Beach House Stalker

17 July 2011

My favourite band were playing tonight in Istanbul at the same festival as us so Dougie and I and our friend Alper went to see their show which was brilliant and after our show I went and said hello… I felt calmer than a year ago when I met them. They were very sweet. By the way. Thanks to all the Turkish folk for tonight… You were super cool. Man it was hot!

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4 Responses to “Beach House Stalker”

  1. Osman says:

    I was there. I’ve waited to see you from the frontline for like 5 hours. But while I’m waiting for you, you were hanging at the Freezone area and meeting people, taking photographs. That’s not cool man that’s not fair ! It would be the best thing for me to meet you guys you’re truly my idol. I believe one day I’ll meet you. But I won’t be calm I warn you =)By the way sorry about the sun =) You were melting on the stage ! but that was amazing anyway

  2. Alper says:

    😀 Super Cool! We were waiting for front-stage-we couldnt listen Beach House-we really wanted to! I heard they were great. And we missed the chance to meet you,it hurts too much man:( Hope you liked İstanbul and audience.I think it was amazing while people were singing Closer! Just the faces change you’ve got still the soul never let it go! See you next time

  3. Tracy says:

    Looks like you had a great time! Meeting them sounds great. Reminds me of meeting you and Andy at your gig in Toronto in 2009, feels great! Happy Birthday!!! I heard sing me to sleep and side on the radio at work today….made me smile and helped get me through the day!

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