17 July 2011

Also, we played to one of the loudest audiences EVER at the Faroe Isles on Friday… Thanks everyone for making it a memorable night…


Beach House Stalker

17 July 2011

My favourite band were playing tonight in Istanbul at the same festival as us so Dougie and I and our friend Alper went to see their show which was brilliant and after our show I went and said hello… I felt calmer than a year ago when I met them. They were very sweet. By the way. Thanks to all the Turkish folk for tonight… You were super cool. Man it was hot!


Hard At Work On Brandon Tour

7 July 2011

Bassist Herschel is having pre gig tummy.




6 July 2011

Today we’re in Tilburg, Netherlands… Last night was alot of fun. My taxi pulled up as the tourbus arrived. Was so cool to see everyone again. Felt like a week ago when we were in America. That was November last year. Yesterday though, we were in Germany in Offenbach just outside Frankfurt. I played in this venue, I think 10 years ago. So long ago. I was 27… now im 37. I’ll be 38 in 2 weeks. 38!! Gosh… Time really doesn’t exist. Minutes can feel like weeks and years can flick past. I’m sure they’ll soon locate the part of ones brain that regulates the passage of time and invent a procedure to even it out for the older generations. It does tend to accelerate.