17 July 2011

Also, we played to one of the loudest audiences EVER at the Faroe Isles on Friday… Thanks everyone for making it a memorable night…

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14 Responses to “Faroe”

  1. isabel says:

    wow! beautiful photo !!!

  2. Ege Acar says:

    It looks fabulous! The sailing ship, the view, it’s amazing! I was at Rock’n Coke Istanbul few days ago and it was the greatest concert ever. I want to leave a message to you if I can, a private one, but I couldn’t figure out how. Can you help me? 🙂 You are the best I love you all! I hope there is a way to leave a message to you, especially I want to contact Andy, my message is a little longer than only a comment 🙂
    FH says “if you want to leave a personal message for Andy, I will send it to him and not publish it on my website. ” Nobody else has access to my site. Only me.”

  3. Kelly says:

    Was Teitur there? He’s my favorite Faroese (Faroan?). Of course, the only other ones I’ve heard of have been World’s Strongest Man contestants but still!

  4. yamilka says:

    wao this photo is magical! i wish I could travel all over the world to see you guys play over and over and over!

  5. ValCastro says:

    Fran,eu e a minha irmã Lívia desejamos um feliz aniversário para você.Somos brasileiras do Rio de Janeiro e amamos a sua música.Esperamos você e sua banda no Brasil.Beijos de Valéria e Lívia.
    FH “Graças Valeir e Livia …”

  6. Barry says:

    Wow, performing and looking out not only at an amazing crowd but also to see that view of the ships behind must have been absolutely breathtaking! I don’t think I would have been able to sing with that view, I would have been lost for words!!

    Random question, hope you don’t mind me asking, do you know what happened to your recording of Lovely Rita? Will it ever see the light of day?

  7. Mélanie says:

    Happy birthday dear Fran ! Hope that everything is alright for you and that you’re about to spend a brilliant day with people you love !
    See you Fran, and again joyeux anniversaire !!

  8. laimary says:

    Happy birthday Fran!!!!!! Lot of kisses!! 🙂

  9. Erik says:

    Hello Fran, My name is Erik.
    I am, aswell as many other of your fans, inspired by Travis and me and my friends recently started a band (a year ago). Sounds pretty cool actually, were not a cover band and make our own songs. But what i wonder is… how did you do to reduce the mighty sound of the drums in your rehearsals? wasnt it ever to loud for the rest of the gang? cause we cant use the microphones due to the volume of everything else, until we’ve bought new, stronger amps for them. Drums are loud, so Bass and guitars need to be turned up. So any tips, or if you’ve got some ideas? Thank you and by the way, I love your music <3
    FH ‘Try and get quieter cymbals and tape up the drums. You will never overcome the loud drum issue… drums are loud… ‘

  10. Tracy says:

    That would make am awesome album cover 🙂

  11. Will S says:

    Please come and tour Australia (especially Sydney). I know we’re the other side of the world but if Gomez can make it I’m sure Travis can (although I can’t see them as I’m still not old enough yet 🙁 ).
    It would be great to hear songs like ‘Eyes Wide Open’, ‘Somewhere Else’ and ‘Love Will Come Through’ live.
    Keep up the great work Fran!

  12. barry says:

    Wow….looks so amazing. What a lovely view from stage. I hope those guys in the boats have paid to watch the concert fran!! lol

  13. João Deveza says:

    Is that photo real? Looks magical to me 🙂

    Portugal, specially me, is waiting to see a live concert from you… or Travis 🙂

  14. Jonhedin says:

    Whan an amazing concert. “Why does it always rain on me” really gave the sentence some genuine meaning.

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