27 July 2012

I was on the plane today, heading for Oslo and a weekend of festivals, the first one called Trollrock and the second Sommerfesten which I attended last year. I can’t fathom how quickly time has moved. It’s been a whole year since we hung out on Giske and had fun with all of our great friends. This time though the trip is not a solo affair. This year the rest of the band are here too. We just spent a week in New York in a room bashing song ideas into shape. I think we have a record. Some lyrics need completing and a few middle 8’s but it’s pretty much there so it’s good to be coming here so soon after.


We all met at Oslo airport and got in a little transit van driving for 3 or so hours through some beautiful scenery, sun setting slowly over mountains, reflecting on fjord. I listened to Scott Walker – Scott 2 and reviewed the new Travis songs recorded on a single mic in the room we were in. They sound great. Dougie has written a couple of gems and Andy too. We are planning to return to Giske in October to record the as yet untitled 7th album. More about that later.