12 February 2012

Just spent the past week at the bottom of England at the studio of one Tim Rice Oxley of a band called Keane. It was a heady week. Much music played. Much wine drunk. We even sojourned to the infamous Beachy Head where many people take there own lives each year. While there we noticed some mobile clergy in a cool marked for business priest auto. They patrol the area looking for potential suiciders. Lots of little memorials there right at the edge of the country. Here is a pic of us in a classic band pose. That’s the thing with bands. If you are in one long enough, you naturally compose yourself so even casual shots look like Anton Corbijn himself has shot them…


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63 Responses to “TRAVIS 2012”

  1. franhealy says:

    It’s called All I Want To DO Is Rock and is from the first album called Good Feeling

  2. franhealy says:

    Hello Romania x

  3. katie says:

    Oh My God… I thought…ok, the guys are busy with the album, but it was high time i checked your website again…cannot believe you answered!!! Thanks so much Fran! Maybe, after all, there is a chance my dream comes true…after so many years of falling asleep with your music in my headsets…. It’s no wonder i became a translator (and a lil’ bit of a singer, either:p) ,after all, I learned most of my English listening to your music and watching all your interviews. Now I know some say Romania can be scary, and they talk about all that Transylvania/Dracula stuff :)) but I can assure you we’re as normal as anyone can be. :p But the landscape is beautiful, and I swear to God you’ll have true inspiration to right music here, also 🙂 I hope I do have your blessing to open up a Travis Fan Club here. Even if I never get to see you live. Thanks so much for answering!!!! Happiest girl alive! :):):)

  4. camy lopez says:


  5. katie says:

    I really honestly wish you all the best in everything you do, I wish you health, happiness, joy and I really hope that every single dream you have, comes true. You deserve the best in life, and I hope you and your family will continue to remain the wonderful family that you are.
    Happy Birthday, Fran

    from your biggest fan! 🙂

    Katie, Romania

  6. Cyrax says:

    Oh my legend TRAVIS… We love you anyway!

  7. Karin says:

    Hello from America! When and where can I catch you on tour? You voice and music are magic!

  8. Paulo says:

    Please come back to Chile.
    The 2007 show was incredible, but this time you have to play everything. Last time I miss re offender for example. Since then I met the love of my life and all i want to do (is take her to a concert and) rock.

  9. stathis says:

    Please come to Greece!

  10. Edoardo says:

    I hope to see you again in Mexico.
    I have your albun “Wrecorder”…I love “Buttercups”.

  11. Yamilka says:

    Hi Fran! been following th Travis Blog and I’m static, can’t wait to listen to the new album!

  12. Vanessa Sousa says:

    Shows no Brasil???

  13. Zaira says:

    Hi Fran,
    I’m not sure of what to say and at the same time am too self-conscious of it. I guess I got tickets this week to the London gig and can’t believe how long it’s been since the last time Travis played in London. I was there, at the old Astoria, it was incredible. I had moved to the UK (I am from Brazil) that year to pursue my dream then of making films. I went all the way to Ireland to see you guys playing at Cois Fharraige the month before that… I just couldn’t wait any longer to see Travis playing and, all of a sudden, to have it “so easy” kind of made everything else I was going through if not ok, at least bearable.

    Listening to Travis always gave me so much hope.

    Anyway, so much has happened since. I’ve been here for 5 years now and feel like my life has gone full circle. I am still pursuing a dream, although I don’t know anymore if films are a part of it or not. I thought originally that to find that one thing that makes you happy was a more straight forward task, but it doesn’t seem like it. I have to say it helps when I read your acceptance speech – sorry if it sounds lame, but it’s the sort of thing I re-read more often than one should, guess I made it into my very own self-help #1. 🙂

    Well, I already went on for too long. I am very much looking forward to this gig on the 13th. I know this post is over a year old, but it really spoke to me – I am also a big fan of Tim – so I thought if I was going to write something, it had to be here. Hope you’re well. Lots of love, xx Z

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