!

  38. Erik says:

    Robert I think you need a holiday, There’s too much shit in you.

    Go Fran, stay cool.

  39. Karen says:

    People have talk! Delet it!

  40. Renee says:

    Remember The Eagles’ Hotel California lyrics “…you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave.”? I have a feeling that quitting Facebook is a lot like that. Too late. You’ve left your fingerprint all over the net, divulged private things, communicated to the world details preserved in an archived database. You may “terminate” your account, but it’ll never be terminated. Know what I’m saying?

    On a happier note, thanks for such great music.

  41. Michael McVay says:

    Whatever you decide to do is fine – will follow your blog and tour info anyway. your too interesting not to follow! I am away o business in the States (Ohio) and am actually listening to your album in a local cafe! Your voice is very refreshing to hear!

  42. Tracy says:

    Holy Shit Robert, who the hell pissed in your cornflakes?! And good for you Fran for not taking any of his bullshit! Who the hell cares what he thinks? Last time i checked, this was your website and for your fans, not some tool who wants to run his mouth!

  43. Gina says:

    I guess a lot of people do – there are really strange things posted there and I guess this is why Torey left facebook, too (had him added as a friend, but now he’s gone – just found out as I wanted to tag him on the pics I made of him in Offenbach). I would never use fb for an email substitute or telling too many private things there, letalone bothering people with stupid requests – I guess this is why there are only a few celebs on facebook. I can understand you guys very well with that. There are a lot of strange people on fb and sometimes I can only shake my head in disbelieve about them… but it is nice to exchange pics.

  44. Sophie (sorry angel) says:

    I think a bit of insulting is good if not needed sometimes.

  45. Genny says:

    Totally unrelated to Facebook (I LOATHE IT), but I just wanted to say that I’ve gathered more Fran Healy and Travis fans for you in Toronto. Maybe singing loudly in a bank environment is an unorthodox way of doing it, and also while driving with all the windows down on a hot day and scaring the people in the cars beside you, but the good intentions are there (if a wee bit out of tune, sorry!) and now there are more recruits to the Healy/Travis army! Yay! We all can’t wait for a new album and you, or you and the boys to stop by in Toronto for a show! Much Love and THANK YOU for ALL the MUSIC!!

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