Hard At Work On Brandon Tour

7 July 2011

Bassist Herschel is having pre gig tummy.


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8 Responses to “Hard At Work On Brandon Tour”

  1. Epi Bona says:

    I really hope you two will come back to Offenbach – the moment you and Brandon sang “Side” I could have died happy, haha!
    Please, please come back to Offenbach!

  2. Sarah- says:

    Hahahahaha, genius xD

  3. ValCastro says:

    I think his friend just loved the smell.What kind of food does he eat?

  4. Sara says:

    Dear Frani 🙂

    I just wanted to tell you a bit about my strange dream from last night in which we have met… And then I saw that you deleted your private facebook account…. :-‘
    Did anyone get on your nerves that hard ?? 😉 That`s sad…
    I will miss the possibility to talk to you… and tell you little stories…

    A big hug !
    Best regards from Bremen

    *Sara *

  5. Barry Wallace says:

    Hey Fran,

    My heart just melted….Coldplay at T in T park…..before they went into there song fix you….chris was tinkering on the notes….I cant sleep too night, everybody saying everything is alright (the crowd went mental…(WDIAROMl)…your Scotland’s songwriter fran……and you will always be my paul mcartney….bazx

  6. Sara says:

    Huch! I didn`t read your news under this one. Sorry Fran…. Haha…okay…hmm?
    You seam to be a bit emotional these days 😉 Oh, and I hope you have got through your cold successfully!!!!!! :-S Regards, 🙂

  7. nika says:

    LOL !!!

  8. Tracy says:

    LMAO boys will always be boys haha!

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